In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 07


The chairman instantly came from behind at some point.

He whispered by my ears in a sweet reprimanding tone, exuding an adult’s composure. He violated my ear with his sigh, making me tremble even more.

Stooooop! So it was this kind of event, I don’t need this!

My mouth reflexively tried to scream when something warm sealed it.

Eh….? What’s this?

From between my lips, something slippery slipped in.

Am I perhaps, being kissed…..?

While I was confused, this time, he was deeper in my throat as if violating it, plunging his tongue in.

Before I knew it, his arms encircled my hips, pulling my body closer.


I had trouble breathing, so as I groaned, he released my lips a bit for an instant.

I gasped, breathing in for air.

The moment I tried to rouse my sluggish voice, my lips was once again vigorously sealed.

His tongue was forceful but extremely careful, moving as if wanting of having a taste of my mouth.

I shivered as the kiss was somewhat more of lively done rather than being rough.

No, nothing was done roughly! Rather, the kiss itself was the first for both my previous and current life!

The chairman cast an amorous gaze to me who was confused, his hand, gradually goes down below.

He slid over my new uniform’s skirt, finally reaching my thigh.

Feeling his persistent hand.

This is wrong!

Leaving it up to momentum, I pulled my head back. I somehow set my lips apart from his and sucked in a deep breath to prepare to scream. Do you not care about being seen by others!? Continuing on like this is dangerous!

Exactly at the moment when I was about to scream, he thrust his thumb in my mouth.

I stopped moving to the unexpected situation. The chairman gazed at me with feverish eyes, gently laughing.

During the kiss, the saliva that I didn’t get to swallow slid off from the corner of my mouth.

His tongue licked my jaw up as if trying to wipe the saliva off.

At that moment, the space between my legs instantly got hotter.

What the hell is this!?

I’m only a virgin! If you combine my last and current life, I’m already a virgin for more than 40 years, why did it become like this!?

1. She was concentrating on feeling the sensation of his hand on her thigh, okay!?!?! UNDERSTAND!?!?!

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