Miniature Garden Chemister – Chapter 19

So… I’m just gonna sneak this in here. Not really edited though so beware.

Hinami and Ikuru – 7
“Ikuru, what name is good for it?”

The snow rabbit is being cuddled and stroked.

It’s fluffy hair is cold, but somehow it’s a comfortable fit for your hands.

“Should I pick my favorite name?”

“Well… I have a little trouble”

As Ikuru is on the side where vegetables can be see, and I am thinking of a name for the snow rabbit while stroking it. But I can’t come up with a good idea at all… I am in trouble.

Yuki-chan, Yu-chan, Fuwa-chan, mofu-chan… I cried a little at my naming sense. I remember talking about this before, naming a cats and pets as flowers. I also have the memory where my sibling said “ Onee-chan, your naming sense is terrible!” at the time.

“What was the name again?”

“At that time?”

“Yes. At that time I was trying to think of a pet name with my younger sister. Well, we weren’t able to keep it anyways.”


What was the name… I’m certain that the cats were also white.

“Ah, I remember the name. It was Mashumaro”

( TN: Marshmello or a sphere)

“…… Well, Maro”


It was shortened by Ikuru! Maro… Maro huh? Yes, Maro is pretty cute too! Maro’s eyebrows are cute.

“Nice to meet you Maro!”


“You seem to like it.”

There there, snow rabbit… I am stroking the rabbit. But it is very surprising that a snow rabbit would come to my house. It is a little overwhelming since there are many things going on, and a little scary.

However in the future, I would like to visit the town again. Ah, but I would need to get a house for first, don’t you think? Houses are expensive though… should I save money by selling recovery potions?

“Even so, there is a variety of plants. There is rice, wheat, and …”

“ I did my best raised them with … my skill.”

“It’s very nice and convenient and that’s all that I want.”

Neither Ikuru or I know the skill << Angel’s Voice (Sanctuary)>>, it seems like it is not a known skill. If you were to explain the skill in simple terms, it is extremely convenient. But once you have such a useful skill, it is hard to let it go.

As I am stroking Maro, I am thinking about how to explain this to Ikuru.

I speak about << Angel’s Voice (Sanctuary)>> and after that … about the house and I. It is a bit difficult to explain the skills and so on… what should I do? Oh, that’s right! In regards to the skills, I can look at my status.

And then this house. Explanation would be so difficult… it’s made by an mysterious power! So after all, it is useless … don’t you think? I’m in trouble.

Oh, I see. A house that evolves along with my pharmacist skill! Since this is a different world it should be okay and not have a big impact. After that, the side effects of the lost forest? Well then, this is … gonna be hard to lie about.

“What a difficult face you have.”

“Oh, Ikuru … the vegetables are already good?”

“Yeah, I saw the garden. All of them are amazing and enormous.”

“It feels great hearing that from you Ikuru.”

A nice breeze blows and gently strokes the hair of Ikuru. The wind blows up his bangs, and the left eye that is usually covered peeks through.

Ah, that’s right. Since Ikuru usually covers it up, I forget that he is no longer able to see from his left eye. I do wonder if his eye can no longer reflect anything anymore. The right eye that is visible is a beautiful dark green color, just like a jewel.

As Ikuru became aware of my gaze, he gazes at me as if he was asking what?.

“I… was afraid of myself.”


“When I first saw Ikuru at the slave trade, I thought ‘it’s green’.”

“Green… hair color?”

“Yes, also from the color of your eyes I remembered … Hana.”

As I was holding Maro, I started to sit down onto the ground.

I thought that the ground had a natural cushion, as the ground had a soft area in the vegetation as if it was catching me. Ikuru was also surprised at the softness as he sat down next to me.

“That flower, is it a plant?”

“No… it’s the name of my younger sister.”


“I last met her two years ago. It’s why I like flowers.”

“So is that why you chose me?”

“… I don’t know, but as I looked at Ikuru’s visible eye that seemed so hollow I thought that I couldn’t leave it alone.”

