The Magician Wants Normality – Volume 01 – Chapter 10

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The Black Knight is a Dexterous Person

—-> Color Dialogue: <—-
Mizuki – Orange
Argento (Al) – Green
Klaus – Dark Grey
Erushuon(Maou-sama) – Blue

“Ten days later, when a person is sent from Zeburesuto to receive you, you’re going to destroy their Seraglio.*”


“So, so, though you are seen as a royal concubine on a public standpoint, their country’s guardian always start with the concubine who is first on the list to power.”

His highness brightened his angelic smile more as he made this controversial statement.

…………..Why does it have to be me becoming a concubine already? This demon.

No, and after that?

With the intention of Seraglio’s destruction …… will you soon take over the world?


After the shocking interaction during my meeting with the prince, I gave a self-introduction of myself, my experiences, and had also asked him to deal with the white knight somehow.

“Well then, are you ready to hear my request?”

I am now.

Yes, I can understand it.

But what happen when I, myself become a criminal?

Or when I let the country incline?

Would execution obviously wait for me? Hey.

Whether he read the atmosphere or not, he made yet another alarming remark.

“Ah! Don’t worry, because the complicity request is made from the king and the prime minister of Zeburesuto!”


Is there really a king who desires to destroy his own country by using another country?

No, it should be the opposite……this Satan prince, is there a country where their prince is a demon king?

“The predecessors in the family line are too incompetent and lazy, so the party of conceited noble pushes their daughter instead.”

“Then isn’t shutting down Seraglio useless?”

“It’ll do, since provoking an aristocrat’s rebellion would just sound wonderful. Besides, their princess is unready too.”

“Then it’s better and faster to kill them with poison….”

“Don’t you want to know what make the nobles squeamish?”

“That’s not a reason to use it on a person, is it not?”

“Yup. Because people are not worthy to worry about.”

I’m cruel too, but the prince is cruel enough.

It’s a situation similar to his, and I can express a little understanding….. but there will be none of it.

Because he has a refreshing smile, not even a hint of a guilty conscience could be seen.

The black knight is nodding, did he predict of something like this too?

The black knight who noticed my eyes began to talk with a deadpan expression.

“…..if those women becomes queen, the country will end.”


“I only think of which way to win. And it the female group.”

……Do you not treat them as a person too?

“We had Klaus here to infiltrate and spy in order to collect information.”

“Collecting information? So the wiretapping a moment ago…..”

“Yup, such a work is done by the black knight, you know? As well as the sound and video.”

So everything is handmade by the black knight!  The demon king happily said so.

It is a great technique, is there an items which can incorporated with magic?


Wait a moment. Hey, what did you just say?

The one which looks like a picture…… hidden camera?

That, eavesdropping and peeping?

Isn’t that a crime?!

“It’s just a job.”

“That isn’t something you can say with dignity?!”

“By the way, it’s also a hobby.”

“Geez, it’s still bad!”

Wah-….truly the servant of Satan.

Combining hobby and actual profit, grandly, isn’t it a behavior of a criminal?

Is the cool atmosphere spoiled? Hey, look at yourself again, would you?

“By the way, the detailed report is here.”

*Flip* A close written sheet of paper was handed to me.

Let me see….eh…?

‘0700   Woke up in a bad mood and took it out on a maid.’

‘0730    Was given a variation of clothes to change into but chose a red dress. Make up rather dark.’

‘0800    Had breakfast; the menu is bread, soup and a fruit.’



Hey, isn’t this like an activity of a stalker?

Moreover, why is it so detailed? Were you there?

“……’re a criminal, a stalker”

“I only observe behavior and compiled an in-depth information.”

“But know your limit. As a human being, one isn’t supposed to lose himself and do unpleasant things!”

I argued with Klaus who tilted his head lightly.

“Particularly, how will I defend myself if I lack one of my skills?”

“It is useless, this person where he, himself, is the standard! Mr. Al, Mr. Satan, say something, please!”

After a few minutes of meeting him, I’m already labeling him as Satan.

“Mr. Black knight here is capable of doing it and because, hey, making a hobby into a work thing is trivial.♪”

“Klaus was like this since we were kids …..we always know about this anyway.”

Don’t make it into a job! But at a glance, it sounds like a normal job, don’t you think so?!

From old days……doesn’t it seem strange doing it as a child?!

Eh…..? ‘since we were kids’?

“Are all three of you possibly childhood friends…..?”


“That’s right.”

“More than twenty years, an affiliation.”

Indeed…no one could interrupt these weirdo trio….!

So without being corrected on their behavior, they quickly grew up being used to it….!

“Did you think of something terribly rude?”

“Must be your imagination. But I remember a sad reality.”


Is it because he was tired of these weirdos that Sensei quit being the court physician and decided to go live in the village?

The white knight is a pervert, the prince is Satan, and the black knight can be mistaken as a stalker……

Really, like a creature who got the G-virus.*

And surely, for their thing, the vitality as talented peoples must be strong too.




Their expressions changed into their true one when I accidentally leaked it out.

Oh, did I say it out loud?

Did they understand what I meant?

Klaus’s face, this was the first time I saw his expression change.

It was a small matter, but I feel like I just got retorted. Of course, I won’t apologize.

Eh, the demon king with his angelic smile, is he in a good mood?

“Yep, I’m quite delightful that a smart and fun person had come my way♪”



What I was feeling right now was a deadly feeling of magic……

Ah, is this my early death flag?

Am I going to be buried and forgotten?

“So how about it, my request?”

I couldn’t find a way to resist when I was threatened with such a smiling face.

…… I tentatively nodded.

I won’t be able to know even what going happen huh……?

Seraglio: The king’s harem full of concubine or his mistress.

G-virus: A virus that make you deformed horribly or in resident evil mutate you into something more potent than the t-virus.(It the gist of it, but if you like to know more just search google.)

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