In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 12


After being made to ride inside the car, we arrived in front of our mansion.

Right after going off the car, papa Shou came out of the entrance.

Why are you at home, what happened to work?

[Hey, welcome home.]

His voice may sound gentle but that gaze is rather sharp and aimed towards behind me.

Hmn? What’s the matter?

When I turned around, Hajime-chan’s face had become ashened. I wonder why?

[Hajime-chan, are you okay? You don’t look well.]

Just as I said it, papa Shou who was beside me headed towards Hajime-chan.

[Hey, Hajime. Rina’s been in your care……… You’ve got guts extending your dirty hands and bringing her back home, huuuh. You can’t even decently pick her up, you a trash. You… understand what happens if you lay a hand on Rina, right?]

Halfway through, he whispered something to Hajime-chan’s ear. Was it work??? Hajime-chan’s face turned pale so, it must be a relatively dangerous job, right?

[I-I-I, I’m very sorry! I was out of line! I deeply apologize!]

Hajime-chan frantically left as he yelled.

Did he make a mistake somewhere? That’s rare, he’s always so put together.

[Papa, did Hajime-chan do something wrong?]

I was quite in a daze as I asked father Shou.

[Haaah? It’s ‘if he ever did do something’. That bastard. Rina, I’ll have someone else send you over and pick you up.]

Papa Shou showed a faint smile. Whenever he does that, it really has a great impact.

[More like, I can handle it on my own, it’s fine.]

Girls usually have someone to pick them up from school but I’m not really fond of it. Well, more on I don’t want it anymore.

Remembering my past’s memories, I’m really used to going around somewhere along the way back from school.

[Definitely no. If you insist not wanting to be sent off and picked up, drop out from school.]

[What!? How did it end up like that!? I don’t wanna end up as a middle school graduate!]

[Then, give it up. But, tomorrow onwards, who should I assign?…. Maybe I should just have Mikawa do it.]

Papa Shou just mumbled something unbelievable!

Mikawa-san, isn’t he the leader!?

Impossible, definitely impossible, he’s not the kind of person you’d have to do this kind of stuff!

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