The Magician Wants Normality – Volume 01 – Chapter 09

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The Demon Prince who has the Appearance of an Angel

The kingdom of Irufena has many harbors and an abundance of products with their capital being a port town called Galtier. The country is small but their existence can’t exactly be ignored by other countries in the continent.

In the trading aspect, Irufena has established a foothold in the market of foods and goods. These items are transported and dispatched everywhere through ports.

Anyway, when it comes to daily necessities, I won’t be able to live in a place where I would always be starving. That would be a painful story, especially for the privileged class who are so used to living in luxury.

Next, the diplomatic aspect.

Proportional to its ability, Irufena has many human resources, and is very patriotic. If I handle the situation unskillfully, the fang which is hidden will be made bare. Having a grasp of a great deal of information can become a trump card in negotiations… no matter how unreasonable and unfair this is, I have to accept it. Even if the facts state that I have my opponent at the palm of my hand, the end result will still lead to Irufena judging me.

Lastly, the aspect of the kingdom’s military strength.

Irufena doesn’t really put much value in their military. The problem lies on the black and white knights who are under the direct command of the royalty. They’re the royalty’s personal bodyguard and by their reputation, one can know that they are selected from the best. Handling them is different from an imperial guardsman, and generally in Irufena, the knights’ clothes are blue. The development dates back when Galtier used to exist as a country.

Back then, Irufena used to have a neighboring country called Galtier. They both had a friendly relationship which was built over many years. The relationship between the two countries ran deeper than the marital relationship of the royalty and the aristocrats with both of them not just being blessed with having an heir from a neighboring country.

The national crest of both countries are also really similar, with Irufena’s crest, a white hawk, and Galtier’s crest, a black eagle. It is said that people spoke of Galtier as their second hometown. So Irufena’s people and Galtier’s people may have formerly been of the same ethnic group. However, the Great War that erupted in the continent over 200 years ago considerably damaged both countries, who only had the ability to defend themselves.

At the end of the Great War, the two small countries were crushed and severely weakened. With the approval of its people, the two countries were unified into Irufena. At that time, it was decided to leave the capital of Irufena as Galtier. In Irufena, the knights wore white, and in Galtier, the knights wore black, but as the country united into one, the colors of the knights’ uniforms were changed to blue with bits of black and white as part of a reminder of the existence of the two countries.

The ‘white wing’ and the ‘black wing’ is under the direct control of the royal family. They are a group of patriots that are chosen based on their ability, and are extremely loyal to their liege to the point where even the nobles cannot interfere. They were the worst weapon owned by ‘the country’ where they protect their lord’s life using every strength and ability they possess.

…….There aren’t a lot of countries which had suffered such heavy damage that they had to move.

Though these are lesser powers, Irufena admits another country’s superiority over another; it is a reason why Irufena’s voice is comparatively stronger in the continent.


“…This is the country, Irufena.”

“Heee-…this is amazing.”

At present, I was learning about Irufena from Mr. Al in a guest room. The knights and Sensei according to their action went to greet and report. So right now, Mr. Al is my guard and watch. Well, thank you for your polite explanation.

“I never thought I would be asked as soon as I entered the castle ground…..”

“No, I was interested.”

As soon as I entered the castle ground, I had asked him unconsciously.

‘Isn’t it a target as well? Since it is very rich.’

See, this rich country is aimed at, and the destruction flag is going to be an ongoing commitment.

There are plenty of harbors and also crops, moreover, it’s coming from a lesser power, right?

When there is a person who seems to be a princess and a main character afterward, then it would be perfect, wouldn’t it?!

Well……I still didn’t hear ‘doesn’t an extinction flag rise?’

Afterward, it had lead me to ask with much effort.

I see, maybe because it wasn’t possible to make a weirdo who is also a genius to lose and survive?

Ah~…… if I had been an odd person while leaving only these achievements, it would’ve certainly been finished with remarks, ‘It’s good’, isn’t it?

I didn’t think about expanding it to the historical background.

The symbol of the two countries are white knights and black knights. Was the blue uniform just for regular knights?

So, historical elite troops………..



You, apologize to your ancestors.

“You heard that the successive knights seem to be very similar?”

I didn’t say anything of such.

“Fufu, I don’t really mind it now.”

The refreshing feeling that I have was in vain, Oi.

I became disgusted with his eyes that seemed to be smiling.

Ummm…this person don’t really show his true self, does he? His real self aren’t really seen except when he made that special face.

