The Evolution Fruit – Conquering Life Unknowingly – Chapter 01

Chapter 01 – To A New World

This is my name. I am a second grade student going to a special high school.

Even if it is special, it is not a place where people have cartoon-like abilities, or frequented by aliens.

It is rather a so-called idol training school…

Famous school girl and boy idols go to the same school where I go.

But do I look anything like them? If you asked that, the answer would be “no”. Not even close.

Luckily, at least I’m not bald. But I’m pretty uggly, and I smell terribly.

Once I smelled so much, that I didn’t dare to sit at my desk. Not even when the other students, and the teacher, invited me to.

I am such a celebrity that everyone knows me at school… in a bad way.

Moreover, I recently started to gain weight. I weighted 70kg when I arrived, but now I’m around 100kg. I think well of myself, but I can never live up to it.

I began getting fat after my parents passed away in an accident, and my happy days ended. It is the result of lacking parental guidance. Some say that a true person owns itself. Should I ask mom and dad for forgiveness?

As far as the looks are concerned, I can say that I have already given up, but it is my name that I really cannot stand.

No, Seiichi is cool as of sounds and letters, but my appearance isn’t, so there is no point in changing my name. To the extent that you want to become a pedestal for the whole world to watch. I’m sorry.

Why am I like this? Well, if you go to a school like mine, it’s obvious you get burned. It may not be an exaggeration to say that it is the center of the world.

So, why am I in this school? We are getting to it.

It is because the school is very close to my house, and because it is a school where you can enter even if your scores are not that good. Even ordinary people like me can go to this school as if it was normal.

Isn’t it useless? Well, if you want to have a laugh it’s funny! I am reflecting and regretting at the same time!

But really, I will admit that I hate myself, for convenience, but I don’t care about the bullies. I would have been bullied even if I entered another high school.

There is a really profound reason why he has been doing such a long self-explanation.

This monologue is also necessary to keep his sanity.

So why are you doing this?

It dates back to some time ago…


“Hey, pigeye! Go buy some bread!”

“Of course, put that money to good use!”

Gahahahaha Ha!

Along with these laughter, I was called names by several of the boys in the back of the gym, students during the lunch break, and I was there listening.

Well, well, there are truly amazing people at this school… There are also nation idols and somewhat famous persons. While me, I am nothing compared to them.

However, I can not deny that I behave like a good friend.

After all, I did go and buy bread to meet the boys’ request, and even after that I was still being treated like a sandbag as everyday

stress relief.



The person confronting me punches me in the belly.

“Ha ha! Hoo!”

“Ha ha ha! It feels really good! I feel refreshing!”

“Oh, are you going to start the next lesson?”

“Would you like to go there again?” Sure then, Pig! “

The male students left the place while laughing.

“Huh … …!”

If I manage to stand up somehow while the pain abates, I will not fall to my knees and to the ground.

“Haa … … huh …… “

Then somebody touched my face, and I expectied more pain.

“Hey, Hiiragi!”

A girl student came up to me.

“Are you okay? “

Brown hair falling on her shoulders. A headband on her head. Two big eyes, overwhelming and black. The lips were fresh and smelled of cherry.

The girl looking at my face anxiously was one of the most beautiful in this school. Next class’s.

There are very few people who do not mind my body odor and would think about touching me.

“Can you stand up?”

“Oh, ah…”

She went to me without any hesitation, so I think that this Hino girl is very kind-hearted. By the way, I am not so stupid to misjudge the situation and build up false expectations, just because she was a little kind with me. Telling me this makes me sad!

“Hiiragi, what happened?”

“… It’s not like Hino cares, so I guess if you do not go to the classroom, you will be late for the next lesson?”

“Oh… yeah, that’s right, but…”

“Let’s go quickly, but Hino would be better to move away from me.


“Because someone else might misunderstand the situation, and I do not want to involve Hino.”


As I said so, I ignored the pain in my body and began moving before Hino.

Hino seems to be really worried about me, but if you are so worried, you will get into troubles. Well, that’s why Hino is a popular person, but I did not want such a nice gal to get involved, so I acted accordingly.

