Login Bonus with Skill Up – Chapter 28

Chapter 28: The only magic

For the time being, I succeeded in turning the demon into a black lump, but I couldn’t relax just yet.


Because the black lump just moved.

「Ah, this guy still isn’t dead yet?」

「T-That was quite a scary remark Kouta-san」

A corner of the town was even melted, normally one would say the demon is scary.
Rather it seems that the slightly darkened skin is recovering.
Is it a regeneration ability?

「Just how do I defeat this guy…… highest tier magic with 【Expand Range】 or is attacking with a combination of three kinds of attribute magic enough to annihilate it?」

「N-No, I think that might be over doing it a little Kouta-san」

「What do you mean over doing it, isn’t he still breathing?」

Rather when I look at the black lump

「It’s useless, Kouta you can’t defeat a demon」

Flame’s voice came from behind.
When I look back, Flame is leaning against a wall in a groggy sort of state.

「Eh? Even with highest tier magic?」

「Yes, he definitely will not die it takes a long time but he will regenerate. Just to have even been able to win this one time……it’s a miracle…」

「No, well, it was thanks to the cooperation of Flame, however…」

The part about it being immortal, I didn’t think that could possible be true.

「Because demons are immortal, so unless we slice him into pieces and separate them, then freeze them, and seal them behind a barrier」

「Oi-oi, that’s a grotesque way of thinking」

Because they don’t die, I understand there is no other way but…

「No, only a few people can use sealing magic so we don’t have enough people」

「Well……then, what are you going to do?」

「I will report to the heads of the adventurer’s guild and magician’s guild. Kouta and the rest, please keep an eye on it」

As she said that, Flame began crawling towards the direction of the guilds.

「Ah, I-I will accompany you!」

When Media saw the battered condition Flame was in she also quickly followed along.
Well, for the time being, I wonder if it’s alright to leave it to those two?

If it somehow didn’t work out in the end……escaping might be the only way.

「Even after being reducing to this he is still able to regenerate……」

It’s rather disturbing when I think about it.

「No, isn’t this actually alright?」


For some time now Soulas had been near the area around Erigos’ feet and she suddenly called out.

「What is alright?」

「Because I can do something about this!」


Soulas touched the black lump with both her hands.

「《 Demonic God Seal 【Erigos】》!!」

The moment she chanted, the bodies of Erigos and Soulas glowed white. Then…

「Nuooo…………y-you……really are……!?」

Then he was absorbed into Soulas’ body.

「Yes, sealing completed. How was that! This is the sole magic that I remember――only the Demon King can use it, It’s a magic that completely seals the demon by absorbing it into my body! How is it? Do you see me in a new light!?」

Ah, yes, is that so. She is the Demon King after all.
So it isn’t strange to have such a magic.
I put my hand on Soulas’ head.

「Oh, are you going to pat me? It’s fine, please pat me to your heart’s content――hmm? W-Why do you have such a scary expression?」

「Use that to begin with then……!」

In anger, I grabbed her head tightly. Then I strongly patted her to my heart’s content.

「Oooouch! W-Wait a moment, where is the respect for me using such a great sealing magic!?」

「If you had just used it early, we wouldn’t have gotten so beaten up…….!」

「That’s impossible, if you didn’t weaken him it would’ve been resisted――!!」

So that’s how it is for demons.

「Demons are very strong so it would’ve been resisted! He even endured your highest tier magic, Kouta-san saw it too right!?」

That’s right, he endured it.
Although he was still seriously injured.

「Because demons can’t die they will be able to resist due to their durability, so unless they are really weakened they can’t be sealed. Also I can’t seal them unless I touch them, so it’s dangerous!」

「Ha……so you were able to seal him just now?」

「Yes, thanks to Kouta-san weakening him I was able to completely seal him! It’s due to my cooperation with Kouta-san!」

There are various other things I want to say but since Erigos was defeated, I guess it’s fine.

Apparently it seems that the first quest has ended.
Because I am very tired, let’s just hurry on home and take a rest.

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