Login Bonus with Skill Up – Chapter 21

Chapter 21: The end of the royal magic

Along with the flashy light-works, I returned to Media’s home.
Before my eyes, Media has a surprised expression.

「Oh! Your back! So that means you did actually learn Royal Teleport…….what did you do, Kouta-kun. You have a terribly bitter face, are you alright?」

「Well, it was rough」

I was suddenly thrown into a battlefield where there was a monster.
And then I was nearly killed. I unleashed Highest tier magic, and then was sent back home without getting anything.


「Ah, it was a big giant. It said it was a demon」

「……W-Wait, don’t tell me you survived a battle with a demon?」

If I did not survive I would not be here right now, but with her eyes glazed over, Media slips off her chair.

「C-Can you tell me what happened over there?」

「Somehow I got involved in the battle between the princess and a demon, so I just released Highest tier magic and ran away」

「You really have more strength than I imagined……. To even be able to hold your own against a demon」

While wiping her sweat, Media weakens and leans on the chair.

「Fuuー……so that’s what happened……」

Was it that much of a surprise?

「Demons, put simply are the enemies of humanity. Unless it is an army of adventurers or soldiers, it is usually a strong enemy one cannot compete against. They are stronger than monsters and possess a high level of intelligence」

「Hm, so there are such people?」
Apparently their purpose is the resurrection of the demon king somehow, maa, you can basically think of them as strong beings that attack people」

I see. So they are a threat to the the world. I appreciate the information, but I would have like to know it beforehand. Also…

「Why is the princess fighting against that……」

「The current princess must be brave. Well, because of that bravery, you were sent to the battlefield by the royal teleport and appeared dazzling in front of the princess」

That’s right. The problem is this royal magic.

「This is at the level that it is completely unusable, it is pure evil」

Although it has an infinite number of uses, the flashiness is completely unnecessary. Do I have to live while wondering when I will be called to the battlefield?

「I want to seal off that magic soon, I want to throw away this grimoire……」

『P-Please do not throw it awayー! Or actually even if it is thrown away it will follow――!!』

Soulas trembles in her grimoire state and protests it. Is it useless to throw it away? Then what should I do, and my face stiffens even further.

「Ah, Kouta-kun, you do not have to worry about that, you will not be able to use it anymore」


「Royal Magic cannot be replenished without the special tool of the royal family」

「Then……that means, is it a one-time use magic?」

「Umu, to be precise, it is a rechargeable type, so it does not display the number of times」

What is with that. So in other words, I did not actually get a new magic, just a terrible experience.

「No, it is actually good to have the automatic teleportation disappear but…………」

「M-Maa, do not get so down. In the first place, royal magic is originally made for the purpose of engagement tests by the royal family, it cannot be helped that it is a bit impractical」

Magic for engagement, this is the first time I have heard of this.
What a weird type of magic.

「By mastering it, one shows that they are qualified to associate with the royal family. Mastery of it tests one’s talent and patience. So essentially, it acts as a way to prevent against any troublesome nobles who do not have enough power. As one has to try to master them all together」

「There sure are various kinds of magic……」

「So that’s why, if you end up mastering other royal magic types, you must be careful. Because it would be bad if it was found out by other nobles」

It was bad enough already, please do not tell me anything scary.
I hate that kind of trouble.

「Haa……well, I am relieved that I was not taken to a more troubling place. Furthermore the magic makes such a flashy entrance, it is hard not to attract any attention」

「The royal family likes making grand entrances, because it would be cool if the fiance were to suddenly appear out of gleaming space, so that’s how it is」

Oi, the head of this country’s royal family, is it alright?

「It is not really alright, royal magic is only used to enhance their entrance」

「Enough, I pray sincerely that the words Royal will not appear in the grimoire next time」

I did not think that there was a bomb mixed in with the login bonus, there are several hundred kinds of magic.
That’s right, so the probability of getting another royal type is low. Somehow, it was a magic that was kept a secret.

「……..Hm? Now that I think about it, why does Media know so much about it?」

Just because she is a sage doesn’t mean she should be so familiar with the magic of the royal family.
Because I was doubtful I asked about it.

Media who heard me smiled a little and laughed.

「Hehe, well, that’s a secret, Kouta-kun, but thanks, for protecting the princess. It was a lot of help」

With a voice that was more dignified and cheerful than usual, she said that.

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