Thus, after the following classes, the lessons were over for everyone, and everyone was on their way back home.

Dling dlong – dling dlong.

Suddenly the broadcast rang.

“To all the students of the school, please stop all actions and sit down.”

Something was broadcasted, but I couldn’t translate it in my language.

Everyone stopped for a moment, and while I was tilting my head, everyone else was sitting in great anticipation.


“What, my body…?!? “

I remember that I was preparing for returning, but due to something invisible I was suddenly forced to sit down.

“I don’t understand what’s happening…”

I didn’t get what was going on, so I tried to stand up again…

“Wait, I can’t move!”

“What is going on!? “

I could not move as if I was tied to the chair.

No matter how much I tried to shake, I couldn’t move a muscle.

It seemed as if everybody were really tied to their chair.

While everybody in all the classes were hesitant, the broadcast was played again.

“Hi, everyone. I am saying “God” in your world”

A mysterious voice that didn’t conform to any type of voice, of either young or old, came from the speaker.

“You seem to be confused by the sudden situation, right? When cryptic things happen, humans can not keep calm. This is why human beings are pathetic and comical creatures.”

I did not know exactly what he was saying. A human? Besides, the Lord of this voice called himself a god.

If you are seriously saying this under normal circumstances, you are probably already completely nuts.

However, we were now forced to sit down due to an unknown power, and we couldn’t move at all, without anything really wrapping up our bodies.

That is why the strange authenticity in the word of God of this broadcast was building up in me.

“It is complicated to explain every detail to people like you guys, so I will explain it briefly.”

The voice coming from the speaker sounded somewhat amused.

“From now on, you will go to a different world from this planet – another world”

“” “… …” “

All of us began yelling suddenly.

And when someone regained their sanity, I opened my mouth to say something, but no words came out.

While everyone around me looked horrified, the voice spoke from the speaker again.

“Oh, by the way, even if it responds to my words one by one, it is only a little bit of May, so I temporarily deprived my vocal ability.”

With that remark, I was definitively convinced that the Lord in the broadcast was «god», or a person speaking in its name.

Impossible. Such a thing cannot exist.

“I will go back to my story, but first this is the reason why you to have you go to another world… the population of the Earth is increasing too much. You guys are just too lively. Because the Earth is screaming, it will be troubling if more people were to arrive. That’s why I thought that a God like me would like to save the earth by sending you guys to another world right now.”

“Am I not well-spirited? You know, I didn’t even have to explain this to you, you could have just disappeared without feeling anything. I’m giving you the right to live by daringly transferring you to another world. I would like you to appreciate it.” What on earth could be thas arrogant?

“So, the world where you guys will go is the so-called fantasy world… If I said RPG, as in your games, would it make it easier to understand? I’ll have you go there. Because it’s a fantasy place, yes, there are demons, but you can also use magic. However, since things like science and technology do not exist, it would be really inconvenient for you, modern children, to go to a dangerous world. “

Seriously? If it so dangerous, it would have been better to erase us all unexpectedly…

“Because there are a lot of dangers in the world, there is no worry that people will increase at all, so I won’t interfere there. There are no silly pranks from God, but it is also a world in which there is no such thing as a miracle. But there are things like level, skill, status, so maybe you just have to face it properly? The planet where you live is located higher than the world I am sending you now, so I think the status will also be more important than for the people here. Besides, I guarantee that you will not regret it. Your families who are on Earth have already had their memory erased. “

Oh, in this case I’m so relieved we won’t get to die sooner.

But don’t you really regret having to erase our memory from our parents? Well, I don’t have parents anymore anyway…

“Well, I’m also giving you the ability to check your status on the menu, an item box that can store as many items as you can remember, the language understanding ability to avoid trouble due to it being a different world, and a skill, as a little incentive. You might be able to move where somebody else is, but you will need some luck with that. It is important to think positively, isn’t it? It’s totally by chance that I’m sending you to this other world. I’m going to send any other group to different worlds than you. You guys and the school will be transferred as you are. Of course the building does not spread. Oh, yeah, you do. You also have skills and titles, but you will be able to check those from the menu screen.”

