In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 04


He held down my body and forcibly kissed me.

[……. Nngh….]

It felt like my mind went numb.

Something hot and thick forcibly pushed itself in rudely, violating my mouth roughly.

I felt something run through my spine as I shuddered.

I desperately tried to distance myself but his arms were firm, he encircled his hands around my hip, increasingly embracing me closer.

He strongly pushed his thigh between my legs. I felt a tingling sensation deep inside as he rubbed there.

How did I end up in this situation!?


Things started when I got lost after the entrance ceremony.

After the entrance ceremony finished, I headed towards the classroom that I’m in, which was in the class distribution list.

1-B, huuuh.

The stage for the otome game, which class was it again?

don’t wanna be in the same class of a capture target. In the meantime, I should hide my presence.

I must’ve spaced out since I was thinking about that.

Somehow, I got separated from the other freshmen and ended up in a place where there’s no presence of other people. By the time I realized it, it was already too late. I was alone in a dim and dusty corridor.

[I’ve done it…..]

I murmured as I deeply sighed.

Actually, I don’t have any sense of direction, which I admit to, and the others know.

In this world, girls walking alone isn’t dangerous, even so, my fathers still always tell me to be careful over and over again.

[If they found out, they’d be so mad.]

The image of my fathers going out of control due to anger surfaced in my mind.

With eyes full of worry, they’d lecture me earnestly.

Uuuugghhh, just imagining it makes my heart and stomach ache.

I should hurry back where there’s a lot of people.

Was what I was thinking however………

That was when I saw something.

The paradise of this world!

Deep into the dim corridor was a lone door.

Beyond it was—- that’s right, a library.


I unconsciously wandered towards it when I saw the placard indicating that it’s the 2nd library hall.

This is bad, whenever a book is concerned, my reason goes out of the window.1

I quietly opened the door, and as I entered, I saw bookshelves neatly arranged in a line, cramped spaces in between, old books tightly lined up.

A place with no signs of people, just books that quietly breathe.

Spring’s sunlight gently penetrated the room from the window, making the whole atmosphere sparkle delicately.

Wow, awesome, this is too dreamy!

It seems that this place, rather than being a library hall, is more like an archive.

There were almost no desks, and in its place were bookshelves crowded together. Alternatively, there were comfortable sofas to sit on placed by the wall and near the windows.

The books lined up in the bookshelves were all not recent. If you carefully look, the books ordinarily lined up here are already not available and out of print.


In a small counter, there was a loaning system on a plate.

What is this, after inserting your student’s handbook in the mechanism, place the book you wish to borrow in a similar fashion.

Chips are embedded on both the student’s handbook and the borrowed book, it seems that those chips are read to process the loan.

If you leave the library without proceeding with the loaning process, the entrance will be locked while a report gets sent to the management office.

……….This place being high-tech doesn’t seem to suit it at all.

Oh, well.

When I learned about the process, I was self-aware of my growing desire.

Just one……. I’ll borrow just one book.

Fortunately, I already received my student handbook.

A while ago, I just saw that old foreign mystery book that I was always searching for.

[It won’t take much time if I’m only borrowing one book.]

I murmured to myself as I cheerfully went to get the book.

It was when I got ahold of an old red-bounded book.

[Heeeh, there’s actually a student who read books from here.]

I was called out by a captivating voice.

1. Go out of the window- to disappear.

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