Miniature Garden Chemister – Chapter 26

When was the first time I saw the chick?

I was cheerful and I felt like I’ve been watching (TL: the world?) for a while.

Oh, that’s right.

It was when the flowers began to bloom, and it was the warm season.

“Ah, I will increase the number of points again”

That was when the chick came into sight. She has straight, simply cut hair that stretches to her waist, which is rare in this time. Her smile is pretty, and I send daily points each day to earn treatment expenses for her sister who became sick.

She regularly attended university (TL: the original text said high school and university). She also works, but her sister doesn’t like that she does. “I am happy, but you should live your life properly!” It seems that she was admonished.

“Hehe, it’s cute …”
◇ ◇ ◇

It has been about a year since then.

“Hana … Please, do not die”

That chick prayed……

“Please let me pray today.
And please, please, let my wish be granted.
I don’t mind if I have to give up my everything. “

“So God … please please help my sister, my sister …”

I was asked for help.

Of course, I will help you. But God is not all-powerful. If there is no voice of “help” I cannot interfere.

The chick has made every effort and has overcome with all her strength. Well, that is cute in a way, is not it?

But it was still useless. Because of me, because you prayed for help, you can’t meet Hana again.

“I’ve been waiting, I’m asking for help …”

But, as expected, with her sister in this situation … well, I foresaw this.

But, with this, I can meet Hina.

Okay, I will help you with your sister, Hina.

I summoned a chick to my world and told myself when becoming mine, becoming a toy.

“Huh …”

“When I am free, I spend my time watching the troubles and struggles of those in different worlds.”

Hinami looks and feels confused. I can tell from her inner voice. Yeah, her mind is also cute.

I wonder why I’m changing my mind from a little while ago. I thought that I did not want to tie a chick to me.

Hina ‘s voice, her figure is somewhat lovely.
I do not want to let her go … no.

I guess I had such a personality.

But hina is right … I do not cherish myself.

Because it was for her sister, Hinami doesn’t hesitate to trade herself. I am single-minded, pure, … in truth, the chick is dazzling. She looks like the sun.

To be my toy, and nod to what I say.

I see that the chick is very obedient …

Well, I became in a state that I could not be pulled back. Was it unexpectedly developed like this?

Yup. Because chicks are cute, there is no choice.

It is a bit overkill to take the chick to save her sister … the chick is good.

Yeah, I will be honest and send the chick there, let’s do that.

“Then, please send me to that world now!”

Oops … Unexpectedly, an answer full of motivation came back from the chick.

But if I suddenly send a chick to she will be killed by demons and she will die. I have to adjust the status and skills properly.

Actually, I want her to stay here forever, but there is no choice because chicks who are just people and humans cannot stand this space.

Humans must gather points early.

◇ ◇ ◇

Then, I sent out the chick to .

It is impossible to know what kind of danger exists unless you are looking properly. You may be saved when you are in a pinch.

“Oh, yes … Let’s release a” Snow Rabbit “near the house of Hinami. This child is still a demon, but he will surely become a spirit and will support the chick.”

I pick up a snow rabbit into my space and hold it.

“Oh, it’s a female … because it goes to Hina’s place,”

“Mi! “

“Oh, are you going?”

“Mi ~! “

Another one there, the snow rabbit that came up to me.

Yes, let this child go to the chick. Fortunately, the magical power is strong, and it will surely be able to protect the chick.

Besides, even if I am energetic, I am also nostalgic.

“Well, well protect the chick firmly, I will release you in the forest nearby, so I’m sure you will meet the chick soon”


Listening to the reply of the energetic Snow Rabbit and transfer it to as well as the doll (TL: I think he is referring to Hina here).

Hina and Snow Rabbit will meet in the forest, surely it will be a good partner.

“It seems that she arrived in the forest … she hasn’t met the snow rabbit yet.”

Well, if you are near that chick you surely grow up fast because the doll ‘s aptitude is “chemister”. I gave the companion a good skill, and I will send the necessary items to the chick in exchange for points.

Hey, chick.

I do not want another person to…

So please come back here early …?

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