In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 03


After their fussy exchange, I finally got away from my fathers and took a seat on a pipe chair for new students.

Now then—-

My mind was in chaos a while ago but there was a male student under the sakura tree helping a foolish girl. Wait, that was one of the capture targets, wasn’t he?

Tounoin Ao1

If I’m not mistaken, he’s the young master of Japan’s prominent wealthy family, the Tonouin family.

He appears in the game as the main hero.

You could say that it was promised that the main hero for the otome game, Tounoin, would be the easiest to conquer.

I’m sure that their meeting went like…..

On the day of the entrance ceremony, the heroine was gazing at the sakura tree by the main gate of the school. However, a caterpillar fell on the heroine. Tounoin extended his hand to her who was quite shocked for being mocked.

…. Hmn, wait…

Wasn’t what I was looking at a while ago the meeting event for the heroine?

I was engrossed in my thoughts while ignoring the Principal’s long speech.

Oh, so thaaaat’s what it was. I’m kind of relieved.

I was flustered when I got reincarnated into the immoral world of an R-18 otome game, but if I clearly thought about it, there’s no way that the capture targets would come hunting me. The number of women in this world is definitely lower and the possibility of men pursuing women is extremely higher than in my previous life. Any woman would be the ‘owner’ of the capturable targets as long they have admirable beauty and status.

Even if the world pursues a woman, she can have her pick.

There’s no way they’d be interested to an ordinary girl like me.

Normally, people seek (sex with love), but in this world, you have an obligation to marry even if you did it without consent. Well, problem is, even if just the other party has (one-sided love), it’s still OK.

When all is said and done, because they’d be tied down in a (marriage), guys of course wouldn’t assault a woman they didn’t like. Guys would also be tied down by the marriage so they wouldn’t just have sex with a strange woman since they will be bound together forever.

And so, if you live without favoring anyone, you’re conversely making it difficult to encounter a sexual crime and therefore leading to a peaceful world.

Also, if there is a chance that someone would favor me, (I can DEFINITELY say that that’s impossible since I’m just an ordinary girl!), I’ll be fine because in my case, I have three influential fathers that dote on me very much, enough for me to draw back. I will surely be protected in one way or another, they’ll probably quarantine the other party.

Yup, getting married in this world, it’s scary.

In the worst case, I won’t be able to endure it if I can’t divorce my husband even if he is a yandere.

I’ve decided. I’ll use the power of my fathers and aim for an unmarried life!

I’ll show to my fathers that I can provide for them in the future and get a job on my own! Just enough for the care they’ve given though.

Alriiiight, let’s aim for it— a single life!

Was what I was thinking when……..

[Ngh…. Sto—]

[Hey….. quit moving around.]

Why am I being engaged in a deep kiss!?

1. Well guys, this is how the author specifically romanticized his name. *shrugs*

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