In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 25


[Gya—, you serious!?]

This is Honda Rina reporting from the audiovisual room.

As of now, inexperienced wild beasts are hunting me.

Their lower half entered my vision from all this uproar! My eyes are ruined!

A male student with great physical condition grasped my wrist and pushed me down.

I furrowed my brows from the strength of his grip.

It would definitely leave a bruise!

While I was pissed off, using the hand that grasped my wrist as an axle, I twisted his arm removing his grip on me.

When he lost his stance, with great enthusiasm, I aimed for his nape and hit him with great force with both of my elbows.

[Urrgh] Just like that, the male student collapsed on the carpet. I snorted after confirming that didn’t make any move.

[Hey, I already said that I would resist with my all didn’t I!?]

They were probably surprised by the unexpected turn of events. They stopped on their tracks.

I swiftly approached one of them and grabbed both of his shoulders.

While the sportsman guy was surprised, I only grinned at him——- before hitting his groin with my knee with everything I’ve got.


He bent forward groaning but I continued kicking his stomach with my right foot.

[Aaah, if only I’m wearing some safety boots it would have some more

strength to it. With just my socks, it doesn’t have much effect at all.]

Grumbling, the male student collapsed on his back.

But, it’s gross! I kicked somewhere strange.

My knees are also ruined. This is bad, at this rate, my whole body will be ruined!

I leaned and subconsciously brushed off my knee. It still left a disturbing feeling. Urgh, this sensation, go somewhere else!

Returning to my senses, another male student with good looks headed towards me.

I bent forward, the next moment, twisting my hips, I hit him hard with my elbow.


Perfectly hitting his chin, I went around his back, and just like earlier, I hit his nape with my elbows.

With the collapsed male students as stepping stones, I approached the two remaining students.

They gave a start and trembled, stepping one or two backwards.

Seeing them, I pulled out the stun gun that I brought on a whim from my pocket.

And, with a grin, I instantly shortened our distance.



The male students raised voices in fright. Well, compared to the other three, they’re clearly weak. They don’t look like they’re used to fighting.


[Just because you told me to stop, doesn’t mean I would!]

Setting the stun gun on ‘dangerous mode’, it crackled with a zapping sound. Along with that was the collapse of the male students.

Now then……

There now lay five male students collapsed in the audiovisual room.

I sighed after confirming that they don’t have any signs of standing up.

Anyway, this could be treated as the conclusion, right?


[Aaah, I’ve really done it……]

What to do with this disastrous scene. I’m not really obliged to look after them and besides, it’s too troublesome to report it.

There’s no other way but to escape for the time being I guess……… but then, a moment later.


Violently opening the door, my name was called out. What appeared was a Kurekamiji-sensei that looked somewhat different from the usual.

—— Wait a minute, sensei! Why are you calling me by my first name!?

1. Safety boots/ steel-toe boots is a durable boot or shoe that has a protective reinforcement in the toe which protects the foot from falling objects or compression, usually combined with a mid sole plate to protect against punctures from below. (wikipedia)

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