In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 31


Sensei studied me at a close distance as I panicked.

Wait, you’re too close, you’re making my heart go crazy!

[Hey, Rina.]

His glazed voice sent me shivers.

[You like me, right? Drink my saliva, get wet when I touch you, while drooling, take a lot of my semen in your belly, and become completely mine.]

[W-w-wha, what are you saying…….]

Getting told by something so vulgar, I felt more and more disturbed.

However, contrary to my impatience, I felt my womb tighten and squeeze. As if looking forward to being treated like that. At the same time, seeping through my underwear, honey trickled down my heated inner thigh.

Sensei placed his hand along the risky part in my inner thigh, he’ll probably touch that. I understood it when sensei grinned and smiled.

[Such an honest body, it’s amazingly cute.]

His finger scooped some of my honey and spread it on my skin. The wet sensation against my skin, and until it dries up, I felt it all. As if every cell in my whole body became sensitive, my skin tingled.

Suddenly, sensei’s thumb came across my crotch over my underwear and suddenly pressed over my secret place.


A sweet voice leaked out unconsciously, I was surprised at myself. Aside from a nose sensitive to smell, as if a cat being doted on, a voice came out—

This isn’t me at all!

Sensei chuckled at me.

[You’re so cute, you. Purring like a cat in heat.]

Dishonest fingers persistently kept rubbing enough to make my body jerk incredibly and go crazy.

[Heeey, Rina. You wanted to be violated by me, right? You wanted my thing to plunge into you and intensely thrust in that soaking wet place of yours, right?]

He forcibly raised my head up, when our gaze met, I felt pleasure.

What the heck is with me, am I maybe, masochistic? Being treated obscenely, touched impolitely, even though I’m sup

posed to be disturbed by it, my body steadily grows hotter.

[That’s, not…..]

Sensei stuffed his fingers in my mouth block my desperate words.


Forcibly pushing and stimulating the back of my throat, making it difficult to breathe.

I desperately tried to force it out with my tongue but I can’t even contend with it. He wouldn’t even let me close my mouth that drool started spilling. I felt pleasure again from that cold sensation.

[You’re overflowing whether it’s the upper or the lower part, huh.]

Even hearing him sneer sounds extremely sweet—–

[S….. St, op]

Sensei’s hand forcefully grasped my underwear and tugged it upwards.

It mercilessly wedged in my crotch.

It should’ve hurt there but a pleasurable current ran up my spine instead.

I struggled to escape but the fingers that were in my mouth was pulled out and suddenly grabbed my chest tightly.

His fingers felt painful even through my blouse. Eventually, he twisted the pointed tip of my chest.

[It…. hurts]

My heart throbbed. Sensei laughed weakly as my voice rose suddenly.

[It hurts? You’re such a liar. You’re overflowing with lewd juices down there though.]

He started caressing that viscous place over my wedged underwear.

[I have to punish lying kids, right?]

I trembled from his voice filled with delight.

Wait, I think this is already on the level of punishment though!

I was panicking inside but a strange sultry sigh and meaningless fragmented words spilled from my mouth…….. Moreover, my body won’t listen to me and sensei’s fingertips moved as one.

[Is here fine? Or do you want to go to my house?]

A sweet, sweet poison sounded in my ear.

That’s right, we’re in a classroom! This isn’t good. On the other hand, if I went to sensei’s house, escaping would be even more difficult.

[….. Nnnn, go, home…..]

I somehow wring out some words but……

[Here? My house?]

He completely ignored me and asked me for the second time.

[Go….. Hiiiii]

When I tried to answer my previous response again, he twisted again the summit on my chest.

The strength from my legs left me from that stimulation.

I still had my bra and my blouse but I could tell that the peaks on my chest were obvious.

It’s so embarrassing I wanna die……

[Ri~na. Here? My house?]

[Noo….. going home……]

I’m tearing up from my own body’s reactions.

With this, I’m just like a b*tch. Even though it’s my first time, doing these things to me, I got soaking wet……

I probably have an unsightly face right now, sensei swallowed his breath.

[Uwah, you’re crying face, it makes my blood boil…….]

Wrong! That’s not it, sensei!

It would have been better to have you be disappointed!

[Damn, you better prepare yourself since you incited me this much.]

[I didn’t….. inci….te….. Aahhh]

He once again stimulated that hidden place making my body jerk up. When I was about to slide down the floor, sensei supported me with one arm.

[Rina, I’ll ask you for the last time. If you don’t choose, we’ll do it until the end in here. I don’t care even if we get seen by anyone.]

[Don’t wanna…..]

[Here? Or in my house?]

Sensei’s voice was feverish and hoarse as he asked.

Will my first time be really here if I don’t’ answer?

I don’t want that but, even if I say so…….

[Well then, here it’ll be.]

While I was indecisive and conflicted, sensei spoke. His voice seemed like he was almost out of control.

[Eh…. Wai……]

The moment I spoke frantically, sensei crouched and pulled down my soaking wet underwear hidden under my skirt in one go.


I felt my secret place exposed to cold air.

I received a shock when I felt it due to such stimulation and being defenselessly exposed.

While I was distracted, his fingers directly touched that place.

[Noooo….. Don’t! Stop, sesnsei! Please….. Nnnaaahh….]

I cried complaining while sensei’s eyes glinted while speaking.

[You weren’t able to choose, right?]

[I will! Your house! Your house is fine! Ple..ase……!]

I almost screamed as I said so while his brows knitted seemingly dissatisfied.

And so, sighing as if it couldn’t be helped, he suddenly spoke up.

[You owe me one, okay.]

…….What, did I, just get into more trouble?

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