Miniature Garden Chemister – Chapter 25

Today, there is good weather in the Lost Forest. The forest visible from the rooftop and I can enjoy the sight of birds.

It has been a month and I have decided to shop. At last the points for exchanging for the door of the miniature garden were saved. Yeah, I worked hard!

 Because I have to decide about the shop, Recovery Potion.

 I only have money from when I went to the town before to sell recovery potions.

-Original 22,100 Ril
From Alfred’s sales
-Crimson recovery potion 80 pieces × 1,400 = 112,000 rills
-Deep sea restoration potion 60 pieces × 3,000 = 180,000 rills
-Princess’ s protection medicine 50 pieces × 1,300 = 65,000 rills
Total 379,100 Rill

【Points: 51,015】

 I got rich at once. And there are so many Recovery Potions that it isn’t funny.

“Before we can use the door to the garden, we have to buy a house, for that, we have to go to the city! I have been busy”

 I’m going to retire after a long break.

 Still, Ikuru helps me a lot.

Today, I will prepare to head to town tomorrow.

 First, I secured an inn. Then, I contacted Shia with a mirror call. After that, Mr. Alfred introduces me to the merchant guild to buy a house.

 And then I use the door to the garden to connect my house and the door. By the way, in case there is not enough money, I will sell a few recovery potions in the market and to make up for the difference.

 Along with Ikuru, we brought 20 potions each in a backpack and a few clothes. I also brought the exchange diary. Tomorrow, I will go to the city and manage somehow.

“But I’m looking forward to it … Tomorrow seems so far away.”

“… calm down”

“Sorry sorry … somehow, it seems like the two years I was alone were a lie”

 I am very content now.

 And now about the shop. Ikuru and I decided to think about prices after watching the market in the city well. After that … I do not know much about management so we will decide after listening for a while about the business of this country from the merchant guild.

 The matter of whether or not we should hire Byron is also a problem. I also have something I want to do so I can not afford to stay in the store all day. So, there might be a business in the morning and evening only. It is just enough time for adventurers to leave the city and come back.

 Hmm … this way of thinking, I do not know the business situation of this world at all. There seems to be no strict rule like Japan … what is it?

 Well, I wish I could decide by tomorrow.

“Himami, are you going to bring a poison?”


 While watering the herbs, Ikuru suddenly made a loud noise. [TL: I don’t know why] Why do you need poisoning to go to the city …?

Ikuru found the chestnut trees, that are now bred on the roof, two weeks after Shia visited us. Also, the snake scales, which is a material for poisons, have been accumulated by defeating snakes we meet in the forest.


 Poison grass · snake scales · water · bottle


 Cucumis fruit · magical water · bottle

“With a poison, you can defeat demons when you pass through the forest, can you not?”

“Oh, I see…!”

 Certainly, that might be an efficient way. It is not a hasty trip. And my level may go up …!

 I tell Ikuru “I understood” and pick up poisonous plants and crab fruits to make poisons and antidotes. After that, I can create poisons with bottles and magical water.

“Oh, but it’s a poison, so making it here is dangerous. Shall I make it? “

“Well, wait a moment as I bring magical water and a bottle.”

“Okay, I will prepare it for you.”

 Because I did not use poultry and cucumber fruit so much, I did not grow so many. So I use “Angel ‘s Sanctuary” to increase the number of poisonous grass, and produce fruit trees.

 Kukuri ‘s fruit is a round fruit, with a clearly separated yellow top and orange bottom. I do not know at a glance well … Is the taste close to oranges in color? Because I have not eaten it yet, I can say nothing.

 Oh, but if you are going through the forest it may be better to exchange the adventure set God has prepared. I’ll swap it as soon as Ikuri is preparing.

【Hina Adventure Set】 = 500 points used
【Total: 500 points use】
【Number of points: 50, 546】

 After going back to the room, I immediately open the exchange diary and exchange for an adventure set. Nothing appeared this time because the treasure box was probably prepared in the basement again.

“Oh, this treasure box came out suddenly”

“It’s an adventure set that I exchanged for with points. Wouldn’t it be good for going through the forest?”

“Oh, that’s right.”

 An adorable treasure box with flower motifs appeared in front of Ikuru ‘s eyes. Surely it appeared suddenly, but it does not appear to have surprised him very much. I wonder if this is an incredible quality ……

 When I softly opened the treasure chest, equipment was in it.

{Flower bow and arrow of protection}
-A bow and arrow with the protection of the Legris divine.
I can only shoot three times a day. Arrows are set automatically by pulling the bow.

{Blossoming flower knife}
-A knife with the protection of the Legris God.
-Light attributed, and it does not lose its glow even in the dark.
“Although it is dangerous to go out in advance, please keep it for your self-defense!”

{Blossoming flower robe}
-A robe with the protection of Legris God.
-Cut all attributed attacks by 20%.
-Excellent both in heat and cold.

{Blossoming flower ribbon}
-A ribbon with the protection of the Legris divine.
-When it seems likely to be attacked, the ribbon is transformed into a defensive form when shouting “Help Legris”.
-I can talk to Legris once in a while.

“This is … amazing,”


 Equipment with flowers motif was definitely dedicated to girls.

 I do not know well about the effect, but it is surely amazing if Ikuru said it is amazing. In the first place, you do not know anything about weapons and armor so it may be better to study.

 The bamboo flower bow and arrow is not long like an archery bow, it is about 50 cm? It is like a bow and a small arrow with a small size. Flower vines were sprinkled on the strings and flowers were blooming on the underside of the bow. Oh, it’s a fresh flower …!

 Is it a message of God that this is a blossoming knife? I wonder if I can really fight with this. I am glad about God’s warmth.

