In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 18


Waahh, my bad premonition just came true.

[What are you trying to do, you’ve been interfering since yesterday! Both Tonouin-kun and Kurekamiji-sensei, they clearly wanted to get friendly with me but then you’re troubling them by wedging yourself in between!]

She arrogantly went on, I don’t really see those two wanting to get friendly with you though….

[I can’t even find the chairman, what the heck’s happening!?]

In the first place, the chairman won’t turn up if you don’t clear all the endings…. Wait, doesn’t that mean that she’s trying to get all the endings?

I’ve only been in this world ‘once’ but, did she already repeatedly come back?

If that’s so, then is this really the gaming world….?

I stayed still as I was thinking.

Myself, my fathers, and even my friends are all just a part of the game’s system, if we really existed just for the heroine, was there really a point to our existence….?

[Hey, are you listening!? Hey, you mob character! It’s ALL your fault! Up until now, you were just staying in the corner of the classroom. Your existence didn’t matter whether you were there or not, why are interfering this time!?]

……This isn’t good, things are getting serious here, but that isn’t the point.

The heroine’s changing so much.

Even if here is the gaming world, mentioning [mob character] and [this time] to the people here, what would happen?

If I didn’t have the game’s information, I’d think of her as a dangerous individual. Well, even when I do have the game’s info, I still think she’s dangerous.

Or rather, whether this is really the game world or not, it doesn’t change the fact that I can freely move just like now.

If that’s so, I can only continue to live how I normally do. Of course, while bypassing the terrifying things in this world.

Yes, that’s right, I can’t just forget about it, aim for a single life!

[Ummm, I’m sorry. I don’t really understand what you’re trying to say. About Tonouin-kun and Kurekamiji-sensei, I don’t really feel anything about them. Of course, that means I’m not intending on interfering with you trying to get along with those two.]

[If that’s true, why are you getting in the way of the events!?]

Hmn, I wonder what heroine-chan thinks of this world? Listening to her like this, maybe she really thinks this is the game’s world?

Wait, in this kind of yandere game, is she seriously a do-M, does she want to personally experience it in real life?

A harem ending, your limbs would get severed there you know?

Are you willing to go that far just to meet that perverted chairman? Or is it because you have some sort of secret move? …… Something like a skip function?

If you have it then please, I’d like it if you hurry up and head to the ending…. Of course, experiencing myself being in this world, there isn’t anything like a skip function.

[Hello, answer me properly, you mob character!]

Not good, not good, her Hannyu mask is turning scarier.

[Ummm, for now, my name is Honda. That Mob, Character? I don’t know who that is, and what event? Let’s see, aside from the school entrance ceremony, there weren’t any school events yet, right? In the meantime, I won’t be approaching both Tonouin-kun and Kurekamiji-sensei on my own! I swear on that!]

I guess it would be acceptable if I don’t interact with them as much as possible. Both the heroine and the capture targets.

When I tried coaxing her, she remained glaring at me as if trying to shoot me dead with her gaze.

You have such a cute face, don’t look so scary.

[……….If you get in the way next time, I won’t forgive you! Don’t bother complaining to me no matter how you end up then.]

After saying her piece, she turned on her heels, then abruptly headed back towards the chemistry lab.

No way, no matter how I end up………. That’s just scary.

For now, let’s avoid getting near within a 5-meter radius with Tonouin-kun and Kurekamiji-sensei.

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