An Otome Game’s Burikko Villainess Turned Into a Magic Otaku – Side Story 01

When I woke up, I was in a white building I didn’t know.
The bed is white, the ceiling is white, the curtains are white…
Everywhere I look, it’s white, white, white.
It’s really quiet, but I can hear the pitter-patter of someone walking, and sometimes I can hear an unnatural zzzzzzz sound.

This isn’t my house.
That’s all I know.

“Mn…? …Mmn?

When I tried making a sound, my voice was a little bit lower than normal.
My body hurts…

I was supposed to be going boing boing on the bed in my house.
My naggy maid Aimer warned me again and again, but I don’t care. I mean, I have nothing else to do.

————Ojousama, please be quiet————
————Ojousama, that is immodest————
————Ojousama, Ojousama, Ojousama————

She’s always telling me not to do what I like. I hardly ever get to leave my room.
That’s why I play trampoline on my bed. I don’t care if you get mad!
And unluckily, I lost my balance and hit my head against the wall and fainted, and then I woke up just now.

“Ahh, Manami! Thank goodness. You’ve woken up.”

After a little bit, a black haired woman I didn’t know opened the curtains and looked towards me.

“Manami, I was so worried! I heard that you fell down the emergency stairs at school, and…”

“Manami? School? …Imurgensee sters? What’s that?”

When I asked her back, the woman was speechless. Did I perhaps say something strange?
This time, an uneasy looking man stepped out from behind her. He had black hair just like the woman.

“Manami? Do you recognise Dad[/Otousan]?”

Father?[/Otousama?] That can’t be. This man isn’t my father[/otousama].
Father is a man who is always working, and wouldn’t be worried about his daughter like this.
And also, if he was my father then he’d have the same light pink hair as me. Pink hair like this…
I touched my own hair, and realised something was wrong.

“Curled hair?”

I wouldn’t do something like curl my hair. My straight and silky hair is my pride.
Shocked, I took my hair into my hands.


My hair wasn’t pink coloured.
It was a black, close to brown. A colour like the man and woman in front of me… Also, I realised just now that my hand was…

“Big… Why?”

Why did my hand turn big like an grown up woman’s?
I’m a three-year-old, so why?

I’m meant to be Camille Rhodolite, the only daughter of the Rhodolite Marquis family.
Because of that, I’m treasured more than necessary and I’ve always thought it was stiff.
Playing trampoline was necessary fun for me to blow off those gloomy thoughts. I didn’t think this would happen though.

I’ve always wanted to go to some other world that was different… Did my wish get granted?
If I was a grown up, then I’d be more free than right now… Was that wish granted too?
I couldn’t stop myself from smiling.

This is a world completely different to the one I lived in.

I turned into a girl called Aizawa Manami.
I’m not an adult yet, but because I turned into somebody older than I was before, I’m quite happy.
It seems that Manami goes to a school named “Hai Skuul“. It sounds so interesting!

The building with that white room in it was the hospital, and the black haired man and woman were Manami’s parents.
I don’t have a mother, so I’m happy that I got a new mum.
And also, even though my new father goes to work in the morning, when he comes home he pays attention to me so he’s the ideal father.
The injuries from falling down the stairs have healed, so I was quickly discharged.

It looks like they haven’t noticed that Camille turned into Manami.
They think that it was memory loss because of the fall down the stairs.
Even though I have all my memories as Camille… How weird.
Speaking of which, what happened to the original Manami?
Is she inside me? Did she disappear? Or did she swap bodies with me?
I’d feel guilty if I made some other personality disappear, so it’d be nice if she swapped bodies.

If there’s something I’m a little unhappy about in my life right now, it’s that the new house is small.
When I found out that it was smaller than the storage room at my old house, I was surprised.
But in return, there’s lots of interesting stuff.

In this world, you can’t use magic like where I used to be.
Even I who could use magic before can’t use magic in this world.
But even without using magic, there are lots of wonderful tools that make it okay.
A box that cools food even without ice magic! A lamp that shines bright even without light magic! Even a steel carriage!
It’s so interesting!
Even in my small house I wasn’t bored at all.

One day when the pain in my body was mostly gone, my parents told me to go to school.
I’ve been waiting for this!
Because I didn’t have memories, mum dropped me off in a steel carriage called a car.
There are no servants in this world like Aimer, so I’m grateful that my parents help me with transport too.
But I’ve never been to school before, huh.
In my old world, there were schools too, but you went when you were older, so a three year old couldn’t go.
I’m kind of really excited.

In the classroom, a boy called out to me. An earnest looking young man with a masculine face.

“I’m sorry. Because I blurted out something unnecessarily, they misunderstood and pushed you, Aizawa-san… I didn’t think things would turn out that way…”

Was it this man’s fault that the original Manami fell down the stairs?
In that case, it’s because of him that I was able to come to this world, isn’t it?

“It’s fine. I’m not angry.”

On the contrary, I’m grateful. When I told him that I wasn’t angry, he started tearing up and trembling.

“Thank you… but I heard that you went through a terrible time because you lost your memories… I don’t know if this will make up for it, but if anything troubles you at school, I promise to become your strength.”

It seems his name is Yasui Makoto.
The one who pushed the original Aizawa Manami down the stairs was a girl who loved him and had a misunderstanding like “Manami is going after him” so she turned her hand against Manami, so he’s been worrying the whole time.

“That really helps. I’ll be in your care, Makoto, okay?”

When I said this, for some reason he turned red.
I don’t understand the schoolwork at all, but because I’ve lost my memories, nobody really blamed me.
Because this country hates discrimination, I was able to continue going to this school without any problems.
The fact is Makoto supports me in all areas of school life is also a big reason.
Makoto is a wonderful person like the knights in the stories that my maid Aimer read to me.
A year later, Makoto and I became lovers.

Aahh, thank you for bringing me to this world.
I was able to escape from that cramped world, and I got wonderful parents and a lover…

I’ve stolen everything away from the old Aizawa Manami, but I don’t regret it.
Please, please let the real Aizawa Manami be happy wherever she is…

Today as well, I smile inside while surrounded by wonderful people in this wonderful world.

Author’s Note: She’s quite the precocious three year old.

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