In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 29


[Now then, Honda. I wanna hear about the whole situation, come over after school.]

That’s what sensei said after the collapsed students were carried out but…… The classroom after school, I became worried incessantly.

Right, by the way, after I went back to class, I got hatefully scowled at by heroine-chan.

It seems that she really was the mastermind.

It didn’t proceed as planned so I thought of letting it go but, when I look at her state right now, it doesn’t seem that it would simply end like that.

You’re so persistent, heroine-chan.

What should I do with you?

Well, setting her aside.

Will I really just obediently go to Kurekamiji-sensei?

In the first place, I think he’s sort of dangerous as well.

Sensei is cool so won’t I fall for him at this rate? I distanced myself with the thought of self-preservation after all.

With that kind of circumstance, that time at the audiovisual room was one case.

When I start to remember sensei’s eyes from that time, I become afraid.

If I approach him carelessly, I feel that something problematic will happen, like a sense of impending crisis looming closer.

And, my fear, whether in front of sensei’s intense staring, or, regardless of having been bitten and licked, against myself that couldn’t refuse him.

Rather, it was the latter part that was scarier.

I place importance on my previous life’s values, and if I proceed to go through with my single life principle after this, then, isn’t it better to stop my contact with sensei any more than this?

Nonetheless, I certainly won’t be able to extricate myself with this time’s incident at school. Even if I don’t say anything about heroine-chan, with these kinds of incidents, it should still be properly reported.

But still……

I sighed deeply.

That’s right.

What’s bothering me though is, probably…… just probably okay! I’m not too sure though! What if, I, I feel that I’m already attracted to Kurekamiji-sensei………

Because, it can’t be helped.

Kurekamiji-sensei, he’s a super fine man.

Like his composure as an adult, or his kindness as a teacher.

Thinking about my past life, my age is already considerable.

And it’s because I have my past life’s memories, that kind of cool person, I know that you don’t meet them often.

I’ve already lived for quite a while in my previous life but I haven’t met such a cool guy.

Well, as this is the otome game’s world, there may be people with the same status though.

So, probably, just probably! It might be a subjectively positive convenience!

I think sensei also doesn’t think of me too badly….. Wait, I might’ve just misunderstood!

I, from my previous life, my experience with love is close to non-existent, even with otome games, when I thought [Ah, he fell for me] and confessed to the capture target, I would countlessly be rejected with [I think of you as a good friend]!

But, if you get stared at with those eyes, maybe……. I would start to think like so.

For the thick-headed kind of heroine, it is because they’re the heroine that they’re cute, but for a mob character like me, I’m simply considered as a fool.

Wait, even I can’t understand what I’m saying anymore.

Anyway, I can’t adapt to the values of this world but, the person that I care for, does he care for me too? Under those circumstances, it requires courage to cleanly discard those thoughts……

[Buuut stillll……]

In this world, confessing and then innocently going out….. I wonder if it’s plausible.

……. It probably doesn’t happen, right?

Although, from friends or acquaintance to fiancé, a report about marriage would be passed but none for [I got a boyfriend~].

In the first place, [boyfriend, girlfriend], [going out], those words seem like they don’t even exist anymore. More than a 100 years ago, it was like an old culture even before the declining birth rate.

But, considering those, from mutual love→instant sex & marriage.

I don’t think I have that much guts for that…..

Ah, by the way, it’s kind of late at this point, but in this world, you can get married when you’re 16 years old.

As expected, doing it with a grade schooler to get married….. it won’t be recognized. Also, if they did it with someone below 16 yrs. old, it’d be treated as engagement. That’s why, being in a marriageable age doesn’t matter.

If I say that I wanted to be in a wholesome relationship until I’m 20 yrs, old, what would happen…. Is it impossible?

However, sensei, he’s a good person, it might surprisingly go well.

He was a yandere in the game but he doesn’t seem to be like it in this world.

No, wait. In the audiovisual room, it feels as though I’ve glimpsed on it or…….

What should I do, really.

Just as I sighed deeply again, Hajime-chan contacted me. He apparently came to pick me up but I wasn’t coming so he was worried.

For the time being, since I was called to the staff room, I’m not sure when I’ll be going home so I’ll just hail a taxi to go home.


I bent my head down to my desk as I sighed deeply.

I somehow don’t even know myself what I’m even really worrying about.

But, well….. Whatever I’ve concluded during this moment, in the end, it probably won’t be the right decision.

Whichever I choose, I feel that I’d regret it going [I should’ve chosen the other after all] afterwards.

During the times when you don’t know how to proceed, you should wait for your mind and heart to decide.

Don’t force yourself to decide.


Raising my head, I nodded.

[Yeah, for now, let’s escape!]

I’ll run away just like the 36 Ancient Chinese Military Strategies.1

I should hurry now that I’ve decided on it.

But, just when I got up, my head was caught.


[Yo, Rina. Thinking about running away from me, you’ve got guts.]

Just like a rusty robot, I turned to my back stiffly when——

Yes, the ever lovely Kurekamiji-sensei came arrived with a smile that could seemingly freeze you over……

1. 三十六計- the 36 (ancient Chinese military) strategies (of which the last resort was said to be beating a retreat).

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