The White Cat That Swore Vengeance Was Just Lazing on the Dragon King’s Lap – Volume 01 – Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – Joshua

Chelsie’s grandson, Joshua, served as an intel operative in the Nation of the Dragon King.
The first thing that Joshua thought after learning some unsettling intel and beginning his investigation into Nadasha was, “Is this country going to be alright?”
And what he thought after learning that they’d summoned an entity known as the Princess Priestess, said to bring about great prosperity, was, “This country is done for…”
Although, Nadasha’s days had always been numbered.
They didn’t realize how weak they were in the grand scheme of things, waging war against the Nation of the Dragon King on several occasions and getting pounded into the dirt each and every time. Despite that, they never learned from their defeats and would proceed to launch countless wars no matter who their king was.
And the ones who really suffered were the people of Nadasha.
Their taxes were excessive and their draft was mandatory. Nadasha was encompassed by trees, so the soil was perfect for agriculture, but there couldn’t be any harvest without workers to tend to the fields. Nevertheless, they kept up their draft and the nation was left to struggle along in poverty. And despite the paucity of the nation’s finances, the Prince was lovestruck over the summoned Priestess Princess and provided her with large amounts of tribute.
That was when something happened, marking the end of the nation, right in front of Joshua’s eyes.
“Oh, come on! You guys got the wrong one,” Joshua groaned, exasperated as he peeked into a window of the castle from atop a tree and observed what was happening in the room.
Inside, surrounded by the King and his soldiers, a young girl was forced to the ground and charged with an assassination plot against the Priestess Princess.
Because humans had little mana in comparison to demi-humans and weaker senses, none of them seemed to notice, but Joshua could clearly see them—see the countless number of spirits all gathered around the young girl undergoing such terrible treatment.
It didn’t help that all of them were so clearly upset that Joshua could feel their emotionally- charged mana from outside the window.
“Are these people freaking idiots? What the hell are they doing to the Beloved? …Oh God, that soldier just kicked her. You’re all through,” he said, sighing in both exasperation and irritation, even though he knew that none of the people there could see the spirits.

The second that the soldier kicked the girl, the spirits glared at him with sheer rage.
Joshua wondered how he could be oblivious to such extreme anger, but then, on second thought, the guy might be better off being blissfully ignorant.
“Man, what should I do…?” He couldn’t just abandon the Beloved, but if he did step in, he wouldn’t be able to conduct his spy work here anymore. Joshua still had many things he wanted to investigate.
While he contemplated this, the girl was placed into a carriage and taken outside the castle walls. He judged from the direction that it was heading to the place the Nadashians called the “Mystic Forest.”
The same forest that his grandmother, Chelsie, called home.
“Maybe I should leave this to Grandma.” Joshua then called out to stop the spirits chasing after the girl. “My Grandma lives in the forest, so lead the girl to her house. I’m sure she’ll take care of her.”
“She won’t hurt Ruri?”
“She sure won’t. There’s not a dragonkin stupid enough to hurt a Beloved, so don’t you worry. In exchange, could you perhaps spare this nation?” Joshua’s tone was casual, but he felt exactly the opposite on the inside. These spirits possessed enough power and clout to easily demolish an entire nation if any harm befell a Beloved.
One hand wouldn’t be enough to count the nations that had vanished off the map that way.
Furthermore, from what Joshua could tell, the Beloved seemed to be under the protection of a considerable number of spirits.
“Aw, wha? They bullied Ruri, so no thanks!” the spirit replied in dissatisfaction.
Joshua scratched at his head, perplexed, until he came up with something. “So hey, look, the Beloved had a friend that was summoned along with her, right? You know, that ‘Priestess Princess’ or whatever they’re calling her. I think the Beloved would be mighty sad if you level the nation while her friend is still in it.”
“It’d make Ruri sad?”
“Oh, yeah.” His reason was pretty half-assed, but the spirits thought long and hard about it. They reluctantly agreed and went after the girl, leaving Nadasha unscathed.
…It was only a moment’s reprise, however, as the girl lauded as the Priestess Princess noticed the absence of the Beloved and raised a huge commotion. Then the King fabricated that the Nation of the Dragon King had abducted her in order to cover up what they’d done. Naturally, Joshua had steam coming out of his ears after hearing that. He almost regretted keeping the spirits from razing Nadasha to the ground.
However, the following day, the priests of Nadasha found they were unable to use magic. The reason why was obvious: the spirits had boycotted them.

