Grand Prize Unrivalled: Harem Ticket – Chapter 01

Encounter with the Princess

“So you’re fine with that skill, I assume?”

“Yeah.” I nodded in response.

This was the result after spinning the lottery wheel roughly one hundred times. There would have been no better result, I’m sure.

“I understand. Then, I will transport you right now. Ah, one last explanation.”


“If you wish to return to this world, you have to focus your thoughts solely on that wish, and you will be able to return. However, once you return to this world, you won’t be able to go back, so keep that in mind.”


“Well then.”

The second I gave my agreement, a summoning circle wrapped in light appeared at my feet. It’s the exact same scene from when that other man disappeared. The light swallowed me, and everything turned white in front of my eyes. When my sight finally returned, I was greeted by fields and surroundings I had never seen before.

“Um…Is this the other world already?” I surveyed my surroundings.

Seeing the fields around me, I really was a bit perplexed, but I wouldn’t be able to tell if this was a different world from the one I was used to, really. This wasn’t all that different from the usual sights you’d see during a picnic trip or whatever.

“Oh yeah, this skill that I have—‘All Abilities Times 777’, was it?”

I was wondering exactly what would be influenced by that. Since it says ‘all abilities’, I’d assume that it refers to every little aspect. For now, I might want to try a few things. Crouching down, I put strength into my legs and tried to jump.

“Woah!” I couldn’t hold back my voice.

I only tried to give a slight jump, but it was more like I was shot up into the air. The top of my head bumped into a tree, pierced through it, and flew up even higher. The ground was far below, and I was roughly 20 meters in the air.

“I really got a lot of—hm?”

I spotted something far away (while realizing that my eyesight had gotten much better). It was a horse-drawn carriage outside the forest. Surrounding the carriage were men, seemingly knights in armor, and another group of people wearing different clothes who were assaulting them. Three people were the protectors, two of them already collapsed on the ground, not moving. Though it was a bit difficult to make out, I could’ve sworn I saw blood spilling on the ground. The group of attackers appeared to be more than ten people.

“So they’re being attacked, huh?”

Having descended to the ground, I broke into a run in the direction of the horse-drawn carriage. My legs had gotten faster as well. The feeling of cutting through the wind was stronger than when riding on a bicycle. I got out of the forest in a matter of moments and closed in on the carriage, which was still under attack.

“Just give up. Nobody will come to save you in a place like this, you know?” said one of the assailants.

Alright, that settles it. Both how he said it and the contents of it were reeking of bad guy. I didn’t hesitate at all and decided to help them.

Wait…what can I even do here?

Before I jumped out, I realized it—I didn’t actually know what to do here. True, my abilities might have been powered up, but that’s all. I did play some baseball back in my childhood days, but I don’’t have any experience in martial arts or the like. I don’t actually have any method of attacking right now.

Ah, to hell with it, it’s do or die!

I remembered the sight of a pro player I’d seen on TV, took the same stance he took while running to home base, and gave a straight tackle to the bad guy from before.

“Who the hell are youuuu?!”

The voice of the man changed according to the Doppler effect. Speaking of the man, he was blown away. Like, you should have seen how he was blown away like a character straight out of some gag manga. But what normally isn’t shown in those gag manga was him landing a few meters away, bouncing several times, then lying motionless on the ground.

“W-Who the hell are you.”

“What…What did you do?”

Both the assailant and the defending side were showing reactions of shock and bewilderment. Well, who can blame them with this sudden turn of events? But I’m still glad that I went to intervene. From the looks of it, the assailants seem to be bandits or whatever, and the victims were wearing armor adorned with a crest. Their appearance, along with the way that this one guy spoke, made them seem to be knights or the like. Yeah, this was the right choice. And now that I’d come to that conclusion, I turned towards the bandits.

“W-Who the hell are you…?”

As the other bandits were shaking in fear, I went ahead and gave them all the good ol’ tackle and blew them away.

“You saved me.”

The knight who seemed to be the leader of the group put his sword back in its sheath and showed me a deep bow.

“My name is Fotis.”

“Ahh, um…I’m Yuuki Kakeru. The kanji are a bit complicated, so just Kakeru is fine.”


“A-Ah, no, it’s nothing. Call me Kakeru.”

Judging from Fotis’s reaction, the people in this world didn’t know what kanji were. I was a bit overwhelmed to have a sudden conversation, so I unconsciously brought up kanji.

“Is that so? I am very thankful for your assistance, Kakeru-dono. I wouldn’t have made it without you.” Fotis spoke in an earnest manner.

The only two standing right now were Fotis and I. Before I arrived, two of Fotis’s comrades had already collapsed, while more than ten enemies remained. Though they have woken up and received first-aid treatment, they still don’t seem to be in any condition to fight. Yeah, the outcome could’ve been grim if I hadn’t helped out.


A voice resounded from inside the horse-drawn carriage. It was the beautiful voice of a young woman.

“At your command.”

“The canopy, please.”


Fotis gave an overblown bend at the waist and lifted the canopy of the horse-drawn carriage. From inside, a single woman appeared.

“Woah…” A bewildered voice escaped my lips.

It was because the beauty of the woman who appeared completely overwhelmed me. Wearing a pure white dress, she had a shining tiara on her head. From beneath her long, golden hair protruded pointed ears. And her movement was overflowing with elegance. She borrowed the hand of Fotis and descended from the carriage, eventually coming to a stop in front of me.

“My name is Helene Tericia Mercury. I am the third princess of the Mercury Kingdom.”

“A-Ahh…I’m Kakeru…Well, I already said that just now, I guess.”

I was too moved by her beauty to think clearly, so although she probably already heard from inside the carriage, I decided to name myself again.

“Thank you very much, Kakeru-sama.” Princess Helene gave her thanks with an earnest expression.

“Ah, no, um, it’s fine, really.” I forced out my words, albeit being incoherent.

Out of all the women I’ve seen until now, Princess Helene is without a doubt the most beautiful. Quite frankly, I was entranced by her.

“Normally, I would invite Kakeru-sama to the royal palace and show you proper gratitude for what you have done. However, I was on my way to pay a visit to the front lines.”


“That being said, I will most certainly repay this debt.”

Princess Helene reached out her hand towards me, handing me what she had been holding. Accepting it, my gaze sank low on the object in my hand. It was a folding fan with a legitimate crest drawn on it. The second I accepted it, I felt a pleasant fragrance drift up.

“If you ever happen to stroll past the royal palace, please make sure to pay us a visit.”

“I will inform the guards so that they are aware of your deeds as soon as you present them with this folding fan.”

Fotis followed up with an additional explanation.

“A-ah, alright, I got it.”

While I was still fascinated by Princess Helene, unable to force out a proper response, Princess Helene had already gone back inside the horse-drawn carriage, shortly followed by Fotis, who somehow managed to get the two wounded knights on the carriage as well. Having succeeded, they left me behind, still not fully back to my senses.

“She sure was beautiful, man…”

So I muttered to myself, but my brain cells only started to function properly after she was completely out of my sight, telling me that I accidentally used the past tense there.

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