In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 15


I subtly headed towards the classroom dutifully, bitterly tilting my head in confusion.

I was startled when the three followed along like it’s a matter of fact.

[Wait, wait, why are you coming along with me?]

[What are saying, young miss!? Men are all wolves! The classroom early in the morning, that’s definitely dangerous! Doing this and that, you’re gonna be relentlessly done in!]

As the piercings guy fervently spoke, the other two intensely nodded in agreement.

I don’t like you guys conceptualizing that. Wait, I wonder if it is because it is this world?

But, I’m just a mob character though.

[But guys, you see….. How do I put it, don’t you guys look a little rough? If I hang with you, my wholesome school life will……]

The three candidly made shocked faces. No, you do understand, right? That’s why papa Shou and Minoru put you in on this, right?

[…….We understand. Well then, we’ll stay in the hallway. Young miss, if you think you’re gonna be attacked, just shout! Immediately run away, we’ll beat him up thoroughly, cut off his thing, and sacrifice him to Shou-san!]


* * *

I told them to return to their own classrooms before class starts. I opened the door to my classroom and entered.

Because I was relieved to finally be alone, I was too late to notice that there was someone else in the room.

When I suddenly lifted my head, standing there was—– Tounouin-kun.


When I saw him yesterday, I didn’t think that his physique would be great but, when he took off his clothes he had those beautifully toned muscles on his upper body. Those well-developed abs, you can definitely tell the guy’s sex appeal.

Aside from that, for some reason, his skin is kinda moist. As if he has some sort of glaze…..

[What the heck, this lucky pervert! Is this some bishoujo game!?] I unconsciously yelled out loud.


Deeply engulfed in regret, I timidly gazed ahead, he was staring blankly. W-What do I do?!

[G-good morning! Tounouin-kun! It’s so early, you’re looking great!]

Wrong! That’s not what I wanted to say!

I panicked and blurted out my real thoughts.

I wonder if it was just me returning to normal from being flustered but, Tounouin-kun grinned widely while holding on to his towel.

Hm? Was he the type to smile like that? In the game, I think he was completely the refreshing type (but actually a yandere). Not like the ore-sama type of smile right now…..

[Morning, Honda. It’s so early to be a perverted girl.]

P-perverted girl!?

[Seriously, a perverted girl!? No no, it’s a misunderstanding! I just came in early coincidentally, then saw your exposed seductive upper body, then unconsciously stared!]

With my unending retort, I desperately denied everything. But, I didn’t deny the fact of being a [perverted girl].1

Tounouin-kun bursted into a laughter.

Laughing without a trace of maliciousness paired with those wet pecs.

Hm? This scene, where have I seen it? When was it again?

[To begin with, Tounouin-kun. Why are you wet and half-naked? You got me stunned.]

I finally asked as his laughter came to stop.

[You see, I was observing the soccer club’s morning practice, there was this girl watering the flower bed. Even though there was such a great distance in between, the water somehow reached me.]

He was wiping his body dry with the towel while smiling then put on a shirt. He’s quite prepared to have an extra shirt like that……

Wait, watering the flower bed? Where have I heard that again?

Yes, in other words, it’s that. An event……

And at that time, the classroom door suddenly opened.

[Tounouin-kun, I’m so sorry about earlier! I brought you a towel! Kya, you were in the middle of changing!]

Sure enough, the heroine just came in.

However, I’m very sorry, Tounouin-kun had already changed a while ago……

1. She’s denying that she was intentionally peeping at him. And stating that it was just a coincidence. So what she was denying was the circumstance of intentionally or accidentally peeping at him and not the part of being a pervert. O(≧∇≦)O

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