Apparently, the spirits had overheard the Beloved’s angry words over what Nadasha had done to her, so they took action of their own accord.
Joshua was torn over the spirit’s retribution—he didn’t know whether he should hope that his Grandma would hurry up and collect the Beloved, before she could inadvertently curse Nadasha further, or congratulate the spirits for a job well done.
A few days later, he received a letter from Chelsie, via the water tray, that she had indeed safely collected the Beloved.
The human priests didn’t have much mana to begin with and couldn’t use magic to anywhere near the extent that demi-humans could. Plus, they were able to use magic again after only a few days, so it didn’t have a huge effect on the people’s way of life. They didn’t use much magic in their daily routines anyway. However, it was a huge blow to the priests’ credibility, and that of the Priestess Princess herself.
The priests were worshiped for their ability to use magic, allowed to do pretty much whatever they pleased, and carried enormous amounts of authority. But losing that magic, however briefly, had shown the people that, without it, the priests were even weaker than a regular person. They also rebuked the King for trying to incite a war, and made it known that now they had misgivings over whether this Priestess Princess, “bringer of prosperity,” was really who she claimed to be.
Although the King and Priests were desperate to douse those flames, the Priestess Princess was as oblivious as could be.
Though her friend, who she raised such a big commotion over, had actually been exiled over false assassination charges, she completely bought the lie that the Nation of the Dragon King was to blame—seeing her buy this lie was downright comical to Joshua.
She didn’t even realize she was being manipulated.
Joshua thought that it was probably in the people’s best interests that this nation be assimilated into the Nation of the Dragon King. However, things weren’t that simple. According to the agreement made by the Alliance of the Four Nations, which included the Nation of the Dragon King, they were strictly forbidden from expanding their territory via invading another nation.
If Nadasha voluntarily merged with the Nation of the Dragon King, then that would be no problem. In fact, among the nations that bordered them, there were many that had chosen to become a part of their domain in order to gain the powerful Dragon King’s protection. Of course, that was all a moot point considering that the King and Head Priest of Nadasha didn’t know how to learn from their mistakes. The only thing the Nation of the Dragon King could do was fight back in the event that Nadasha tried to invade them.
Joshua thought about it—and thought about it for a while.
There were a fair share of aristocrats concerned over Nadasha’s current domestic situation.

Many even advised the King to put the country’s energies into suppressing uprisings rather than starting a war. There was just one factor that silenced those dissenting aristocrats, the one prophesied to lead them to prosperity—the Priestess Princess. And, while the Priestess Princess’ goal was mostly just to reclaim her lost friend, she was nonetheless on board with going to war against the Nation of the Dragon King. There were people starting to crop up, people reconsidering their country’s chance of winning now that the prosperity-bringer, the Priestess Princess, was behind the war. This meant that if she were no longer around to lead the charge, then the King wouldn’t be able to launch his war efforts anywhere near as easily.
An idea occurred to Joshua; without having to go to the extreme of killing her, it might be possible to influence the Priestess Princess out of Nadasha. Squashing her role as the one spearheading the charge would be extremely easy, but there was something else on Joshua’s mind. Placing this possibility aside for the time being, he infiltrated their temple in the dead of night while all were asleep.
He was after only one thing—the book containing the prophecy about the Priestess Princess.
From the diligent investigation he had undergone during his many trips to Nadasha, he knew that the Head Priest kept the prophecy safe in his room. Under the cloak of darkness, Joshua slipped past the patrolling sentries and snuck into his quarters. Once there, he used the wind to blow sleeping powder into the sleeping priest’s bedroom to ensure he wouldn’t wake. Still, he entered as quietly as he could.
He assumed looking for the book would be difficult, but he actually found it quite quickly. It had simply been placed on the bookshelf in his study.
Joshua scanned the prophecy and let out a heavy sigh. “I knew it…” Joshua’d had his suspicions this entire time.
Blonde hair and blue eyes—the Priestess Princess had been set apart by that uncommon color combination, but he knew that it was all a sham.
When she finally ran out of colored contacts and the undyed roots of her hair began to show, people rushed to the King to counsel doubt and suspicion. However, the King dismissed their claims by asserting that dark eyes and dark hair were uncommon as well.
While it was true that dark eyes and hair were rare in this world, the Priestess Princess was a crucial position for Nadasha. It was a wonder he was able to pass that judgment so soon after finding out that she had features radically different from the ones required for the Priestess Princess.
To add insult to injury, there had been another girl with dark eyes and dark hair that was summoned along with her. One who still lived in the castle with her.
Even though there was, naturally, a possibility that their savior was actually the other girl,
who’d had the same coloring, the King adamantly insisted that the current Princess Priestess was
indeed the real Princess Priestess. But, why…?
The answers to Joshua’s questions were all written in the book of prophecy he held in his hands.
“How rotten can these people get? Now that I’ve learned this, I sure as hell can’t extract her without a solid plan. Plus, what if the Beloved were to find out about this? She’d probably go off the rails…” A shiver ran down Joshua’s spine as he imagined the damage that could lead to.
“This is bad news. Freaking terrible. I need to talk this over with Grandma. Mm-hmm, for sure.”
Joshua slipped out of the temple. He spent the next two years diligently gathering intel every day. Once he was satisfied, he made his way back to the Nation of the Dragon King.

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