In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 21


Even when I tried to distance myself from Tounouin-kun and Kurekamiji-sensei, it isn’t going too well and continued on for days.

I mean, those two, they’re just too nice.

And because of that, it’s difficult to bluntly do so.

Even though they’re ikemen, they’re normal in a good sense.

Contrary to Tounouin-kun’s appearance of being unapproachable,1 he’s frank and is bad-mouthed. Like how in the middle of class, I carelessly made my eraser fly out, he’d secretly laugh at me. Afterwards, he would tease me about it.

Yeah, no different from my past life’s classmate, a normal guy.

Kurekamiji-sensei is a good teacher too. His class is easy to understand, and when I get asked to help out with chores, he’d sneak out and prepare some cocoa at the prep. room. I just love cocoa, you know.

No, it’s not like I’m being fed anything!

[Thanks, Honda. You saved me. ——I made some cocoa, rest up for a while.]


I know I should refuse if I don’t want to make any contact with a capture target but, I’ve been lured in by cocoa, I can’t refuse it.

Having something sweet is essential for a tired body!


——-This isn’t good.

My will to have a single life still hasn’t changed even now.

It hasn’t but, being beside sensei is somewhat comfortable, it’s difficult to reject. And it’s because I’m like this that heroine-chan glares at me. [Here.]

[Thank you very much.]

He handed it to me who was seated on the sofa and naturally sat beside me.

[Wait, wait, wait, sensei. What are you doing seating beside me?]

When I was asking anxiously, he just feigned ignorance.

[What, isn’t it fine. It my room after all. And it’s more relaxing in the sofa.]

[Then, I’ll seat over by the desk.]

[You can’t.]

He caught my wrist and held it tightly.

[Anyway, just quietly drink your cocoa.]

[How much of an ore-sama are you.]

The way he said it made me astounded, I just sipped my cocoa.

It was sweet, it made me happy…..

[Your hair, it has such a beautiful chestnut color.]

He touched my hair as he mentioned it, I pulled back for a moment in shock.

And when I did, he bent forward in front of me and peered over my eyes.

[Your eyes also has a pale color.]

[Hahahahaha, I heard, my m-mother, was, a h-half.]

I ended up acting suspiciously and stammered. Oh no, this is bad.

[Heeee~h…… Are they similar?]

His breath reached my cheek. Why, why are you talking to me so closely—!?

[W-Well let’s see. When I saw pictures….. Wait, sensei, you’re too close!]

I pushed back sensei’s forehead forcefully.

After his face made a hurt expression, he took my hand from his forehead—–


H-he licked it! He licked my palm!

While looking at me with upturned eyes, his tongue crept over my palm.

[——-Hey, Honda. Being single, forget about it, give it to me.]

I felt something run down my back.

The place where his tongue licked left an abnormal heat.

I couldn’t move as if I was bound. Of course, I also couldn’t move my gaze away from him.

Soon enough, his face got closer, his breath on my lips——-

[Sensei—-! Please help me study!]

With an insanely sweet voice, the door was rudely opened and the one who came was heroine-chan.

Returning to myself, I pushed sensei away.

I, I’m saved! Thanks, heroine-chan! If you hadn’t come, I would’ve been completely swallowed.

When I gazed at her gratefully, she had that Hannya look.

——-Well, of course it’d be like that.

1. Something high up and unattainable in a good way thus unapproachable.

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