In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 13


It feels as if my tiredness doubled by the time I got inside our home, something that smelled great has wafted in the air which came from deeper in the house. Hmm? Is someone cooking up something?

[I’m home~~]

I called out in a gentle healing voice, papa Minoru came flying from the kitchen in an apron.

[Welcome home~~~ Rina-chan! Thanks for you hard work!]

[I’m back! Wait, papa Shou and papa Minoru, why are you both home? What happened to work?]

[Today is Rina-chan’s big day, of course I wouldn’t work! Truth is, we actually wanted to pick you up too, but you wouldn’t like that, right?] Papa Minoru said it gloomily.

That’s right, when these three fathers of mine gather, they stick out like a sore thumb. Well, they’re all exceptional ikemen, and they all have high social status so of course it can’t be helped. The ladies glare at me which makes me uncomfortable so I don’t like hanging around them.

[Is… papa Hiro here too?]

Just right after saying it, papa Hiro appeared.

[Of course I am, Rina. Welcome home. Congrats.]

He handed me big bouquet of roses as he said so.

It was SO big, and heavy. It had different shades of crimson and gave out an adult feeling that it made me a little embarrassed.

[Thank you, papa.]

Papa Hiro gave out a slight laugh and then gently smiled.

[Hey, you’re getting conceited.]

[That’s sly~~, Hiro-kun. Making yourself look cool.]

I bursted out in a laughter seeing papa Shou and papa Minoru grumble.

While eating the dinner that papa Minoru prepared, we talked about the entrance ceremony and my class.

[Oh right, I coincidentally found my way to the second library hall. There was a variety of out of print books! I’m SO looking forward to it~~~.]

The moment I mentioned it, I grimaced as I remembered the chairman.

But, for some reason, those three knitted their brows.

Hmm? Was there a problem?

[The second library hall, huh…. Listen, Rina. If there are books that you like, we’ll do everything to get it for you, just never ever come close to the second library hall, okay?]


I was dumbfounded since I didn’t understand what they’re trying to say.
They’re all graduates of Seiran High School, perhaps, an incident occurred during those times?

[You know what! Rina-chan! Something terrible appears in there! Super scary!]

Did a murder or something happen there?

I suddenly shuddered. Although, it still exist as a proper room so maybe it wasn’t such a big deal?

[There’s a rapist with a stubble appears in there. Rina, don’t EVER go in there!]

—–AH, it’s, the chairman.

I subconsciously averted my eyes.

That ‘rapist’, I already met him and had my first kiss stolen, I’m never telling them that.

They’ll surely have me drop out……

However, that chairman, for more than 10 years earlier, that was already his base, huh.

I wanna tell my desperate sister from my previous life on how to meet this hidden character…..

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