In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 23


For the time being, I trudged my way towards the audiovisual room.

By the way, I know about it but it’s actually my first time going there.

After confirming the plate ‘Audiovisual Room’ above the door, I gently opened the door open.

As expected of a soundproofed door, it’s quite heavy.

The lights are turned off. It’s only the screen that’s bright, probably to do a trial run of the video.

[Sensei~, it’s 1-B’s class duty student here. I popped in for being called, jajajajaaaa~~~~nnnn~~1……..]

Oh no, it’s too pitiful for the boke2 to not have any reaction.

Apparently, sensei isn’t anywhere near here.

He might still be at the prep. room; I removed my indoor shoes as I entered the carpet-fitted room inside.

Just when I thought of heading to the prep. room, I noticed several students inside the audiovisual room.

Hmm? Were they in the middle of club activities?

I felt awkward so I hastily went for the back door when——


My name was called out.

But! …………. What Rina-chan!?

To tell you the truth, no one is close enough to call me by name in school.

Better yet, I don’t recognize it all the more since it was from a man’s voice.

I focused my eyes at the source of the voice.

[……… Eh?]

There were several male students that I’m vaguely familiar with.

…… Hmmmmn, they’re my classmates, probably. Aside from them, I don’t know the others.

[U—-mmm….. I’m, on class duty, I was called by Kurekamiji-sensei but……. Do you know where he is?]

I did inquire them about it, but I don’t feel right about this, I was shuffling my way towards the door already.

Somehow, all those male students were unusually glaring at me. Moreover, they’re breathing roughly.

[It’s alright, Rina-chan. No need to make those excuses……..]

One student said so as he took a step forward. His voice, strangely sweet.

[Truth is, you came to see us, right?]

Another student came closer.

[What!? No, no, I was really called over by sensei.]

—– Isn’t this turning into something bad?

Something cold ran through my spine.

I gazed downwards unconsciously and my thoughts stopped to a standstill.

If I see any male high school students’ lower half reacting, I will never be able to recover from this.

Don’t look, DON’T EVER LOOK, Rina!

[No need to gloss over it, we already know. You came because you wanted to get married to us, right?]

[Haaa!? NONONONO, never, definitely not. I wanna have a single life!]

I waved my hands and shook my head in denial with great enthusiasm but they don’t seem to believe it.

[Now, now, you’re not being honest. We know about it already, you wanted to marry us. That’s what you came here for, right?]

[No, I’m telling you it’s because of my class duty!]

After saying all that, I came to sudden realization.

That guy who told me about being called by Kurekamiji-sensei, is he a part of the game’s support character?

In the game, he gives out the capture target’s contact info, hobbies, and your likability, is he probably lending a hand to the heroine in real life generally?

Perhaps, being called to the audiovisual room was linked to heroine-chan’s support character?

Is that why heroine-chan had that kind of attitude earlier?

I could only guess but I don’t think I’m wrong.

[It’s alright, Rina-chan. So that our marriage gets properly recognized, we’ve already prepared to take some evidence.]

I made sidelong glances to confirm my surroundings without moving my head and noticed several camera tripods were——

Really!? Are you serious!? This world is truly terrifying!

[Hold on….. All of you, from who, and what did you hear that made you come here?]

[What are you saying, Rina-chan? Weren’t you the one who called us here?]

[Wait, no, I didn’t directly contact any of you after all, right?]

[That’s why you put a letter in my shoe locker, right? You wanted to marry me and told me to come during lunch. We’re underage so I’m worried that our marriage won’t be recognized if we only reported it verbally, and so we need to properly leave some evidence.]

Using such a classic method, a ridiculous letter at that! Is this a manga!? No, it was a game.

[No, that, I didn’t do it. It’s a big misunderstanding. I want a single life after all!]

Just a little more and I’m close to the door.

At that moment, they probably noticed my gaze towards the door that their expressions changed.

[It’s already too late now! Whether or not it was really you, If I do you, you’re already mine!]

The male students simultaneously rushed as he gave a start.


Why do you even wanna get married so much!?

1. I did my best… LOL it’s a fanfare…. PLEASE BELIEVE ME….

2. Boke- the fool who usually is paired with a ‘straight man’ to perform an act a joke or something like that to entertain…

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