My sister, who was sick, would always grumble but she would never complain. “I will recover from my illness so I can climb Mt.Fuji with my older sister!” she said while laughing.

I think that Ikuru’s eye reminded me of my sick sister somehow.

“Hana was sick… but I was told that she could no longer be saved.”


“However I requested that Hana’s sickness to be cured. I wonder if he cured her illness.”




Huh… I wonder why I suddenly told Ikuru this story.

“Because I am the older sister, I would do anything to help Hana, so I will live here by myself.”

“You are not going to visit…?”

“I am too far to see her, but as long as Hana is healthy everything is … good.”


“I wonder why I’m talking so much?”

Suddenly, Ikuru’s hand touches my cheek.

Surprised, I turned to look at Ikuru, and I noticed that Ikuru was wiping away my tears. Oh… was I crying? Ikuru just sat gently beside me without saying anything.



As time passes quietly, the wind gradually turns cold and it becomes dark.

Tightly holding my knees while looking at the sky. The sky here is different than Tokyo’s sky, the stars are more visible here.

“… did God help in exchange?”

“I became God’s… toy.”

“Yes, because I was alone… I was anxious.”

Ikuru’s gentle voice reaches me.

Oh, I was scared because I was alone.

I passed every day being strong, but there was a night where I spent crying.

However the next day, in the exchange diary, God’s message was extremely gentle, I somehow remember that I was sorry. Two years have passed, and I got used to being alone.

I became very strong in these two years.

But, because I met a person that reminded me of Hana, I became nostalgic.

It made me uneasy.

“I met a person after so long, but because I do not understand this feeling, I feel uneasy”

“It’s ok, you can gradually get used to it.”

“…Yes… if I cry I will be laughed at by Hana.”

After wiping the tears with my sleeve, I stand up.

Then I take a deep breathe in and out.

“I’m sorry Ikuru. I suddenly began to speak about this.”

“ Is it… safe for you tell me this? Isn’t this important information?”

“…… Oh! That reminds me!”


“I knew if it was Ikuru, it would be safe. It’s just intuition.”

(TN: It translated to groundless but intuition sounds more fitting)

Once I laughed, I headed home. Ikuru followed behind and we entered the warm house together. Once the sun goes down, it gets a little chilly. The current season is early summer… is it already early summer?”

“Hey Ikuru”


“Thank you.”

“… it’s nothing.”

That night, I saw a nostalgic dream.

It was when I first came into this world and knew nothing… I got an exchange diary from God and he taught me about flowers.

I was happy that God told me about the surgery that Hana went through was successful, and how she was recovering.

Why did the doctors do this? I was surprised to hear that it was serious.

My parents were so glad that they cried, and I cried too. However it was by myself.

It looks like there were no after effects, and she is doing very well.

I am very happy. I cannot say it in words, only express it.

Sometimes, God will send me pictures of Hana. And, once in a while he would quietly tell me how she’s doing.


I wake up and look outside the window.

It’s pitch black.

“Oh… I was tired yesterday and I immediately lied down,”

I rubbed my heavy eyelids and turned on my lamp from my pillow.

I found the exchange diary that was put on the bedside table and remembered that I have yet to write in it.

I’ve never went to bed without writing in it. Besides, I promised God that I would write in it every day.

I thought that have to quickly write in it and opened the diary in a hurry, but I heard a voice in my head.


“Ah! God!?”

“Yes, surprised?”

God, who usually speaks in a gentle voice, giggles and talks. The voice that is gentle always calms me down.

“You are tired today, so why don’t you lie down on the bed? I will take a break from the diary exchange today and just talk to Hina until you fall asleep.”

“Yes… it’s been a long time since I’ve heard God’s voice.”

I lie back down onto the bed and gently close my eyes just as god says. The last time I heard God’s voice.. was it when I got help with the hard wolf?

That means this is the first time I’ve heard God’s voice in a year and a half. Even though we write daily to each other, I rarely get to hear his voice. I feel very calm hearing his voice.

“God… did I make the right choice?”

