In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 20


As he whispered with unfathomable sexy voice to my ears, it sent shivers down my spine.

What is this, this sex appeal!?

I jumped out with much force as the notebooks I held scattered on the hallway.

Kurekamiji-sensei laughed hard as he saw everything play out.

I glanced anxiously thinking if someone saw, luckily, we were near the deserted special classrooms. Wait, is it because there was no one around that he did something like this?

[Sensei, stop joking around!]

[HAHAHA, Honda, you’re really cute.]

He was laughing to the point of distorting his handsome face.

That guy just like an innocent onii-chan next door over there, you’re making me blush over here.

[Sorry, my bad. It’s because you’re too stiff.]

[……. Sensei—, you’re so mean.]

As I sharply scowled at him, he tousled my hair with one hand while he was still clutching his stomach with the other.

[Well—, you’re too serious to the point of shocking in this kind of society. In the first place, including the students, to them, they treat girls thinking “What ‘sense of virtue’? Can I eat that?”. Have sex, get married to a good man, birth kids……. That’s the status quo, and for that reason, they become desperate to catch a guy with good status. There aren’t much someone like you that’s serious.]

He stared at me as he narrowed his eyes where a tear almost welled up from laughing too much.

[It’s refreshing—- It shocked me.]

Even though it was supposed to be mixed with a joke, all I heard was serious words.

——No, that must’ve been my imagination, yup.

Also, it’s must’ve been also my imagination that my heart skipped a beat. Definitely.

Yup, of course it’s just my imagination!

[Well, be careful. Your kind are more easily targeted. More than a cheap woman who easily flirts, it’s more enchanting. If you don’t want to regret anything, put up your self-defense well.]


I felt that he was kind of teasing me, I unconsciously pouted my lips.

And, sensei made it into a duck mouth with his long fingers.


[Se, Sensei!]

I jumped back again and sensei grinned at me.

[Well, to be honest, if I were to get married, I want it to be someone like you. Someone who properly thinks on their own for their own life. Comparatively, transparent and full of gaps, but not scheming.]

Sensei got closer in long strides, one step at a time. When I was about to retreat again, I was stopped pushed to the wall. I, I can’t escape!

He reached out his hand.

Not knowing what he’ll do to me, I put up my guard, meanwhile, he probed my blazer’s pocket.

[W-w-wha, what are you doing!?]

[Mmmm—-, sexual harassment?]

Contrary to his words, he scooped out my phone from my pocket and arbitrarily did something with it.

And, as if nothing happened, he put it back again in my pocket.

[I put in my contact. A super rare item. Call me—- it’s a must.]

The last part was said in an awfully low voice and sounded so serious.

He gently stroked my cheek.

He did it so smoothly, a man’s slender hands.

He picked up the notebooks scattered on the floor and walked away.

[I was done in…….]

My face is probably red, leave me alone.

I mean, capture targets are amazing! Even though I know he’s a yandere, I feel dizzy!

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