 The flower robe of protection opens in the front and 3/4 sleeves. The robe goes down to my knees. There is a hood on the back, with a cute ribbon motif of flowers in front. It has 2 pockets, and it seems very easy to use.

 Ribbon of protection is good. I hear that you can talk to God. The ribbon has lovely flowers that match the rest of the set.

 I wonder if this is going to be a whole-body coordination feeling.

“Tomorrow, it would seem okay to equip it.”

“I do not think so?”

“Yes, but is the attack limited to three times … Do you only battle three times?”

 Oh, I see. If you have this, you do not need poisons.

 Well … I do not know what to do. But I am afraid that if the first battle uses poison … It is would be somewhat sick.

“I will try using the bow three times tomorrow”

“Well, that might be good”

“Yeah, good luck!”

 We are ready for tomorrow. Regarding poisons, I thought that it would be better not to make them if they were not necessary, and the materials were kept in the basement.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

“Hello, Hinami! Because it’s a bow, I can pull it out on the spot.”

“Oh, I see, that’s right!”

 The next day, I and Ikkuru left the house early.

 While thinking that it did not rain, I realized that this forest did not rain often. Is it the area or the characteristics of the Lost Forest?

 And now I am fighting a slime.

 When I walked about 15 minutes from my house, two slimes suddenly appeared. Ikuru stopped a slime and I shoot the other slime at the flower bow and arrow of protection.

 Just because I am not familiar with it, I walk ahead and be careful of interruptions. Ikkuru is a guy who fights instinctually.

“Well, the first aim at a single opponent … Are you hit because you do not have to worry”

“You ought to defeat the slimes from the left. I can defeat slimes on the right side.”


 I put my fingers on the bowstring and I pull. Then, an arrow covered in flowers appeared in my hand. Sharp tree nuts in the arrowhead part and fletchings made of leaves.

“One more!”

 When I let go with my right hand holding the string, the arrow flew straight toward the slime. The distance is about 5 meters.

 The arrow hit the slime on the left.

“Oh … I did it, Ikuru !!”

“Eh, that’s funny!”


 Oh, the arrow … didn’t stick in the slime?

“No! An arrow penetrated the slime!”

 Ikuru ‘s voice reached me, I can see what happened. Well, the arrow penetrated the slime! So, what happened to the arrow?

 The arrow danced through the sky, then turned toward the ground and began a steep descent. It is stranger than I can imagine. The arrow stabbed another slime.

“Lie …… !?”

“What is this arrow … it’s against you”

 As a result, one arrow detained two slimes. The slimes disappeared, and the remaining arrows got rooted on the ground and became plants.

 ……Huh? Arrows become plants? What?

“Well, there’s no choice but to think about it here, will not it?”

“Oh … yeah ….”

 The slimes did not drop any items, so we decided to continue straight ahead.

 Or, I did the first battle! Ikuru stopped the monster, so I only shoot arrows. That’s it, I was really nervous. Oh, I’m sweating in my hands!

“Hinami, are you OK?”

“Yeah, that’s OK!”

“I understand, if you have something, tell me soon.”

 Ikuru speaks to me with concern. Somehow he looks like a mother.

 I gradually moved slowly through the forest and decided to take a break where there was a big rock.

“Here, with the sandwich, and tea (potion) “

“Thank you ~! I was hungry”

 I take the sandwiches and eat them. Wow, that is delicious! Ikuru sitting next to me also starts eating. Like a small meal, I always eat as much as I am. He’s a man, so he wants to eat a little more. By the way, are you refraining? When I looked at a lot of ingredients from the soup, I got a delicate face.

 When I finished eating and drinking tea, I grinned the line of sight surprisingly behind the bushes.

 This … there is something!

“There are two hard wolfs, is not it, Hinami, can you go?”

“Leave it to me!”

 I have a bow and can go any time! When I look at it, Ikuru nods and grabs his staff.

“Gurururu! “

“Hinami, you can shoot it now”


 As soon as Ikuru’s words are heard, I will release an arrow towards the Hard Wolf. Hit straight, the hard wolf and the arrow disappeared.

 That … will the arrow not pierce another time! What?

“Okay … Hard wolf is stronger than slime so you can not defeat two animals with 1 arrow!”

“Oh, I see…!”

 Then, once more … You should fly arrow …! I put my fingers on the strings, pulled a big bow again and shot the arrow.

 The third arrow flew straight toward the remaining hard wolf.

“Gap! “(TL: Death sound?)

“Oh, I killed …!?”

“Looks like it is okay?”

“Yeah, I will be fine!”

 It fell down…!

 I did it, I defeated that hard wolf! No, thanks to God most of the time. But I’m still happy.

 Thank you, God.

“Well, there’s no means of attack now, be careful.”

“Okay, thanks.”

 Because I used all three attacks of bow attacks, I just follow Ikuru.

 Like when I came to the forest the first time Ikuru leaves the trees and slowly progresses while clearing the way. It is very soft, just like a sneaky crawl.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

“Finally out of the forest!”

“But, I will walk from here, but if a riding horse carries along the way we can go to the city on it.”

“Ah … certainly. Well, let’s walk for the time being!”

“If you feel tired you say it properly”

“Yeah, I got it!”

 At long last, I feel like I can see the way to the city. Yet the city is far away and can not be seen.

 Somehow, did I level up? And while thinking, Ikuru will start walking toward the city.

 15 years old
 Lv. 3
 HP 50/50
 MP 65/76
 ATK 10
 DEF 16
 AGI 21
 MAG 33
 LUK 84
Miniature Garden (Garden of the Gods)
Rhapsody of Light
Angel ‘s Sanctuary
<Protected by Legris’ God>

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