In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 02


Today, I’ll be advancing a grade in the entrance ceremony of the Private Seiran High School.

I, who chose this school because I was attracted by its famed cute uniform, found a capturable target in a romantic scenic view with sakura petals falling, and realized that this is the world of the R-18 otome game.

No, I thought it was strange.

Somehow I have memories of my previous life, I had three [fathers] since childhood.

[Perhaps, our family was a little unique, but my mental age had already passed 30 years old so it’s alright, come at me!] was what I thought since my fathers also had multiple homes.1

Knowing about the law, I never thought about hearing about it from a certain world.

Let’s realize faster that this is the world of that game, me!

Oh, by the way, in this world, the ratio from male:female is 20:1, women are super rare. Well, it is because of the difference between male and female that such a ridiculous law was made. It’ll be a national crisis if the declining birth rate continues on.

In addition, contraception is prohibited in this world. Naturally, condoms don’t exist. Of course, abortion is not permitted.

In other words, [have sex all you want, keep birthing children, come on!] is what it means. I think you can naturally guess just by saying that but, basically, divorce is not allowed.

What a world, really.

However, at this rate, will it be alright to enter this school….?

Well, I have a memory of the game but I could somehow tell that I’m not the heroine. I’m probably just a mob character. With the looks of my character, I feel that I’m just at the corner in the background. I don’t think that nothing will happen just because a mob character entered the school which is the stage of the game. However, the possibility of getting involved isn’t zero and so, it’s best to avoid contact.

Hmmmmn, maybe I should try talking about transferring with my fathers.


[What’s wrong, Rina? Your face doesn’t look well.]

The shock from seeing the capturable target made me pale a bit as father Hiro worriedly called out to me. Papa Hiro is mother’s first husband. He is the president of a big enterprise, an extremely dandy ikemen uncle. His home is a certain conglomerate and apparently, he is the heir. But his company is his own that he started from bottom-up, he is fair and capable. Because of that, he has considerable influence on the Japanese economic world.

[You’re being so foolish, Rina. You don’t want to attend high school any more don’t you? That’s what we’ve been telling you, you don’t need to attend high school. You should just let us dote on you forever, just that would be fine.]

The one who said something subtly disturbing was papa Shou. He manages an agency selling high class foreign automobiles. But his main work is remodeling cars. Although I don’t quite understand, I heard the cars that papa Shou works on are amazing. He was naughty since he was young, and he seems to be surrounded by youthful vigorous people like they’re his underlings.

[Eehh~, Rina-chan, you don’t feel well? W-w-what should we do!? Rina-chans’s gonna die~~~. Let’s go and hurry back home!]

On the verge of tears is papa Minoru. He’s like this but he’s a famous fashion designer. And he’s your ideal younger brother character.

Mother, why did you choose three different types of people? Wait, I wonder who’s my genetic father…?

By the way, my mother died in a traffic accident when I was 10 years old but my fathers didn’t leave me alone and doted on me. There were several times when I thought that they’re being too overprotective but I was actually really grateful to them.

[Wai-wa-wait , papa Hiro! Why are you suddenly princess-carrying me!?]

I just spaced out for a moment and suddenly, papa Hiro picked me up, startling me. What’s up with this!?

[Your face looks really pale. Let’s go to a hospital immediately. It’ll be fine, we’ll be coming with you.]

[I’m fine! I’m just nervous! I’m begging you, please put me down~!]

In the end, it took 15 minutes before he put me down. During that time, I came and went in the arms of my three fathers. They were really being overprotective that I withdrew back a bit.

If I said I wanted to transfer now, they definitely say [It’s fine if you don’t attend school anymore!]

Nope, I don’t wanna be a junior high graduate. Let’s get over this high school life somehow.

1. Okay, so from what I understood from this is that, since she has 3 different fathers it means they came from different families, thus multiple homes/ houses.

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