I wonder if he doesn’t interact well with other people.

It won’t be confusing if I look at it from another perspective, but I won’t do it.

That was what I did which made the noble and the knight unconcernedly invite me to a castle in the village.

There should never be mercy for the enemy.

………..Am I the same in this respect too?

If it not for the meeting, would I still go on living like usual?

“May I ask something of you, Mizuki?

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Can you……. even murder someone?”


Mr. Al is quite skillful isn’t he? He is smiling but does it look like it reaches his eye?

“There is no doubt that I can kill someone.”

“Really? You haven’t murder anybody even the attacker right?”

“Hmmm it’s not that ‘I couldn’t kill them’ but rather ‘there was no need to’.”


“Maybe it was probably wasteful? Beside…….”

*Stare* ………………………… I perform a straight freeze magic with a faint sound.

I let a blade of the ice appear near the scruff of Al and laugh slightly.

“I ‘knew’ the danger of non-spell magic. Even if I don’t understand the case of using healing magic, it doesn’t mean I ‘could also understand’ with the help of Sensei. Please do regard of these two from the situation that is now, okay?”

“May I speak?”

“It’s insignificant to hide it in front of the person who already saw it. I ‘can choose for myself’, you know?”

So after informing him, I turned off the ice and Al laughed so delightfully.

Oops was the present direction a fetish element, too?!

“I’m so glad! You’re a person who’s beyond my expectations really……………………I can never give you up.”

Hey, Mr. Al!

Just stop talking, will you?

And is the last one that necessary?

“….That’s it. Your royal highness, did this evaluation of her more than met your expectations? ”

“……..? Crown prince?”

“Erushuon highness……. sorry Mizuki. I fooled you.”

I was fooled, no…, there’s nobody but us in this room.

Wiretap? Is there such thing as wiretapping in the magic world? Is that even possible?!

Is my situation right now a surprise test?!

“Of course it’s me, Al. …….How do you do, Ms. Mage from a different world?”

The person who came into the room was accompanied by a black knight while saying so.

This person is the prince. Is the black knight, like Mr. Al, also weird in the head?

Oh, just a Prince in template exactly, in front of my eyes!

The blue eyes, the gold hair with a tinge of a gentle wave to it, and with such good looks that can be mistaken as a woman……I wonder how he looked like when he was young, he would seriously look like an angel, wouldn’t he?!

Yup, such color and appearance of an angel.


Though the prince is smiling, why is there an overbearing impression that makes me want to roll up….?

Yes, a child will surely cry if they adjusted their gaze. I’ll say, the atmosphere is quite scary.

‘It’ll be okay’ said Al who was patting my head……In the first place, it’s already strange for the word ‘alright’ to come from you?!

Don’t you notice that isn’t the reason why I became tense?!

Don’t you think that maybe there is some kind of danger?!

“…..Your highness, please tone it down a little.”

“Ah, Sorry. It’s just a little fun isn’t it?”


Is the suppression not magical or anything?

Black knight, thank you for your consideration. Your Highness, do you think that was fun….?

“You look so cute when frightened.”

“This is me! Is it a way to scare me?!”

“Yes ♪ It is through this that I proved the qualifications are enough”

“You’re a bully!! Devil, no, Satan!”

Even if I’m enjoying myself from the beginning, it’s a fact, isn’t it?

Lese majesty? You know, such a thing!

His highness chuckled some more as his smile deepened.

Huh, was there something funny from what I just said!?

“Yeah, you can call me Satan.”


“My magic is too high, don’t you think? Because I am dangerous, and the burden depending on my body, I can’t use normal magic……and the magic that is emitted often gives an overbearing impression……”


Are you the real Satan?

A demon king with the appearance of an angel in a novel.

Is the corner of your back wingless?

As for the world conquest, can you do it after I go home?

“Because it’s special, I’m using it in various way too.”

Well, is it fun?

The one that I heard wouldn’t be a cause of intention since it was added.

It is the result of the magical power…….. this person’s power is like the demon king too.

Wow…..indeed, Irufena, it is the production center for the eccentric.

As far as the story goes from Sensei; A patriot……. But I am with the prince who is commonly a sadistic person!

My thought is free so I will just shout in my mind.

HERROOO!!!  Human with hero attributes!!!

I have the boss here, now it’s your tuurrnnn!!!

I need some help!!!

Uh … … will I be taken care of by this person?

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