“Does Hina think that the choice you made was wrong?”

“It’s very… different from Japan, and I get very confused. I was a college student who was absent-minded and not very good at studying. I’m studying more, but when I have the knowledge… it might be a different one, maybe I was wrong.”

“Although the contents are different, the name is ‘slave’.”

“…Yes, although I am the toy of God… I did various things happily. However, it’s too easy right?”

Now that I look back, the lights in town uses magic.

“Hina, you’re doing everything for me. I think that’s wonderful don’t you think?”


“I thought Hina was strong enough but I hurried too much… I’m sorry.”

“Oh… well. I am ok!”

“It’s also important not to overwork yourself.”

“Well.. I will make the best out of this situation.”

God’s gentle voice says in my head “good job”.

“Oh , yes! the << curse>> is now on the point exchange.”

“ Oh, that’s right! Do you know God?”

“Yes, Reti is a similar existiance to me. Hina is necessary for < Retisuriru >. What Ikuru said was true. People have stolen the important jewel flower and Reti is still sobbing uncontrollably.

What! Goddesses also exist!

But a similar existence? Goddess .. is similar to God? Yeah, i do not quite understand.

“She’s still crying somewhere in the world… isn’t that sad?”

“Yes. Because she is still sad, the << curse >> does not go away. That is why this world is strange. Their religion worships Retisriru, but because she is still mad, the << curse >> does not go away.”

“I see, because people who believe in the religion cannot forgive the << cursed >> people who incurred the goddess wrath.”

“Therefore…most of the slave traders are people who believe in << Retisuriru >>. People whose faiths are strong, encage the slaves.”

“Yes.. I was not really interested in the religion but… it does not leave a good impression.”

Whenever religion is intertwined, every country is somewhat serious.

In other words, < goddess faith > is praised by this world << Retisuriru >>.

But the << curse >> is an manifestation of the goddesses’ anger. Therefore people hate the << curse >> that is in this world.

< Goddess belief > interpret it as if the << curse >> disappears, they have gained the goddesses’ forgiveness.

“ …If the goddess is no longer sad, does that mean the << curse >> disappears?”

“Yes. That is right.”

I get the answers from God very easily.

It means that I should go meet the goddess and cheer her up!

“I see! I should go and meet the goddess!”

“I thought Hina might say that. Thank you very much.”

“No, but do you know where she is?”

“Oh… I’m sorry, I do not know where she is either.”

“Oh if that’s so… I will do my best and search for her”

“Yes. Thank you Hina”


The talk progresses and I make a promise to help the goddess to God.

“But she might be deep in forests or mountains. Where it is quiet and has a lot of nature.”

“A goddess that likes nature?”

“So, when you go you need to prepare thoroughly. I think even with knowledge, and potions with just you and Ikuru it would be difficult.”

“Wow! Is it that hard?”

I thought it would be easier…!

I imagined just hiking or scaling up a mountain… it’s useless. It seems like it would take awhile to prepare…?

“Do it slowly and safely. Even if it takes several years to prepare, it’s not a problem and do not panic.”

“Several years…! But I will do my best to make it as quick as possible!”

“Yes. Thank you very much Hina!”

[ Medium mana potion ] 2 x 800 = 1,600

[ Conversation ] = 300 points

[ Current points : 22,046 ]

[Potted plant: Small] 1

[Potted plant: Medium] 10

[Potted plant: Large] 20

[Vegetable seeds set] 10

[Fruit seeds set] 10

[Herb seeds set] 10

[Wheat seeds] 50

[Rice seeds] 100

[Brick : x1] 5

[Fountain] 1,500

New! [ Terrace Seating Set] 3,000

[ Magic Mangrove] 10,000

[Bottles: x100] 3

[Room] 50

[Bath – Extension] 5,000

[Hinami’s Room – Extension] 2,000

[Ikuru’s Room – Extension] 2,000

[Rooftop – Extension] 10,000

[Basement – Extension] 30,000

[Compounding room – Extension] 15,000

[Door of the miniature garden] 50,000

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