What does all of that mean…? Moreover, all the people in the school? Our school has about 800 students in total. Isn’t it quite a bit too many people? Anyhow, that world sounds different from ours, but it seems like people can be transferred directly to other people.

But… the skill you gave us as a gift is essential in this different world, is it not? If we have no language understanding abilities, there is no way for us to talk and be understood.

I do not quite understand skills and titles, but I am very grateful that there is a skill called appraisal. It seems to be usable for eating things you don’t really know much about.

“Well then, I am done with this. I still have stuff to do elsewhere. Finally, I will give you about one hour to prepare yourselves. If you make a group, I will transfer it to a safe place. If you are lonely… I do not know where you will end up.”

And with that, the broadcast suddenly ended.

And as I tried to move, I was able to lift from my chair.

But not everybody was moving yet.

People react very differently to strange events, and most people seem to be deeply disturbed by what they don’t understand. But when I am in trouble, I try and keep my cool.

Because of that, everyone was still quiet.

Even though I became able to move, nobody else moved a finger.

In the meantime, one of my classmates other than me was beginning to act.

“Hey, everyone! In the meantime, shall we consider the current situation?”

Aoyama was not an idol, but a soccer club captain and an ace of the school. He was pretty good with girls.

“First of all, let’s find other people… if other people in the school will say that the broadcasting did happen, they will be transferred as well. Are the classroom doors open? What about the windows?”

With thas said, me and the people close by to the doors and windows checked if they would open.

“It’s pointless, it won’t budge. And the lock doesn’t seem to be closed.”

As they confirmed that one after the other, Aoyama nodded.

“Well, then it is much more believable than the words of the broadcast were indeed saying the truth.”

I put put my hands on my chin and began thinking.

“Right, so if that broadcast said the truth, we should be able to check our status.”

“Huh? Wait, wasn’t that because we would go to a different world?”

“It’s just a theory, the teacher is in the staff room and it’s better to keep things that you can check now… for the time being … … Status!”

Although I meant to say that the broadcast was most likely to be believed, Aoyama took the words from my mouth and said so himself. Suddenly a translucent card appeared in front of Aoyama.

“Well, here it is!”

Aoyama quickly picks it and confirms it.

“Guys… It is really a game like status, everyone please check!”

So Aoyama said, and everyone displayed their status and began checking.

That was the situation. I was so very grateful that there was someone else who could handle the situation.

I also made sure that everyone had the status screen open, while trying to check mine.

«Hayato Hiagi»

Race: barely human
Sex: male
Occupation: social garbage (unemployed)

Age: 17
Level: 1
Magical power: 17
Attack power: 1
Defense power: 1
Agility: 1
Magic attack: 1
Demonic defense: 1
Luck: 0
Charm: Unmeasurable (too low)


Dirty student clothes.
Dirty student trousers.
Dirty underwear.
Dirty pants.


Appraisal. …………

This is bullying!

I am barely a human being ! I wonder if I’m too bad to be even human!

This Status sucks! It is impossible to measure if I am attractive! In a bad way! Besides, I have no luck at all!

Why is my equipment “dirty”!? Is my body so dirty? Should I cry!? This Status is just a bad mouth party!

“Social garbage” is not even a real profession! First things first, I’m a student, not an “unemployed”! This is ridiculous!

I can’t stand it! What do you want me to do? Do you want me to die?

… Haa … Huh …

… It is too much …!

While I was despairing for my status, I heard various voices all around me.

“My occupation is swordsmen!”

“I am a wise man?”

“All statuses at 100, isn’t it amazing?”

“Oh, I am also 100.”

… Seriously!?

Were they all starting out at 100!? 100 my ass!

I didn’t want to have anything to do with them!

I was despairing over the difference between me and the people around me.

Why is a disparate society so cruel… But, I had no choice but to break my status. Although I did not want to share it with other people.

“Okay, everyone seems to be able to confirm, so let’s form a group next, it is already pretty late…”

As Aoyama said so I checked the time, and realized that indeed 50 minutes had already passed since the broadcast.

