In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 35


With my breathlessness, my distant consciousness came back.

When I slowly raised my eyelids, I found myself sharing a kiss with sensei.

——The virginity I was saving even from my last life (or more like it was automatically shelved) was discarded.

What’s more, a mob character like me, with a capture target……

I wonder what would happen from now on.

When I started thinking about it, I bit my tongue. With quite the result.

[Ri—na? Don’t think about anything else, except me.]

Sensei scolded me in a low tone.

His voice was sweet but deep within was his wrath which made me shudder.

Noticing my fear, his eyes gradually softened.

[Because, you’re already mine.]

[……… Roger, tha–t]

Somehow calming myself down after looking around, I replied after resolving myself while sensei just laughed in satisfaction.

But at the same time, sensei who’s still inside me got bigger making me twitch inside.

Wait, sensei, you just came a while ago, right? This, did it really get smaller?

It kinda has a great presence though……

I unexpectedly felt a cold sweat ran down.

Somehow remembering my fears, stirring slightly, sensei knit his brows in displeasure.


[No, umm you see….. sensei, can you, pull out….. for once…..]

I didn’t want to startle him so I told him like that, sensei’s face that was frowning was replaced with a grin.

[Okay. Just once, alright.]

……… Hm? Did I go wrong somewhere?

[But, well, I should pull out once.]

No, everything’s fine…. I guess?


Sensei’s thing slid out. The fluid he let out inside felt wet and slimy, causing me to have goosebumps.

[Wait a while.]

Sensei got out of the bed and left the room.

Just when he left me helpless, he immediately came back.

Apparently, he went to get a towel.

[Sensei, thank—–]

Just as I was about to get up and thank him, he smiled giving me a bad feeling.

[Eh? Sensei?]

[Wait a bit]

As soon as he said it, he grabbed my right ankle and lifted it.

[EEHH!? Sensei!?]

While I was startled, he bound my right ankle with my right wrist with the towel. Grabbing my left ankle, he bound it with my left wrist the same way.

All of a sudden, I found myself in an unbelievable fixed position.

<>i/Wait, ending up immobile in this situation because of my own body’s flexibility is detestable! If it was m

y old one from my past life, it’d be physically impossible! No, this isn’t the time to be bothered about that. What’s the meaning behind this position!?

[Aahhhh—- Wow, such an amazing view. The proof of your first time and my white stuff mixing together, I feel thrilled.]

With those words, I felt a frightening shamefulness and disturbance, and a faint terror washed over me.

The fear of being made to look like this, being seen in such a shameful and obscene situation, that entranced expression on sensei trembling with sexual perversion, and also, of me who is actually happy in the depths of my heart with sensei looking at me like that.

Not, not good. I feel that I just took the first step into becoming a pervert.

[Juu—st for a bit, don’t move.]

He abruptly took out his phone and turned it towards me.

——Eh, what’s he doing!?

As I panicked, I saw a flash.

[Se-se-se, sensei! Just now, what did you do!?

[Hmmm, photo memorabilia?]

As he grinned, I felt scared.

I rushed to cover up my body but I couldn’t move around since I’m bound.

Tears different from earlier started to swell.

I didn’t even want to be seen like that, more so with a picture!

[Even if you don’t do those things, I already ended up like this with you, at least say it properly!]

There was those boys at the audiovisual room today, there’s no need to take a proof with picture!

[Hmm? Aaah, that’s not it, you’re wrong. This isn’t for proof. I trust you for that matter. This is simply a memorabilia photo. I just wanna leave behind something of your appearance when you became mine.]

Sensei laughed gleefully.

—–Ah, this guy, he isn’t just a yandere, but also a pervert.?

I had a serious look on as I thought about it.

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