In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End- Chapter 01


Everyone had dreamed even once.

Like being reborn in the world of a novel or a game.

Along those lines, I Honda Rina, have also thought about it.

In my previous world, I surrendered my youth to otome games. There’s no need for real love! Reality will never let you meet an ikemen character who’d approach you strongly, but the exciting, heart-pounding otome game that could is life! While I was yelling about it, I invested the majority of my salary on otome games and goods.

Boyfriend? If I had one, my time and money won’t be enough. Hurray for being unmarried! Aim for a happy otome gaming life! But, if I were to be reborn in such otome game, that will probably be my rose-colored life……

I definitely did have those thoughts.


I didn’t have to be reborn in [Tempation of Honey: Premonition of Indecency]!


[Temptation of Honey: Premonition of Indecency], in my previous world, is an overwhelming 18+ otome game. This game is, well, anyway, it’s erotic. Normally, in otome games, when you’re aiming to make a conquerable target to fall, you go up hill and down dale1, sometimes wait while reloading, before finally reaching the ero scene (with the rewarding CG), which is usually how you rush into it with your all.

The development team was saying [Aren’t you all just aiming for the eroticism!?]

At any rate, the world views as it pleases.

A certain world’s law dictates [Whether there was consent or done forcibly, if you had sex, you must marry your partner.]

If you hear that, you might think that the idea of chastity in this world is severe. However, you’re wrong. It’s not that simple..

If you had sex with multiple partners, you’d have to marry ALL of them.

There’d be people who think [That’s insane!].

But, that’s also wrong.

In the 18+ otome game [Temptation of Honey: Premonition of Indecency], as the number of the husband of the heroine increases, so does the level of their being yandere do.

It’ll be a happy marriage if you had sex with just one conquerable target.

However, one day, the heroine was attacked by a nightmare.

Unbelievably, another conquerable target raped her!

By law, she has now two husbands.

And so, the two husbands’ jealousy was quite yandere-ish.

And yet, another capturable target mumbled his way through!

By law, her husbands became three.

If it continues, the husbands become lunatics……

When that happens, you go straight down to a bad end.

It’s still better to be killed by your deranged husband due to jealousy.

In time, your limbs get cut up, you’ll be shared by all your husbands, other times, they’d arbitrarily create clones and end up cohabitating with it……

In any case, the scenario escalates that you’d turn your eyes away from the screen.

Above all, no matter which path you follow, the story will not end unless 365 days have lapsed. Supposing that you triggered a bad ending flag when you just played for a week, you still have to continue with the remaining 358 days.

This game is pointless.

In other words, you won’t be able to reach the true happy ending of the game unless you offer your chastity to only one husband and continue to avoid the evil hands of the other guys.

I’ll say it again.

This game is pointless.

This game is popular despite being a shitty game due to its gorgeous CGs, or something like that, combined with the excellent scenarios including the bad endings (I wanted to turn my eyes away but I was more interested story-wise), and more than anything else, the depiction of the sex scenes were amazing.

Passionate pick-up lines, obstinate neglect play, and heart-throbbing verbal abuse, sometimes there’s punishment play treating you like a toy.

It attracted a lot of erotic-loving girls.

Of course I was also crazy about it.

Even when I entered the bad ending, I proceeded towards the ending of the story with enthusiasm.

It was such a wonderful game.

But, but why.

I never once thought of being reincarnated into this game!

1. up hill and down dale- to go all over the place)

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