In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 33


Sensei’s home, well, it’s a splendid apartment.

Forgetting the smoldering heat of my body, it was the splendid kind that left you dazed with your mouth wide open looking upwards.

As expected, when you think of a game’s capture target, it isn’t strange to have these kind of fortunes but……..

It kinda makes my mind chaotic.

A little mob character like me gets to come to sensei’s house, moreover, getting thi—s and tha—t done to me, is this reality?

Did I play too many otome games from my past life that I’m seeing a strange dream?

——-While I thought so, I was still happy.

Somewhat losing it, Kurekamiji-sensei already wanted to do it as much as he’d like.

[Mnn…. Sen, sei…]

Riding the elevator, he pushed me against the wall and kissed me as if wanting to devour me.

Sensei’s leg wedged between my thighs.

The burning desire which calmed a little came back in an instant making my flesh heat up.

The area of the pants above sensei’s knee was stained with honey that flowed from within me.

The sleek sensation of the cloth felt rougher because of it getting wet which stimulated my secret place even more.

Biting on my throat, I bent my body backwards. With his teeth slowly biting unto me, I felt scared inside.

[Ngh….. Can’t,….breath…]

I pleaded as I genuinely thought I might die when sensei spoke with serious eyes

[I wanna eat you up and devour you like this…..]

His heated, glazed tone strangely made me shiver.

I feel like I’m being targeted by a vampire. With my throat being bitten, I’m like an entranced sacrifice.

At this rate, I wonder if we’ll go all the way to the end…… but, I don’t think I’d hate that.

—— while thinking about it, I’m happy. Yes, even if it wasn’t something so cute.

When the elevator reached our floor, his lips separated from mine.

My leg felt powerless and can’t stand well but….. the next moment, my vision went blurry.

Eh? What?

Just when I thought so, sensei carried me over his shoulder.

His shoulder is digging into my stomach….. Wait, normally isn’t it supposed to be princess carry?

——–and while I was just thinking that, a lecherous hand started to caress the underside of my thigh, and then moved upwards……. Wait, I’m not wearing panties! No, even if I did, it’s still bad!

[Se-se-se, sensei! Stop! Stop! STOP!]


I can’t even voice out a word of rejection.

The hand that touched my bare butt was strangely hot……

[Sen….. sei……Hyaaa]

I’m supposed to strongly refuse this but when he brushed against a sensitive area, an unusually sweet voice came from me. At the same time, I felt honey flowed out once again.

Th-th-this is bad, right…….

The heavy door opened with the keycard and just like that, sensei slipped into the entrance. He removed his shoes messily, and without speaking a work, continued into long strides.

[Se-sensei. My, shoes.]

I desperately appealed while looking back but he wasn’t listening at all.

His hands that were moving lecherously a while ago was now tightly holding my butt.

But, as if trying to show his passion, his fingers dug into my skin deeper and deeper.

[I’ll bite your tongue. Stay silent.]

As he spoke in a low voice, my vision went blurry once again.

As if floating, I thought [I’m gonna fall!], and shut my eyes.

Afterwards, my body bounced softly from a spring.

Timidly opening my I eyes, it seems I was let down on top of a bed.

As he leaned forward, he took my shoes off and flung it away. And just like that, grasped my right ankle and spread my legs wide open.

[Hyaaaa….. Nn]

My mouth that let out a surprised and panicked tone was soon covered up with sensei’s lips. His tongue impatiently slipped inside, forcibly thrusting down my throat.

It excited me so much deep inside.


In the next moment, something was pushed inside my secret place with force and my body jolted. It’s probably sensei’s fingers.

His fingers moved around presumptuously inside the walls of my vagina trying to loosen it up.

I felt my insides squeeze tight. Just when I thought that sensei’s fingers stop for a moment, he casually pulled them out.


I should be scared from his rough handling but my insides were telling me it wasn’t enough.

Meanwhile, a lot of honey continued to flow out.

I don’t want this anymore, this isn’t like me at all!

I certainly DO love erotic games, the heroine feels it easily and I liked seeing her go Ahhhn~~ AAHHNN~ but, I never thought of myself becoming like this. Aren’t I simply like a bitch?

I feel so pathetic my tears will fall.

With my legs spread wide open, sensei thrust his finger roughly, and then I start to feel it…..

Whichever it is, this is too much for a mob character!

[Crying won’t help~. I’ve already decided, you’ll be mine.]

When he released my lips, he gently licked my shut eyes.

My body still reacted from his yandere line.


This time, something thicker was thrusted inside rapidly. My insides tightened up in pleasure.

[Even when I put in two, it seems you’re still fine….. Rina, have you, cum before?]

[Nnnn…. Don’t move it around, sensei.]

Sensei mentioned something but just enduring the movement of his fingers were already taking my all and so it didn’t quite register in my mind.

[Ri~na. Answer me. Have you played with yourself before and came?]

[Naaa….. Wha…..t’s.. that]


When he said ‘here’, his inserted fingers stirred inside, and even stimulated the bud with his thumb. My body jolted twice, thrice as electric currents rushed forth.

[Whoa, don’t cum. Whether it’s here or inside…… have you touched yourself and made yourself feel good before?]

When I was questioned about such an unbelievable thing, my blood flowed backwards.

[Tha, that’s, I haven’t! ……. AAAAaaa]

As soon as I answered, his fingers inside moved roughly.

[Then, making you feel good like this, is your first time?]

Sensei held my chin and peered into my eyes.

Going back even through my previous life, I haven’t played there with myself!

Of course, it wasn’t done to me either!

Thinking as such, I desperately nodded while sensei just laughed.

[Well then, the only one who has played with this, is me huh….. you’re, not allowed to masturbate, for the rest of your life.]

[HAAA? ……. Nngh]

[I’ll be enough to make you feel good. Even if it’s you who touched yourself, you’ll be punished.]

I wonder, I feel that he just said something absurd.

Sensei planted a light kiss just as I was confused from his words and stimulus he just bestowed.

[I’ll make you cum a whole lot later, I’ll make you feel good ‘til you drop dead but……. Sorry. I’ll make you mine first.]


[I have to make you mine faster or else, it’ll just make me worried.]


Panicking from his terrifying words, I tried to push away sensei’s chest but he grabbed both of my wrists and pressed it above my head.

While I was losing my mind, my eyes looked around when I noticed that the front of sensei’s pants came loose at some point.

[Sorry ‘bout this.]

His low, feverish whisper was the last thing I heard.


His hot rod roughly plunged inside.

Hallucinating as if being stabbed, my mind went blank.

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