In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 16


An apathetic feeling rose up in the air.

I bet that heroine-chan also thinks something’s off. Isn’t it about time to remove your hands covering your eyes?

And then, her eyes gaped wide open looking over Tonouin-kun’s properly worn shirt.

Ah, after rubbing her eyes, she tried to look over again.

I’m telling you nothing will change.

[Eh? Why? What happened with the event?]

I heard her mumbling in a low voice.

Oh—-, I knew it, this girl really does have knowledge of the game.

While I was in my own world, she was glaring at me the next moment.

—- Why am I being glared at like this???………

She’s being unreasonable, extremely unreasonable.

It’s true I came across such a lucky perverted scene, but I wasn’t really aiming for it.

But I guess, for her, she probably thinks I’m destroying those events……

Continuing since yesterday, it wouldn’t look unintentional.

Can’t be helped, I’ll try to follow it up.

For my peaceful school life!!

[Oh, you brought a towel. Good for you, Tonouin-kun.]

When I tried to continue the conversation, she snapped back to reality and hurriedly flashed a beaming smile as she turned to Tonouin-kun and tried to make-up with him.

[Oh, that’s right. I’m sorry about earlier, Tonouin-kun! I was trying to water the little flowers in the flowerbed, the water pressure was high…. If you’d like, please use this towel!]

The heroine handed the fluffy towel when she was done talking.

Little flowers…….. Well, the setting for heroine-chan was certainly a kind-hearted, plant-loving girl but you know, that’s…….

I was watching half amazed at her but Tonouin-kun’s eyes just turned colder.

[‘The water pressure was high’, that’s even more weird. There was a 10-meter distance between me and the flower bed you know? Are you making fun of me?]

Even his tone is cold! It’s so cold! Too cold to the point of freezing, Tonouin-kun!

[Eh, that’s,……………. because, I wasn’t intending to stray that far.]

She started mumbling towards the end.

Oh—–, this situation is a bit different with the game so she’s forcibly trying to trigger the event.

Then, isn’t this really my fault?

[Anyway, you’re being annoying.]

He cut her off and shot her down.

The heroine was left shocked….. The next instant, she was scowling at me like she was wearing a Hannya1 mask.

As I was saying, why are you glaring at me—!?

1. Hannya mask…. Well I have a link for you…. 

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