In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 30


I was made to stand up. Kurekamiji-sensei was smiling as he held my head.

Sensei, your fingers are piercing me! My head’s gonna get pierced!

[Sensei, you’re crushing my head]

The moment I yelled, sensei’s face got closer instantly.

—— This might be bad.

It was already too late when I thought so.

When I realized that sensei’s lips overlapped mine, something hot and moist entered my mouth.

A tongue that carried warmth, as if it was a separate being from me.

The heat from where it touched, I felt that it gradually eroded me.

An outrageous sensei’s tongue stirred haughtily, seizing my tongue. And he sucked it to the point of being painful making my body feel numb.


My saliva started flowing down.

I tried to get away but, whether it was sensei’s tongue or the hand against the back of my head or the leg pressing against me, he held me in place completely.

Saliva keeps overflowing from my mouth.

Filling my mouth, unable to breathe, it almost choked me.

At that moment, the pressure from his tongue eased.

To me who just regained my freedom, I impulsively swallowed the saliva that accumulated in my mouth.

It was thick and slimy, I felt as if my body was dominated and instinctively felt fear. At the same time, I felt strangely feverish, my face felt hot.

Seeing me like that, sensei laughed.

[Don’t swallow it as if it’s good. My saliva.]


Feelings of tremendous shame piled up against his voice containing delight.

[Wha, what are you saying……]

[Hey, Rina. Become mine.]

He interrupted in an unexpected tone, whispering hotly in my ears.

Like being inflicted with a strange poison, I think my ears will become useless.

Not good, I don’t think I’ll be able to resist…….

As if trying to doubly make sure, his tongue licked my ears, my legs gave out, my knees loosened.

Sensei then caught me in his arms.

——-This isn’t going to be good.

I tried to raise my head desperately but an overwhelmingly hot gaze greeted me as if eating me whole enough to kill.

[Things like singlehood, don’t seek it. I, will definitely make you happy, okay? I’ll protect you from whatever kind of other guys, I also won’t let you be troubled with money.]

[Sensei…. Wait, that’s, but]

I’m unable to look away from such a serious gaze.

Oh no, I’m, my heart’s beating from this.

[I won’t look for any other girl. Only you. ——At first, I only thought of you as an odd student but I gradually can’t take my eyes off from you.

You were defenseless, innocent, foolish, but actually pretty violent.]

……. Hm? Weren’t you praising me?

[Sense—i. You’re making a fool out of me, aren’t you?]

I spontaneously pouted just like a kid to which sensei laughed at.

[I was telling you’re cute just like that, idiot.]

A kiss fell on my forehead.

[If you don’t hate being like this, be with me. I won’t make you regret it.]

His laughing face was awfully erotic, it was fascinating.

——AAAHH—, this is bad. Not good. I completely lost.

I didn’t hate it even when he kissed me. It made my heart squeeze instead.

For me who was unrelated to 3D love even from my past life, my heart throbbed towards an existing man!

I couldn’t do anything but admit to it….. I, like sensei.

Even though I said that, there lies a big problem…..

[You know, sensei]

With upturned eyes, I raised an inquiry.


That tone asking a question is sweet! Your gaze is sweet! Also, the me who’s feeling fuzzy over this is scary!

Oh no, it feels like I’ll be caught up in his pace.

[Umm….. you see. Towards sensei’s feelings…. I, feel very happy. But, umm, I’m still 15 years old…….]


With a suspicious look, this time, a kiss fell upon my cheek.

Stop it~! I’ll be going with the flow like this!

[That’s, you know……. Can that kind of thing wait until I’ve become older?]

[“That kind of thing?”]

While asking, sensei’s face is somewhat dissatisfied.

Sensei, you’ve probably guessed, didn’t you……

[”That kind of thing” is “that kind of thing.”]


Gya–, don’t ask it so straightforwardly!

Screaming in my mind, I rolled around in embarrassment inside while I quietly nodded on the surface.

When I looked up, sensei’s brows knitted.

[……. In the meantime, Rina. It’s fine to think that you also like me, right?]

[…………………………………. Yes.]

Gya—! So embarrassing! Combining this with my previous life, it’s my first confession!

Contrary to me whose eyes kept wandering around, sensei was smiling broadly.


Hiding nothing, his face seemed really happy.

Unlike his usual mature and frank expression, it made my heart squeeze again.

Not good, he’s so cute, I started thinking so…….

I ended up averting my eyes involuntarily.

[Well, even if you didn’t want to, I never intended to let you escape though.]

……. Hm?

When I looked at sensei again, his face says that he’s scheming.

Huh? Did I, do something wrong?

Seeing me constrained, sensei smiled.

And then, holding my chin upwards——- I was kissed.

A gentle, soft kiss.

It was warm and light.

Unlike his kisses full of affection until now, it made me forget my impatience just now, it unconsciously made me enthralled to it.

He lightly licked my lips, it was kind of ticklish that my mouth parted.

His tongue slid inside without delay and invaded my mouth.

He caught my tongue and gently played around with my teeth. Until it gradually felt painful.

I should’ve felt fear as if being eaten to pieces but my body just felt surprisingly hotter.

——- How did it come to this?

I couldn’t believe my own body’s reaction.

Is this also the game’s specifications? Or is it because I like sensei?

At some point, a large hand had found its way below, stroking my inner thigh, going towards a risky place.

Because of the heat, I felt something wet on my skin, as if taking pleasure from sensei’s hand, I was attacked by shame to the point of wanting to die.

……. Wait, this is dangerous!

[Se……. sensei, st…. op.]

Grasping his hand, I desperately stopped him.

[Promise! You promised, didn’t you? You’d wait until I become an adult.]

Desperately appealing to him, he just grinned at me at a close distance.

[No–, I didn’t promise anything.]

Eh—-!? Is that even acceptable!?

[Out! It’s an out!]

I clamored noisily as he slightly distanced his face from me and pretended to think as he stared at the air.

[Hmmm—, until you became an adult, is it?]

[Yes! Until then, let’s have a pure relationship!]

[….Well, whatever.]

[Seriously!? Is it really an OK!? ——– Sensei, as expected of an adult man! I love you!]

In this dangerous world, for there to be someone who’d readily say OK so certainly!

As expected of the man I fell for! The greatness of his magnanimity is so different!

He grinned while I was wallowing in joy due to my surprise.

[Until you’ve become an adult, right? Okay, okay…………………. I’ll make you an adult this instant.]

His eyes glistened like a carnivore, contrary to his expression, he wasn’t laughing.

Wait, our meaning of an [adult] is different!!!!

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