The Magician Wants Normality – Volume 01 – Chapter 08

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Let’s Cook

A blue sky and a wide plain.

People who were on foot would unconsciously stop by and boldly stare at the dignified knight riding a horse.

…….If there were any people.

It is now in the middle of the journey to the castle.

I recalled my memory of coming back to the village, Ragusu, gathering up my baggage, and making a fresh start.

Though everybody was surprised, they were pleased that I was going to the castle.

Living in a remote village, it was dangerous to acquire satisfactory knowledge without being asked for a reason why.

I thanked the goodwill of the people who worried about me deeply, and handed them the prize money— the reward for the capture of the black squadron- though the reward is a small amount that I got from the castle.

Maybe the money will come in handy when the time comes?

Actually, it isn’t necessary to save money, since it is a self-sufficient village.

But it is with money that you have influence. It doesn’t hurt to have it and there isn’t a loss at having it either.

Everybody was so moved when I said so and fell into silence.

That’s all right, everyone. It was thanks to all of you that I was able to survive when I came to this world.

I also want to repay your kindness in the future if there is anything.

…….Oh god, what if the white knight’s party misunderstood

‘She don’t want the villagers to have it so it’s a relief for her to keep the gold!’ Is what they’re probably thinking right now.

And so on, however there something subtle in the air.

Hey, what’s with this touching scene.

I gathered up a few bags before leaving the village afterward.

No, the baggage was a good amount. Just enough to travel, mainly full of food.

With dried meat, honey – which was received as a parting gift-, and sugar which is very valuable.

But, what’s highly unobtainable – various seasonings.

Salt, sugar, pepper, and other seasonings are really valuable in this world.

Oh, because this is the environment that I can easily get herbs, it’s the reason which I’m here.

The reason I’m traveling and here at present.

“Sensei, how many days till we arrive?”

“An estimate is about 2 more days.”

While looking at the sunset—I heard Sensei,who was sitting beside me, answered immediately.

Yes, tremendous amounts of free time. There is nothing around here.

Today, I was done ‘preparing the work’.

Currently, Sensei, me and the knights jolted around the carriage. Because ‘this travel was serious and unfamiliar’ I hung a magic of gravity relaxation on the mat to make it more comfortable.

Besides Sensei, everyone was surprised ,though I ignored it. If I have to explain it, it have to start with ‘In the world, gravity is but~’ which would be impossible, ordinarily.

The mat is spread all over the carrier part, so of course, when sleeping it was comfortable.

In this situation, I felt sorry for the knights.

Everyone laughed though, saying don’t mind them to me.


Because I started to feel guilty, I requested to be in charge of the meal.

I got the job, owing it to Sensei, who had boasted about me.

There was also the fact it was for personal reason.

In this world, for some reason cooking is very basic, although there are materials to cook with.

Even if there is bread, there nothing to put in it. The cooking method is basically boiling and baking only.

……So I had bread but I don’t think I could make a sandwich.

Just tearing up the bread and eating it…..I mean, bread itself is a complete dish.

This was one of the ways on how to eat bread. There are other meal with a similar way of eating too, so there’s very few variations in dishes at all.

The technology, which hasn’t been introduced from the different world, is the same basic technology. There didn’t seem to be anything convenient (like a vacuum) compare to my old world. So rather than freeloading in the house of Sensei’s, I did the cooking instead, which he was impressed with.

It was only a salad made of peperoncino and dressing……..

I came to talk about the dish more from there, and from the conversation, I learned about this astonishing fact.

Hey, has a cook never been summoned until now?!

“We have to prepare for camp soon. Mizuki, I’m sorry, but…..”

“Yes, yes, as soon as it stops, I’ll begin.”

That’s why I want to start it in preparation for supper today. The knights somehow look happy too.

Ummm…aren’t you all aristocrats?

Why are you looking forward to camp food?


“I want you to be my cook at home”

“Huh……… I’m glad that you enjoy it.”

How do I say this? This situation which is so…

Today’s menu was vegetable soup and a big sandwich.

I’m truly sorry, but it was a simple menu where anyone can make it.

The meat, lettuces and onion which was the content of the baked sandwich was sprinkled with some light salt, pepper and mayo. Anyhow, if I can make ground meat, I can make a hamburger. So, when I arrive at the castle, I wonder if I can borrow the kitchen.

I stewed the vegetable soup with bits of vegetable (cut and dried) with bird ham*.

Bird ham was an easy dish which is boiled and made after leaving the chicken for over two day with salt, honey (sugar) and pepper inside a refrigerator.

It’s quite tasty!

There is seasoning in the meat, and the seasoning is in the state which it still stuck to the meat, so it’s just boiled with vegetables and that is enough. Magic of time reduction is used, so it’s cooked easily in short time.

This magic seems to be originally used for nurturing such as plants. By the way, the plant of this world is not recognized to be a living creature. A plant is just a plant.