“There should not be any particular restrictions on the number of people making the group, or at least I didn’t hear that during the broadcast. So maybe it would be less dangerous if “groups” became just one single group. I don’t really know…”

Aoyama started muttering.

Suddenly a translucent card appeared again in front of Aoyama.

“Oh… I wish to register the names of the members of the group I would like to create…. OK! Well then, please tell me your names one by one!”

After that remark, the classmates gathered steadily under Aoyama and registered their names.

If I also had registered along with everyone else, I would have definitely be the most expendable of the group once reached the other world.

So, I went where all my classmates were registering, to tell Aoyama.

“Hey, register me as well!”

However, I came back only with a cold line of sight.

“Is there any problem?”


“What, do you have to put more tha one person in the group?”

“No, no… it can also be… just one person…”

“I’m fine with just one person, even if I will die some stupid death. Pigs always get close to me anyway.”

I got a phrase.

No way… did bullying continue even under those circumstances?

I was surrounded by enemies. There was no one in this class who would talk to be normally.

Seriously, I am too twitchy that day… zero is not a figure!

When I thought of such a thing, one of my classmates stared at me, and then he began to laugh.

“Cha … …! Gahaha ha ha! Jae, belly…!!”

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

Other classmates also suddenly started to laugh all together. I looked at them confused.

“Well, oh yeah…! Coins, is your status too much!?


How, why did it happen? Nobody was supposed to see it!

How the hell did they read it… Then, Oki was laughing through the speaker.

“I will tell you something nice. As I said on the previous broadcast, the status could be confirmed, so I tried using the” appraisal

“skill as a gift… then… Ahaba Cha-ho!”

With an appraisal! Seriously!?

Following the words of Oki, everybody turned their heads towards me.


“Ahahahahaha Ha!”

Everyone laughed.

“Jee… What’s wrong with you!?”

“Why, all 1 …!!”

“I’m dead … … this is certain death…!”

Far from being comprehensive, everyone looked like a child who had found an interesting toy in me.

“With this you are completely at your feet! Who’s going to put Temée into the group, baby!”

“Wow… that’s really bad…”

“Social garbage … … It is a fitting occupation!”

Everyone was making a fool of me, and I despised them.

I also tried using the “skill of appraisal” towards Kosori Aoyama, but the characters that appeared in my sight made me despair.

“Because there is such a difference in the ability of the opponent, complete appraisal can not be done”

After such words, the only thing I learned through appraisal was eventually the name of Aoyama. All the status columns got garbled, and I could not figure out what was written.

In other words, being at level 1 I seemed to have been totally abandoned bye everyone in my class.

There was nothing like me on the whole planet, I was inferior to other humans, and my ability level in a different world was fittingly as low as possible.

I put a blank in front of my eyes.

Seeing me in that state, the guys in the class doubled down on me.

“Get lost, pests!”

“I do not know why you are in this same classroom, why?”

“If those abuses became a crime on Earth, but we went to a different world, wouldn’t it still matter?”

“Seriously, will you die?”









Dead dear, am I not!? In the meantime, the “God” is having a laugh!

What’s this!? I’d like somebody to die for me! I didn’t want to die, because I’m scared!

I was completely blown away. Somehow, I did not really care.

I did not have to be included in the group. Even if were, the torture would only last longer.

Let’s think positive. Yes.

“Wow… everything is blurring…”

“I feel bad…”

Eventually I did not get in the group, and one hour had passed.

Then, the broadcast started again.

Ding dong – ding dong.

“Apparently a group has been made… There seems to be only one person left out.”

Well, I am the only one who is alone!?

“Even when fighting an insane struggle under such circumstances, human beings cannot grow up to face it. Well, I’m getting carried away now. You have to forgive me.”

Oh, forgive? For what?

“If you made a group, you intended to skip to a safe place to some extent. Apparently you will go to a certain region of the world, where a cerimony to summon brave people from other worlds is being held.”

Eh, summoning the brave?

“That’s why all the groups in this school are being summoned to that country. I’ll comply to that request. Well, just one person has been left out from that summoning.”

Oops!! While you all are answering the summoning of brave people, I do not know where I’m ending up!

