Login Bonus with Skill Up – Chapter 05

Chapter 05: A shot that overwhelmed the Sage


「Oーi, over here!」

Media brought me over to her house located in a forest a few kilometers away from the town.

This is my first time going outside of the town, so seeing all these different type of plants and animals I have never seen before is fun.

「A good amount of monsters appear here, and the guild even issues many subjection quests for the monsters here, so it’s the perfect place for experimenting」

「Monsters huh……」

I’ve never encounter one before so I can’t imagine what it looks like, but won’t it be a bit dangerous then.

「It’s fine; I’m here with you」

「If you say so, I am reassured but…..」

「—Shh! Quiet!」

Media places her hand on my lips before I could finish my sentence.

And with her other hand she pointed towards that…


A big ox walking on two feet and carrying a large stone ax.

Similar to the ax, the body is also really big.

「Isn’t that a bit too sudden?」

「It’s a Minotaur living around this area, their axes grow larger from the blood essence of living things, this one’s axe has already grown quite large so it’s a relatively strong one」

Please do not tell me such scary things.

Or actually is it okay to have such a thing near the vicinity of the town?

「Maa, if it ever gets near the town then the guild’s people will just easily subjugate it into minced meat, this one is strong but it cannot win against numbers, if there are ten high-level adventurers, they will be able to defeat it」

It sounds very dangerous.

So this is a rather strong individual.

I wonder if I will be okay if I challenge it.

「If anything happens then I will defeat it, so don’t worry about it and just test out your magic. It took an entire day but I even placed a barrier around here」

Media knocks on the ground lightly, and the next moment a transparent wall-like thing appears in the surroundings.

「With this you don’t have to worry about any extra monsters coming in from outside, and even if you use a bit more destructive magic it won’t leak into the outside world!」

「Oo, really?」

「Aa, that’s why you can use as much magic as you want, Kouta-kun! Anything is fine, and if you use your strongest magic, then I can easily ascertain your powers!」


I see, so I can use my most powerful spell, we even have insurance if anything were to happen.

Since you already went that far, then I might as well use my strongest spell.

I open my grimoire and check inside. I should check on today’s Login Bonus first.

「――Tte, isn’t this a repeat of the one from before?」

The bonus magic of the fifth day is Maximum Flare and it perfectly added to the ones from the first day login bonus. The first had 30 shots this time there are 5 shots, added together for a total of 35 shots.

「Naa, Soulas, there are many different types of magic right?」

「Yes, including the derivative ones then there should be over a thousand」

I see.

Even with that I got a repeat, what is with this.

Considerably bad luck.

「E-Even if you say that I cannot do anything about itー」

It seems this bonus really does depend on luck. Well, I guess I should be happy since the number of shots increased.

「Aa, that’s right I can shoot anything then I might as well go all out from the start」

Until now I was too afraid to use this magic but now I can finally shoot it.

「Well then, let’s do this」

I raise my hand and turn towards the Minotaur.

When I began concentrating the surrounding air starts to vibrate.

Noticing such an abnormal situation, the Minotaur looks towards us and at that moment retreats back and starts to run away.

—But it’s too late.

「Highest Tier Magic…….」

「Eh? Highest…? …Wha-, wai-…..!」

「《Maximum Flare》!!」

Next instant a whirlpool of lightning, flames, and explosion immediately erases the existence of the Minotaur.



The force of the explosion destroys the barrier, and in a moment the monsters in the surrounding are burned into a crisp.

The recoil of《Maximum Flare》sent us flying back.

When I stood up and looked at the scene.


A simple way to describe it would be the flaming inferno of hell.

The inside of the barrier is nothing but ashes.

On the outside of the barrier most of the surrounding forest trees are burned down and all the monster in the vicinity have disappeared on the spot.

「This is quite a scene」

Now is not the time to be impressed.

This is terrible.

「…..Oi, Soulas is it not possible to suppress the power a little? This world’s magic really has too much firepower!」

Even beginner tier magic was already like that, and when it comes down to Highest tier its firepower really cannot be joked.

It was a suicidal attack.

「Well, even if you tell me such a thingー. Because magic is usually difficult to memorize, it cannot be helpedー!」

「The fact that I’m mastering it with no problem is what I am troubled over!」

Also it took away quite a lot of my stamina.

What’s with this magic, I’m already exhausted.

…….—Just a single bullet and this happened.

I won’t be able to finish my remaining 34 bullets like this.

And when I turned blankly towards Soulas.

「Hi-Hiiiiiin, My barrierー!」

Media starts crying while clinging to me.

She must’ve gotten caught in the blast as she is covered in ashes. Maa, other than that she is fine, so that’s good but…

「I didn’t hear that you were going to use such strong magic, aaaa」

Oi, aren’t you an elder, where did the figure of the sage go?

「E-Even though I worked so hard to create this barrier.….even though it took me an entire day…..」

「Aa….but, somehow,  I’m sorry?」

「This barrier can withstand against middle-high tier magic but you skipped over high and higher and instantly used the highest tier magic, how can it withstand that…….」

She is feeling deppressed and crying.

Because you said I could use my strongest magic, so I just shot it.

It seems that I overdid it.

「Ah, right Kouta-san. I forgot to tell you. In Highest tier magic there are even lightning type, ice type, and the likes…」


「If you ever master them, please be careful alright」

Unn, maa, if I somehow master it I will probably ban the usage of it.

Well then, so basically this just becomes more fertlizer for my grimoire.
Though in the end I decided not to use it anymore in narrow or small places.

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