An Otome Game’s Burikko Villainess Turned Into a Magic Otaku – Volume 01 – Author’s Memo 02

Author’s note: A summary of the characters that will appear in the Academy Chapter.

■ Hearts Faction

K of Hearts (Royce Garnet)
A popular oujisama whose main weakness was kindness, but has grown.
Lately his peeping skills have improved.

Q of Hearts (Camille Rhodolite) ♡Protagonist
A girl who loves magic. As a woman, is a no-good in various ways.
Is covered from head to toe in magic tattoos of her own work.

J of Hearts (Achille Jade)
A prodigy who can do anything skilfully, but has a relatively mercenary personality.
Has not sealed the deal on various important things.

■ Diamonds Faction

K of Diamonds (Tria Topageria)
The flashy second prince of the neighbouring nation.
Because he’s a person who acts on his emotion without thinking ahead, his subordinates call him “Baka-sama”.

Q of Diamonds (Beatrix Tapas)
The crossdressing earl’s daughter of the neighbouring nation.
Is popular amongst women. More popular than her lord, the prince.

J of Diamonds (?)
Family is rich.

■ Spades Faction

K of Spades (Raiger Transbaal)
The only son of the King’s younger brother, and is a little bit egocentric and wilful.
He used to do exactly as his father wanted, but has lately been opposing him.

Q of Spades (Mei Zakro)
Raiger’s maid, and fiancée.
In a way, she has the most heroine-like personality.

J of Spades (Kai Zakro)
Whereabouts unknown.
Is close with Mei.

■ Others

Charles Rhodolite (Marquis Rhodolite)
Q of Heart’s father. Is a workaholic who loves magic like his daughter does.

Aimée Afriat
The head maid of the Rhodolite family. Strongest lady-in-waiting-sama.

Soleil Jade (Viscount Jade)
J of Heart’s father, and Charles’ subordinate.

The sisters, Déborah & Désirée
J of Heart’s half-sisters of a different mother. Friends of Q of Hearts.

■ Heroine (Frau Monier)
Objective unknown. Possesses incredible magic power.
Wants reimbursement for the clothes that became a sacrifice due to her mingling with the Q of Hearts.

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