In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 06


My heart froze when the chairman showed me an alluring smile.

[I-I-I, I’m fine!! I’m sorry, I’m most definitely healthy! I was just skipping class a bit and made an excuse feeling unwell! I’m so sorry!]

There’s no other choice but to do a jumping dogeza.1

Of course, I paid careful attention to not damage the out of print book.

Actually, this chairman brought the heroine from the otome game’s world to the school infirmary and did thiiiss and thaaat.

I may just be a mob character and don’t have to worry about it, still, I will never go to the infirmary with him!!

I was waiting for any reaction when I did a dogeza but no words came out.

Thi-this is bad. Did I overdo it….?

I timidly raised my head towards the chairman who gave a blank look that didn’t suit his sarcasm a while ago.

However, the next moment, he burst into laughing.

[HAHAHAHAHA…….. A modern high school girl did….. a do-dogeza!…. jumping dogeza at that…. HAHAHAHAA]

He, he seems to have accepted it.

Both in a good and bad way….

I was wondering whether I should stand up or remain doing dogeza when the chairman pulled my arm upwards.

[Do you like this book?]

The chairman directed his inquiring gaze towards the out of print book in my hand.

It might be because I was asked about my preferences that my tension rose dramatically.

[Yes! No, wait, I haven’t read this book but I love the author! Anyways, the portrayal of humans is so ingenious that even just the scenes of their daily life pulls you in! Also, even if the tricks were simple, it still had some blind spots! This particular author’s book is quite difficult to obtain! Even so, I went around looking for it to somehow acquire a copy at secondhand bookstores, but no matter what, I couldn’t find it! I’m already so happy right now!!]

The moment I finished saying it all out, I noticed the chairman staring dumbfounded.

I returned a gasp in realization.

Shit, I unconsciously got carried away giving a passionate speech about my love for books. I was so high-strung I could tell my face must look sloppy right now. This is so embarrassing!

[S-Sorry, I got a little carried away.]

I instinctively tried to deceive him with a smile but he ended up swallowing a small sigh.

Hm? Did I say anything weird?


He kept silent as he intently stared at me. I thought he was being suspicious so I called out to him but he made a surprised face.

[Oh, sorry. I was kinda charmed by your smiling face……]

I felt feverish somewhere when I heard his voice. Nope, that’s just my imagination, yup.

Th-That must have been a hallucination, it’s scary so I’d like it if you’d please stop.

[I thought you were docile but then you acted so differently and I was wrong, and then showed me a pure smile…. When I saw it, my heart stirred….. This is so embarrassing since I’m already advanced in terms of years.]

He embarrassingly smiled as he said it.

Acted differently?……. Wait, that doesn’t matter right now!

In the mean time, please don’t hold any interests towards me!

I’m only a mob character!

SM2 play in the school infirmary, the hurdle is too high for me!

[U-uh, I’m sorry. I’ve troubled you with a lot of things. We-well then, I’ll be heading back to my classroom.]

For now, I need to get away quickly….. As expected, I won’t be able to borrow the book in this situation. I should just return after school.

No, wait. I might meet the chairman again…. Uuuuuggghhh, that’s terrifying.

[Can we chat a bit longer? I’ll explain it to your adviser later for you.]

My body shuddered to his gentle voice.

[It’s alright, today’s the first day! We can chat at another time when an opportunity comes, so, please excuse me.]

I should restrain myself from coming here for a while. The matter of out of print book is regrettable though! Truly regrettable! However, if we keep having contact, it’ll be dangerous.

1 month should be enough. If it’s at least that much, he surely will forget about my existence.

I hastily went towards the exit when I heard the chairman’s voice from my back.

[Now that I think about it, you did say you were skipping your class.]

I gulped and timidly turned back, his face revealing a smile.

[Such a bad little girl…. It seems punishment is necessary.]

1. Dogeza is similar to kowtowing to apologize and ask for forgiveness. It’s better to see a jumping dogeza

2. For those who don’t know, that’s sadistic/ masochistic play. D o we get some of that??? I also wonder LOL

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