In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 22


[Bye, sensei. Please have someone else to help out with the remaining chores!]

I got up as if jumping up and hurriedly left the prep. room.

Slipping past beside heroine-chan, I heard a lo~w growl.

[Remember this……]

Scary! I’m telling you, you’re scaring me~!!

I felt something crawl up behind my back.

Really, why was I reborn in this kind of world?

At any rate, I’ll never come anywhere near Kurekamiji-sensei again! I’ll definitely never come close!

I once again resolved myself.

I kinda feel that it’s kind of a little late though.

* * *

[Honda-san, you’re on today’s class duty, right? Kurekamiji-sensei said to come to the audiovisual room.]

My male classmate told me about it for lunch break later.

A few days have passed since heroine-chan’s parting threat.

However, I wasn’t able to skillfully avoid Kurekamiji-sensei.

What the heck are you doing, me? Do this properly…….. More like, I’m somehow weak against sensei……

Anyways, it can’t be helped today.

Today, I’m on class duty. My chores will limited to Kurekamiji-sensei and will be handy as a helper on various subjects.

And so, being called over by Kurekamiji-sensei to help with preparing for physics class just right after noon on lunch break is normal.

Just, why at the audiovisual room? That’s strange, are we gonna see some sort of experimental video?

It can’t be helped, as I was heading out the classroom, I noticed heroine-chan was near at the right time. Ah, wait, did she hear about it? Like, isn’t this just perfect?

Hmn? What was her name again? Not good, I don’t remember at all.


There’s no other way so I went to her. She glanced over at me.

[This is sudden so I’m sorry. Today, I’m on class duty, right now I’m about to prepare for the physics class,….. I suddenly have an urgent business. I’m reeeally sorry about this, could you go to the audiovisual room in my place and please assist Kurekamiji-sensei?]

How’s that, heroine-chan!? Isn’t this the best answer that you’ve been waiting for!?

I only inwardly expressed myself proudly though…..

[You’re the one in class duty today, right? At least do your own job properly.]

Eeh—!? You serious!? After all, it’s helping out Kurekamiji-sensei you know? It’s the perfect chance you know? Is it really okay?

She snorted and left the classroom leaving me astounded. She lastly grinned widely.

[……..That’s so strange.]

I don’t really understand what just happened.

Did she perhaps give up on conquering him?

[Honda, want me to cover for you?]

I wonder if he heard us talking, could you believe it, it’s the nice young man, Tounouin-kun, who came forward.

[No, no, it’s fine. I suddenly remembered I don’t have anything today.]

[What’s with that?]

He sounded perplexed.

[No, really, it’s fine, sorry about that. I’m going now, to help out.]

But that’s really strange, I’m kinda curious about heroine-chan just then.

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