In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 32


Sensei was too mean after that.

No, really. Just remembering it, it was too much that I’d start to stare with distant eyes.

First, he completely took away my underwear that was just on my legs a while ago.

[Se-se-se, sensei! Please give that back!]


With a startling loud voice, he shot me down with one word.

The fact that it was taken was already unbearable but so is knowing that that underwear was wet even though I’m not wearing it.


[I don’t want you running away. ——-Obediently walk beside me, Rina. If you even run for a bit, they’d discover you’re not wearing any panty on.]

He said something so awful with a serious face. At least try to laugh coldly, if you do, I’d be able to think of it as a nasty joke, but his face doesn’t have any trace of laughter.

[Come on, hand over your bag.]

[I’ll carry it myself! And, that thing earlier, give it back!]

[Denied. My bag, I left it at the Chem. Prep. Room so were gonna go get it.]

[No way, If we went there together, it’d be very suspicious. Please go there on your own.]

I could try to escape in that moment…… Even if I’m not wearing my panty!



[You, look like you’d run away.]

Just like what you said….. but, this is where I lie!

[I won’t!]


It’s about time I hear something different aside from ‘denied’, sensei……

With my bag taken away and my arms caught, I was half-forcibly made to walk.

Sensei has long legs and aside from that, he walks fast so I naturally had to jog a little.

I was uneasy with my skirt swaying, I unnaturally held it in place with my free hand.

It felt windy underneath and I could tell something wet trickling downwards from that place to my thigh, it made me want to cry.

[Sensei, I’m, feeling quite horrible over this….. If I get seen by anyone, I’d die.]

For the thing that I myself is complaining about to have come such an evil source is too depressing.

Sensei stopped abruptly and stared at me intently.

If I seriously try to complain, I might be able to pull it off!

When I wholeheartedly tried to protest with my eyes, he just laughed a little. It was just a faint laugh but it was extremely filled with feverish heat—–

[You became sopping wet because of me, and even though you’re just relying on me because it can’t be helped…….. It still feels great. I want to show to everyone that you became like this because of me.]

I saw him lick his lips out of the corner of my eyes.

My legs trembled with a start. I felt the center of my body throbbed and trembled while something between my legs spilled out.

—– Don’t, this isn’t the time for this, sensei, were at the school’s hallway!

[Sensei, please give me a break already……]

As I pleaded half-crying, he smiled satisfyingly and started to walk again. * * * * * * *

Sensei immediately fixed his things to go home when we got to the chemistry prep. room, then he pulled my hand along and shoved me into the car’s passenger seat.

When he got on the driver’s seat, he turned to me and fiercely kissed me.


Wait, sensei, we’re still in school!

Today, even though I’ve complained a lot inside my heart, what comes from my mouth are just meaningless.

My tongue that was played with intertwined with his.

When I tried to draw back, he lightly bit me. It should’ve hurt but my body just trembled from it, pleased.

He extended his hands towards the passenger’s seat’s seatbelt and pulled.

Just when I let my guard down thinking that we’re about to depart as he fastened it, he kissed me again.

I’m telling you, we’re still at school!

As I yelled again in my heart, he placed his hand on my leg. It slowly slid upwards from my lap.

I quickly closed my legs. However, of course, I ended up catching his hand in between…..

I-isn’t this like some sort of appeal that I didn’t want his hand to let go!?

Instantly feeling ashamed, the strength in my legs loosened as I panicked.

As if anticipating foe that moment, sensei’s hand went deeper.

When his fingers reached the deepest part, it made a wet sound.

I jolted and shuddered from the sound when it reverberated but the seatbelt held me in place.

His fingers slowly moved went back and forth deeply.

Feeling as if he’s touching subtly or not, my sensitivity sharpened.

My whole being perked up, even when his hair just grazed my cheek, it got me excited.

[………Hyaaa, —-nnnn!!]

He’d stop, and then—– continue slowly, but with firm determination, something slid inside deeply.

It was the first time I felt something strange even if I included my past life.

I played all those erotic games but for a moment, I didn’t understand what just happened.

The instant that I knew sensei’s hand entered me, my body suddenly felt hot. My hidden place twitched and my v*gina squeezed shut.

[Aaaah—-…… your insides, are so hot….. I wanna put it in immediately….]

Sensei said, groaning, as he traced his fingers inside my v*gina’s walls.


A strange voice leaked out. Honey dribbled from my secret place.

Sensei slowly pulls his fingers and honey leaked out at the same time soaking my skirt.

[Se, sensei…..your car, will get, dirty]

I felt embarrassed getting wet that much and though that his car would get dirty, I want to run away.

——Why, why must I complain for such an embarrassing thing!

But, but this is a luxury car.

[Haaah? But a car stained by your lewd juices would be the best. ]

Saying so, his soaking fingers that he pulled out from my secret place slowly crept towards his tongue.

Seeing such an obscene sight, my head overheated.

I just wanna die……..

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