In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 26


Silence filled the air…….

Kurakamiji-sensei came in flying. Male students’ corpses strewn. And then there’s me, Honda Rina, standing still.

Sensei looked over the collapsed male students on the carpet.

Aaahh, this, will he pull back from this?

When I sighed deeply, sensei vehemently came close.

And, suddenly hugged me just like that.

——- Wait, what’s this!?

My cheek was pressed against his solid chest startling me.

[……Are you hurt?]

His voice was kinda husky. I trembled, strangely feeling feverish.

[N, nono, I’m fine. I resisted fiercely after all.]

The heat flared up to my face, I didn’t understand what I was saying anymore.

Weird, this hasn’t happened to me before.

[…… Good.]

He gently stroked my hair.

Gya—, what’s this, what’s happening!?

You’re making my heart beat wildly though!

If I look at a mirror now, my face would definitely be flushed! Moreover, if I see my own face like that, I’d die from embarrassment!

Wait, this is all sensei’s fault! Talking in a strangely serious note! I’d think that I really made him worry!

[Se-se-se, sensei! I’m really fine! Also, I can prove that this was just self-defense.]

Trying to distance myself from sensei, I pushed myself against his chest but………..

He won’t let go at all! On the contrary, he seemed to have only tightened his hug even more.

[Se-se-se, sensei! I’m seriously talking here! Proof, I’m saying, if I don’t have a proof, I might get suspended or expulsed!]

[I won’t let them.]

Declaring so in my ears, my body suddenly heated up. The next moment, my legs gave out.

Wha, what the heck, is happening….?

His lips slightly grazed my nape. It was so light you’d wonder whether there really was some contact or none but, I quivered as if being burnt by his touch. That feeling enveloped my whole body from head to toe. I sighed as I tried to cover it up but it ended up surprisingly feverish even I was startled.

The part where he touched me became notably sensitive.

If we stay like this, I feel something bad might happen……..

[….. Were you, attacked by them?]

For a moment, he finally let me go for a bit.

I was relieved, but on the other hand, my legs don’t have any strength in them so I tumbled and ended up sitting down.

Seeing me like that, sensei glared at the male students. Instantly, a dangerous aura seemed to float in the air……

Looks like sensei thought I remembered something terrifying that’s why my legs gave out.

Wrong! That’s SO wrong!

He seems to be strangely caught up in his wrath!

Despite yelling in my heart, I could only avert my eyes.

No, I didn’t say anything embarrassing! Are you a maiden, me!? [Rina?]

What do you mean ‘Rina’!?

[Well, that’s, they tried to but, I’m fine! I’m safe! I did self-defense so nothing was done to me! My chas….. singlehood was protected!]

I almost said ‘chastity’ but….. if I said that now, I have a feeling he would rampage so I changed it.

However, it seems it didn’t have much effect. The aura emanating from him is becoming darker and darker……

[These guys, I’ll NEVER let them get away……… HEY, wake up!]

He was swaying as he stepped forward, he kicked on the male student’s stomach hard.

That student’s body flew at least a meter.

He was supposed to be unconscious but he groaned loudly and hurriedly curled up.

Wait, are you wearing safety boots!?

[Se, Sensei! What are you doing!?]

When I yelled unconsciously, he looked at me intensely.

[HAH? Don’t bother me, stay put. They laid their hands on you, of course they deserve to die.]

Se, sensei! What’s gotten into you!?

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