In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 11


The man scolding me just now is a genuine, real-life yakuza.

He’s called Hajime. He’s a member of a widespread yakuza group, the Mikawa Group, surprisingly, he’s an underling of father Shou.

Oh, by the way, the leader of Mikawa Group is the best friend of papa Shou. Before, when papa Shou was the leader of a delinquent group, the leader of the Mikawa group was apparently a member and a friend. And so, everyone from the Mikawa group, is extendedly used however by papa Shou.

They mainly, after I got into a fight and ran away from home, serve as a search unit, or when I had a slight feeling of first love for my male classmate, act as a separation unit. I wish they’d just do a little more yakuza-like jobs.

Even I wanna say [You should do more profitable jobs!] when they’re with me, their ‘Separation Unit’ doesn’t let me have an encounter with my male classmates. [Haaaah, you bastard, why are you with young miss!?] and said it with threatening eyes; that male classmate made a face like he would piss himself.

Ever since that day, every time my eyes met his, I would remember a memory of my bitter youth—- he’d be stupefied when I’m close within a 5-meter radius.

Before, I used to resent them for getting in the way like that, but now, for the me who’s aiming for a single life, they’re the most reliable allies I can ever have.

[Are you listening, young miss!?]

Oh, I’m the young miss they’re referring to.

Every member of the Mikagawa Group calls me young miss. Well, in the end, it just shows how much they worship papa Shou.

[I’m listening, I’m listening. I’m always grateful for you, Hajime-chan. Whenever I’m in trouble, you always come and save me.]

From now on, if I ever get involved with the capture targets, or get bullied by the game heroine…….

I trembled in fear. I don’t think I can ever oppose them alone.

[…… If ever something happens to me in the future, will you still save me? No matter what happens, or how difficult the other person is, will you still save me?]

I’m wondering if you can protect me from such an influential yandere.

Just imagining the horrors, my eyes got moist.

I unconsciously grabbed onto the hem of Hajime-chan’s suit, and looked at him as if depending on him.

For some reason, Hajime-chan’s face instantly turned red.

Did he catch a fever? Or was he hit with the spring cold?

[O-o-of course, young miss! If it’s for young miss, I will, no-no matter what happens, I will protect you!]

He was muttering towards the end so I didn’t understand what he said.

However, why is he stuttering so much? If a yakuza stutters when he’s threatening, they’ll just be agonizing thinking that you’re cute.

Is he embarrassed due to his stuttering? He’s red up to his ears.

-it makes me wonder what she looks like. She’s an ojou-sama mob character… what do you think she looks like?? She has rich dads, the capture targets are sketchy, the classmates asked if she has partners (even if there’s only 5 girls in her class she did mention before that unless the guys aren’t interested in you they won’t make a move)… so that means she’s at least pretty to some extent, right?

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