In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 09


I encountered something incredible today…….

What was that?

Just meeting the hidden character was so out of my expectations!

I don’t ever wanna see him again!

I kept running with ragged breath, thinking that if I stop now, I’ll be held back again, and so I continued to run with everything I’ve got.

With a faint sigh, I returned to my classroom, and what greeted me were my classmates’ and our class’ advisor with exasperated aura in the room.

[Hey Honda, you’ve, gotten yourself splendidly lost, did you? In this small school?]

Being a capturable target, Kurekamiji -sensei is, of course, an ikemen.

His naturally permed dark brown hair hanging, his nose bridge running along a straight line. His branded suit fitting his body closely. And his apathetic gaze towards me.

Uuuu, I don’t even want to meet any game character for a while…..

Besides, being gazed coldly by an ikemen makes my heart feel unsettled.

[I-I’m sorry.]

Kurekamiji-sensei let out a sigh as I apologized and held my breath.

[Take a seat for now.]


Hm, wait a minute!?

If Kurekamiji-sensei is this class’ adviser, then, doesn’t that mean this is the heroine’s class as well!?

If I’m remembering it right, Kurekamiji -sensei is supposed to be the heroine’s class adviser.

Looking around on my way towards the seat that sensei pointed at….

That’s her! The game’s heroine!

Shoulder-length natural silky hair, with round, beautiful eyes. She has a pale white skin but not of sickness.

Her appearance wearing the uniform perfectly, the epitome of an innocent new student.

Super cute! A pure busty maiden!

Moreover, nothing beats a natural airhead!

……… was what it’s supposed to be but.

Why am I being glared at!?

I am SO being glared at.

Looking at the capture target, it’s been already 10 years since his love had gone cold.

Eh? Did, I do something?

I only got late normally didn’t I?

Also, heroine-chan, why are you standing?

Everyone else is sitting you know?

[Then, lets continue on with the introductions. ‘Honda who got splendidly lost on the first day’, you’re next!]

[Eh! Kurekamiji-sensei, I’m not done yet…..]

The heroine complained with a surprised look.

But, Kurekamiji-sensei completely ignored it.

[Really? You already said your name and hobby. You wanna say something else?]

[Uh, well, yes but…. The crucial event…. *mumbles*]

[Ha? Did you say something? Talk clearly. Well, your introduction is done for now. We don’t have much time, let’s get this done quickly.]

Listening in on heroine-chan’s words, I went, “Eh?”

Just now, this girl, just mentioned ‘event’?

……. Could the heroine possibly, be another reincarnator?

In the game, in the middle of the heroine’s introduction, a bee attacks her.

Kurekamiji-sensei embraced the frightened heroine towards him, it was that kind of heart-thumping event, or how it was supposed to be.

So that’s it, I was being watched because I just destroyed that event.

I felt sorry about it but on the other hand also thought it strange.

The whole school is fully air-conditioned and, even now is maintained to the right temperature.

The window isn’t even open, so why was there a bee?

Was this the so-called gaming world’s ‘principle convenience’? The scenario was supposed to have a high quality but when it became a reality like now, it’s just so unnatural.

At any rate…..

Theoretically speaking, if the heroine has memories of the game, does that mean there are others who also have memories of the game?

Also, isn’t Kurekamiji-sensei too blunt?

In the game, he quite favors the heroine from the start…..

[Honda—, This time, did your mind get lost? I told you to introduce yourself.]

Not good, not good.

I got scolded again.

[U—–mmm, I’m Honda Rina. Getting late from the start, I’m sorry. Please take care of me from now on.]

Heroine-chan, please don’t look at me like that!

I said it skillfully; I wasn’t being coquettish promoting myself to Kurekamiji-sensei!

I don’t have any interests towards the capture targets!

I gave a common greeting and as I sat, a male student raised his hand.

[I have questions~! Do you have a boyfriend? A fiancé? Do you have a husband? ]

He started asking foolish questions.

I got suddenly irritated.

By the way, this class has 40 students but, there are only 5 girls.

They must be interested~…. Even though I’m just a mob character, I’m still a girl after all.

[Yeah—, Honda. Answer only what you want.]

Kurekamiji-sensei urged me to answer them.

Why are you grinning!?

[I don’t have any boyfriend, fiancé, or husband. I’m sticking with my principle of being single. If something is about to happen, I’ll go with a do-or-die resistance. Take care of me.]

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