“Anyway, things became a tad more dangerous due to the appearance of the demon king in your future world. So, I think you guys will be thrown into the fight soon. I don’t think there will be much time to learn about the world through direct experience, so I put in your item box a book filled with informations about it. I can not interfere any further. This is my last act of kindness.”

Seriously! That’s one original concept of a God…

Besides, as a result of not being summoned as a brave man, I might skip fighting. It might be good to be alone after all… No, it is a lie. I am lonely, completely left out.

“Oops… it seems the summoning rituals has begun… “

When the voice from the speaker voice said so, a magical light seemed to appear at the feet of all my classmates, except me.

“You mind getting there immediately? I hope you will fight well. Good luck in the new world.”

After that, my class members turned into light particles one after the other, and disappeared.

While watching every one of us disappear was ridiculous. I was really being left alone.

After a while, everybody had disappeared, as an aswer to the summoning of the brave.

“… ….”

…… So what about me!?

Even if I’ve not been summoned as a brave, I was supposed to go somewhere!

The voice from the speaker spoke noticing my impatience.

“Haha. Calm down. You will be sent to the other side as well. But, as you are one person only, I cannot decide where to send you. I’ll do this completely randomly.”


“In other words, you might be sent to a safe place, or you might be sent to a very dangerous place.”


Gee… I’m a lucky guy, am I not? I think we have already been there…

Then, the voice of the speaker said something that made me chuckle.

“Well… It’s a terrible thing to see that only one guy from the entire school has been left behind. Even all teachers, male and females, have summoned as brave men. So, I will give you one extra skill.”


“Let’s see… Yeah, this will do. 【Complete demolition】… I will give this to you “

“Or, is it completely disassembled?”

What is it? What a grandeous skill name ….

“You will have an advantage, as you have a very high-tier skill, and this one can be used without risks. Well, in general skills are a convenient things that you can use without consuming anything, unlike magic that consumes magical power. Please check the effects after arriving in the new world. “

“Well, huh…”

“Oops. Apparently your transferring seems to have started.”


As my voice said that, my body was wrapped in light particles.

“Hehe. Well then, do your best in the new world!”

“Oh, I sure will!”

“May your fight well.”

After hearing that, I completely disappeared from the earth.

And my adventure started from there …!

… I’m sorry, it’s all good.


At the school, where everyone had disappeared, a voice was heard from the broadcast.

“People are really ugly, aren’t they…? What were the seven cartinal sins from the Bible? Lust, greed, gluttony, sloth, wrath, envy, pride… I have not made any progress. That’s why I’ll get straight to the heart of the question in these cases.”

The voice expressed no feelings.

“Whose is the Earth?” Is it a human thing? No, wrong. It is human beings that exist on our planet without permission. A vicious all-out battle is being fought for the land and resources of the Earth. It seems to have turned into a religious war. The Earth is such a nuisance, is it not? “

So said the voice. But what it said next, it contained a grain of joy.

“He has been denied so much, he always got the short end of the stick. I admire him. It seems that he was not even dominated by vengeance… Oh well, is it being realist, or is it giving up, to say that all is in vain?”

And the voice laughed.

“If a human being is truly open and logical, he was not a human to begin with. Oh, there are times when humans are so terrible, but I guess they are stil adorable.”

The voice was full of kindness like a juicy mother.

“From now on, I will watch over humans and guide them. I hope they will find happiness eventually.”

The voice stopped speaking, and it would not do so ever again.


“Well, where am I?

I… Seiichi Hiiragi appeared in some forest he knew nothing about.

I would have at least liked to be near some city…

But let’s check my the status!

—- Reach the source of the stream.

“Ok, what about that?”

Even talking on my own for the sake of my own sanity made me sound different! Quite impressive!

“… for the time being, just move on.”

After calming down, I decided to move from where I were.

Just staying there did not help anybody.

Looking around me again, those creepy woods grew thicker and thicker in every direction.

“Well, I won’t accomplish anything being here…”

I began walking, while being slighly bent forward.

Without noticing, my words sounded nothing like I expected.

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