In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 27


Kurekamiji-sensei lifted up the collapsed male student with all of his might.

And then immediately bashed his defenseless stomach.

The student’s body remained hanging and would seem to fall on the carpet.

With that timing, sensei bashed his stomach again, this time, with a kick.

When that male student had a coughing fit, something red splattered everywhere.

S-spitting, he’s spitting blood!

[Sensei! Calm down! I’m, intact after all.]

[Hah? If you were hurt, it wouldn’t just be this much.]

Saying so, sensei trampled on his head this time. Wait, sensei, you’re still wearing the safety boots!

Stepping on him with that much force is definitely NOT just on the level of [this much].

At this rate, won’t these male students die?

My blood drains from my face. I hastily ran to sensei and pulled on his sleeves.

[This is dangerous! I’m really okay.]

[Yeah, it’s great that you’re alright. But, I’m not okay with it. Rina, just stay put.]

Sensei gently but firmly removed my hand.

I couldn’t even insert a tsukkomi about calling my name!

Anyway, I need to stop sensei, I put more force in my arms so that he won’t pull them off.

If this goes on, a murder case will occur!

While I was desperately restraining him, he abruptly caught my arms, just when I thought he was pulling it off, he stopped moving.

Did he finally re-think about the situation?

Just when I was relieved and looked at sensei’s face—— I felt my blood drain.

His face doesn’t look anything like he reconsidered anything.

Rather, he’s expressionless.

But, somehow, I knew that it’s because of an outrageous wrath.

W, what’s his problem?

His gaze fell on my wrist.

——–OH NO.

My blood is draining so much, I feel dizzy.

It was the wrist grasped by the male student who pushed me down.

It left obvious marks……

[……Rina-chan? This, what happened to it?]

Sensei plainly smiled. Of course, his eyes didn’t.

[Aaahh—…… I bumped into something. Haha….]

I averted my eyes unconsciously but, at the corner of my eyes, I could see sensei’s ominous aura erupting.

Wha-wha-wha, what do I do????

[Hey, Rina.]

[Sensei, my na…. no, it’s nothing.]

He brought my wrist near his lips.

The distance is moving closer and closer.

—– Are you gonna kiss it!?

I steeled my mind but my body won’t move. Unable to look away, it’s as if time has stopped for me.

Sensei’s lips touched my wrist that started to bruise black and blue.

In that moment, my body shuddered and trembled.

I quickly looked up to his face. He just watched me without blinking. Like a beast, his eyes were fierce.

As if entranced, I couldn’t move once again.

I could see him sticking his tongue out in my peripheral vision.

It was red and hot, and gently licked my wrist.

It struck my senses and made my hair rise.

It was as if the nerves in my body was focused in my wrist, I could feel the sensation of sensei’s tongue clearly.

That slightly rough texture, warm heat, his saliva coating it as if expressing his possessiveness.

Just when he licked it up a lot, he left a light kiss. And then his tongue once again crawled. The strong movements made me excited.

He looked over and murmured.

[In a place I don’t know, having traces of being with another man aside from me————– some punishment is needed, right?]

[—- Ouch…..!]

He dug his teeth on the bruise severely, both his hand and teeth restrained my wrist and I couldn’t do anything.

Eventually, I felt my skin split.

And something red flowed.

Knowing that sensei bit my wrist, my heart thumped.

My wrist feels hot……

He finally let go of my wrist that he bit on. At the same time lifting his gaze from me.

As if just waiting for the time to be released from paralyzation, my legs finally gave up.

I slumped on the carpet but my wrist remains caught by sensei.

I looked up to him with just my arm raised.

Looking ecstatic, sensei licked my wrist again. Not wanting to spill any blood flowing. Finally grunting.

—-Isn’t this bad!? Absolutely dangerous…..

I myself don’t really know WHAT is wrong.

Just that, in such a situation where I should be fearful, feeling my face heating up on top of that, I have a feeling that it’s even more dangerous.

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