This magic, I can use it on non-plant organisms……..though I was worried during controlling as usual. Because ‘It’s prohibited to use magic on a creature’, there are specific rules that make magic invalid to use on creatures.

Oh, if the growth comes too quickly, the body won’t be able to sustain the expedited growth and then it’ll die. The ancients are great.

By the way, I can use the special magic ‘state maintenance’ or ‘time shortening’ by partially imagining it and converting it to ‘what kind of effect would this have?’

Clearly speaking, the knowledge is from the original world and dramas.

Sensei’s said ‘If there are dramas in this world, then the world would be full of genius magicians.’

Surely, because it is important that the magic understands the effect, it may be the best commentary book. But I can’t imagine a human being so the magic would end in misfire.

“Keep time, and maintain the present conditions; ……”

“What is time?”

“……(troubled with explanation)”

That how the situation is. It is difficult to explain a thing without a clear form.

Oops, I derailed. I was talking about a dish.

Oh, how did I store the uncooked meat?

Magic of state maintenance and weak cooling was put on an expensive box that was shut tightly and became a simple refrigerator, so it’s all right.

While there are no electric lights and things, the application is still all by magic, so it’s wonderful, isn’t it!

As for the important bread, it is made into a model of a bread beforehand; only as a mean for baking it. So rather than burning it when raising the temperature, I made it more of an oven like state where the heat is consistent. While in the village, I made a lot of the bread, baking several loaves at a time. Again, it’s wonderful using magic! Magic is more convenient than the original world!

Though they ate without any resistance calmly now, they were all confused at first, except for Sensei and me.

Well, when Sensei began eating cheerfully, everyone started eating too.

It was in this case that the explanation of meal circumstances of this world starts from there.

When it’s done, the remote region may considerably have poorness in eating habits, it was a secret that I thought.

……They are so easy to please, but I cannot say how I made it. ‘It is corner-cutting cooking dish which cast a spell of state maintenance and had preserved in the house’. I don’t think the plebeian way of making this would suit the aristocrats’ taste.

Sensei, please don’t say anything. It’s only you who knows.

Knights, because you cooperated in making the dough, feel free for a second helping, eat a lot.

I abused them to mass-produce dough before departure … … I don’t regret it though.

“This is really delicious, I can’t believe that Mr.Gordon eats this everyday…..”

“For a free loader, it’s a repayment at least.”

“What seasoning is this? The taste is strange.”

“Is it Mayonnaise?”

“Mayonnaise you said? By all mean can you tell me how to make it…..?”

“It’s that good?”

“Ah …… eh, is it that good?!”

Would you intend to continue to make it when it might probably be impossible?

Eh, do you still not mind mayonnaise? Anyone may make it if they see the recipe.

The fact was clear when their eye started shining from the white knight and all the members, it’ll be better to write it.

……Huh? Does Mr. Knight want it too?

Oh, so mayo is such a wonderful thing?

“Mizuki, you know that they are noble right?”


“The fact is, mayo is a thing this world doesn’t have that they do not know. I hope you remember that even a noble is worth wanting it.”

I see. For me, mayo’s normal, it’s the fact which sometimes has unexpectedness value in this world, isn’t it.

It’s amazing, mayonnaise. It may be the luxury seasoning which equals a dining table of aristocrats. But I have no interest in monopolizing it.

“I also want you to expand the recipe to as many people as possible.”

“To people? I don’t mind of course. If I have the complete set of materials, I’d like to make sure that everyone can taste it”

“Thank you very much!”

OK, I said to the duke’s third son.

I took the promise; you better not say you forgot it, okay?

“But, why?”

“A dish is not born from anywhere!”

“Yes, I see. Meal circumstances would also be different depending on the classes and the locations.”

Yes, absolutely right!

Something that is delicious when it’s from a common people’s delicious dish. Look guys, I’m convinced! The scene which nobles are applauding to common people cooking, what a sight! It’s a good laugh!

……still I can’t said it and resume to eat my meal in high spirit.

But there was one problem.

“Mizuki, didn’t you also make something else?”



Sensei, why did you say it at such time? Did you look after all?!

Everyone’s eye begun to light up, please don’t expect it!

…… .

…… I’m sorry, I lost the silent pressure of Sensei.

Since it came out, there is no helping it; I quickly took it out.

While serving the dessert crepe (content of the custard) right in front of everyone, ‘why was I doing this?’ was what I thought.


Even though I made it, do they understand that doing the custard doesn’t give the demonstration of the crepe?

Ah, or am I possibly going to every noble’s household just to make the crepe?


Author’s Note:

If there people who are interest about bird hams and search it on the internet, (I skip some commentaries on how to make it.) And サンドウィッチ (sandwich) and サンドイッチ(sandwich), there are both way of saying it, but in this chapter I had used サンドイッチ(sandwich).

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