The Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer – Chapter 54

I and Alma-chan took care of this and that, in hopes that our two important Seniors may spend their last days before graduation a little more comfortably and enjoyably.

Even if a lot of cute girls are admitted next year, bonds like the one the four of us have will not form again. We are comrades who were always together when we were laughing, crying, were angered, getting poisoned, getting poisoned, and getting poisoned.

But there is some good news. Eris-san will join the army in the royal capital, and Sasara-san will join the military intelligence headquarters. Eris-san had been thinking a lot over the past year (about 99% influenced by Grandmother), and instead of serving the temple directly after school, she will learn a little more about the world first, and the practices, then enter the temple after making connections. Personal connection… She apparently didn’t think it was enough with just Grandmother…

That was why we could only ‘occasionally’ have the girls-only gathering before. But we have it ‘everyday’ these days. Banzai!

And eventually, tomorrow is the graduation ceremony. The graduates will go to their new assignments without delay after the graduation ceremony.

They are free until today’s graduation dance party.

Our dresses today are… The works Madam Marcus and me have confidence in! Four different colors!

The dress based on the color of Elsa-san’s calm blue eyes is like the sea; Sasara-san’s dress matches her bright personality, and is orange-red; The modest Alma-chan’s dress is two-toned, ivory and chocolate; and my dress is a black and white monotone.

We are students at a Knights School, and unfortunately, there are bruises and cuts everywhere. Therefore, the neck line reveals the collarbone, while the sleeves are long, and our skin is shown as little as possible. The skirt part is made of fabric that would be easy to dance with. And on both sides, laces with the same color as the dresses are wrapped below the thighs, allowing chirarizumu like the ones in Isabella-sama’s dress.

Eris-san and Sasara-san are dancing with two fellow male fourth graders whom they have been close to. They were shy at first, but they both have excellent motor nerves! They are now enjoying the dance to their heart’s content and are spinning gracefully. To their partners… It would feel like a dream. They would never have the opportunity to dance with such beautiful women before! They have their turns in the order of them winning janken apparently!

Then, Alma-chan also takes her step towards the middle of the hall. Her partners are waiting in line. Oh, I guess their dances will go better if her partners are taller.

The soldiers here are eggs that are about to hatch. My three favorite girls and the boys in uniforms are all in good shape. Good physique, good posture, good athletic abilities… National-level talents are dancing in this ballroom? The level is actually so high.

A few boys are with their off-campus girlfriends, but they forget to dance as they are fascinated and spellbound. I understand that feeling!

“Hey, Serafiona! Refill the glasses!”

“Fue― Yes!”

I am looking at my friends who are a little farther away, yet WHY AM I THE RECEPTIONIST!? Right next to me is Kodak-sensei, keeping watch on me.

“Sensei, I won’t run away even if you don’t keep watching me with such a scary face!”

“Oh, uhh, I’m not keeping watch on the Young Lady.”

“Re―ally―? Then, the guests have settled down, so can I join the party?”

“N-no! To dance means to hold hands with the opposite sex, your partners putting their hands around your hips, you entrusting your weight to them, and chatting at close distances.”


“I will be killed by the Demon King!!”

I don’t understand.

“Yes, then, at least eat.”

“I’ll eat it later if it’s delicious, so just stay still!”

“Urgh! I understand! I don’t wanna wear a dress if I’m just a receptionist. I’ll just change into a uniform!”



“Allow me the privilege to admire the view before the Demon King killed me when I left school! At least this one thing!”

More and more incomprehensible things…

The party is in full swing, and I gave frequent sidelong glances to the dance party that is reaching its climax soon. The receptionist no longer has people to receive, and thus, I am super free.

“Aah… Fuaa…”

When I yawned,

“Hey! Don’t yawn so cutely! The students here and there are having nosebleeds! The fourth graders have no immunity to Young Lady!”

Today’s Kodak-sensei is extremely noisy.

“I get it, it’s okay. Can I take a little stroll since I feel so sleepy?”

“Isn’t it starting to snow again?”

“I’ll be fine.”

Kodak-sensei took off his cloak and put it on me.

“Well, you might be bored. Return before the end of the current session. Call me if you need something! I’ll rush over in an instant.”


I pulled the hood of my cloak down low and went out.

Lu follows me near my feet.

「Where are you going? Sera.」

“Where… To the roof?”

Lu and I jumped to the roof of the dance hall.

The roof was covered with snow, about 30 cm thick. Since I am wearing heels, I melted my path only with warm air. When I reached the raised fences, I melted the snow the size of me and Lu’s butt, and sat gently.

Gorgeous music comes from beneath. I look up at the sky. The snow is fluttering, the winter constellations are twinkling. Orion… It’s not there in this world……

「Sera, how unfortunate.」

“Well, it can’t be helped. I’m not as cute as Alma-chan, I had beaten many guys up in martial arts classes, and I’m thus shunned. And… I don’t have any good memories related to dancing in the first place. That’s why, it’s fine.”

In the previous life… I was always a wallflower. His Highness Gardner danced happily with Maribelle, and no man had the courage to ask for a dance with me, the Prince’s fiancée.

Today, if I could dance happily… I thought I could overwrite the bitter memories of the past.

Although Isabella-san struggled, she dressed herself that way, so I hope she was asked for a dance by at least one person.

「……Sera is beautiful.」

I give a small laugh while looking up at the night sky. Lu, who is like a family, saves me.

It’s a little cold……

An abrupt wind, containing energy, suddenly blows on the roof.

Lu jumps in front of me and becomes adult-size. I also get up and raise my magic power.

The wind kicks the clouds around, and the silver moon illuminates it.

The wind swirls and turns into a whirlwind, taking in the pure white snow and reflecting the moonlight… Becoming cocoon-shaped, and shining brightly…… From the cocoon, silver hair, as if they signified they belonged to the messenger of the moon, shines, and a dignified man in black military uniform appears… And he got off.

I opened my eyes wide.

He walks slowly towards me, showing off his overwhelming power. He came in front of me and Lu… How can!? I got on my knees…

Lu gently steps aside.

My hand is taken, and kissed.

“May I have a dance? My princess.”

A deep, low voice resounds from the bottom of his chest, and his unforgettable blue eyes are like the ice itself. This person, who raises his lips to form a smile, is my former benefactor…

“Your Majesty Ghilane…”

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