The White Cat That Swore Vengeance Was Just Lazing on the Dragon King’s Lap – Volume 01 – Prologue

There existed a world similar to Earth yet, at the same time, radically different.
In this world, beast people, with the ears to match, were completely normal. The outlier here was Ruri, born and raised on Earth.
In this world, the Dragon Clan was considered the strongest out of all the races, with the Dragon King the most powerful among them—the same Dragon King that Ruri found herself presently on top of.
And, oddly, in the form of a cat, despite the fact that she was allegedly human… “Your Majesty, if I could trouble you to quickly look over these documents, please.” “Very well.”
As the back-and-forth transpired above her head, she peered out the window to see gigantic dragons flying around as if they owned the skies—the kind of thing she had only ever seen before in books and on TV back home.
That sight was enough to let her know that this was not Earth. At first, it had been astonishing enough to make her jaw unhinge and drop to the floor, but nowadays, she had come to accept it as part of the everyday scenery.
“I’ll be done in a bit, so be patient, okay?” said a deep and appealing voice from overhead, interrupting her absent-minded staring. As the Dragon King’s words went into her ears and he petted her chin, she found herself unconsciously purring from the delightful sensations.
Ruri, however, soon returned to her senses and thought to herself, (Wait, how did I get here again…?)
She was originally a simple girl going to college on Earth, so how did someone like her, who had been just enjoying the springtime of her youth, get roped into this fantasy world? And sitting atop the lap of a king, to boot…?

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