In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 14


Even after all that, they continuously went, [Understand? Never go there.], or like [If you encounter that rapist, kick him between his legs then run!], or [I’ll hand you a stun gun, okay~~~. Put it on maximum output and you can definitely kill him. Don’t worry, if he does die, I’ll hand myself in so that you won’t be implicated.

Well, I’ll definitely take that stun gun though.

Although, I don’t really intend on becoming a killer even if I won’t be implicated.

Moreover, I’m scared of what’s hidden beyond daddy Minoru’s gentleness……

And so, the next morning. Sick of my fathers’ overprotectiveness, I left and escaped at 6 a.m.

Regular classes starts today. I came in early so I’ll just read a book for now. If no one’s there, I’ll go to the 2nd Library Hall and borrow that book from yesterday. As expected, even the chairman won’t be here at this time.

Truthfully, I wanted to commute by train, but walking in the streets this early is scary after all, I had papa Minoru take me to school after he made my bento.

Taking the taxi was better though. He was clinging onto me with tear-filled eyes and I couldn’t shake him off. When he does that face, I always surrender……

[Then, thanks for dropping me off! I’m going now~~~.]

[Take care, Rina-chan. It’s early so there aren’t many people, be cautious, okay? If anything happens, call me immediately! If you feel that you’re gonna be assaulted, don’t hesitate and kill them off, alright?]

You’re scaring me, papa…..

Slightly pale, I waved my hand towards the entrance door.

It’s still before 7 a.m. so no one’s still here after all.

I say that but, what do I do if a dangerous person comes? I guess there was a little blunder on my part.

Remembering my past’s memories, I think my sense of danger has diminished.

Going along those memories, I did something that’s irreversible right now.

But, since papa Minoru dropped me off to school, he must’ve deemed it not dangerous.

——-was what I was thinking.

[[[Good morning, young miss!]]]

When three tough-looking mischievous older guys greeted me at the entrance.

[Eh, EEEHHHH—-!? What are you all doing here!?]

As they welcomed me, they’re definitely the embodiment of delinquents and yankees in every way.

They’re probably members of that gangster group under papa Shou’s control.

[No, actually, we’re in the same school as young miss.]


I never knew! Such coincidence—–NOT.

[…….May I ask ‘why’?]

[Well, it’s because young miss is attending this school! We’re not at ease! It’s too dangerous. Young miss’ sense of danger is kinda lacking.]

Says the guy wearing a jersey with 3 chain-shaped piercings on each ear. It’s just the second day of school, such confidence to destroy the uniform he’s wearing.

Moreover, you all, aren’t you taking me for a fool?

I admit that after my past’s memories returned, that sense of danger was definitely lower, but before that, I was doing well. Probably.

[Was it on papa Shou’s orders?]

[Well, it definitely did happen, there were more than 40 examinees though! But they failed at the entrance exam.]

Says the more diligent-looking slender delinquent. At first glance, he looks like an honor student but, he somehow gives out a snake-like1 presence. However, for now, those eyes seem sparkling though.

[……. We did our best.]

Murmured by the most bulky guy among them.

So he’s a guy with few words……..

But papa Shou, aren’t you involving others too much?

When I get back, I’ll lecture him about this.

[And so? What are you doing here?]

[About that, Minoru-san said that you’d be coming to school early today and told us to be your guards.]

Papa Minoruuu—!!

Don’t use that cute face of yours and order around papa Shou’s underlings!


[Uuuu—, sorry about this. So that daddy Shou and daddy Minoru doesn’t keep bothering others, I’ll strictly tell them off!]

As I bowed my head down, the three hurriedly kept waving their hands.

[Nonono, as we said earlier, we volunteered ourselves. To us, young miss is somewhat like a younger sister and our Madonna!!]

A Madonna or a little sister, there’s quite a difference, so which is it.

1. Well it actually said reptiles not snake but…. I dunno… maybe he was supposed to be giving out a cold-blooded feeling….

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