The Villainous Lady Aims to Overthrow the Heroine: Fourth Part

“……does Bell [nickname for Belfreya] dislike the engagement with me?”

“T, that’s not true! I had never once thought about my engagement with Edward-sama as…”

Stopping, I panicked and covered my mouth. It was as if I was telling him I wanted him to stay as my fiance. Accidentally letting my thoughts out, I stared at Edward-sama who was stanind in front of me and swallowed my breath.

“……is that so.”

He is now showing me that warm expression and my favorite smile. Blushing, I confirmed that I really do love this person. Even if I lost to the Heroine, I definitely do not want to lose this person.

That is why I had summoned up my courage to confront the Heroine. I wanted to at least try my best and studied seriously.

Belfreya’s pride,  along with the overflowing emotion of not wanting to give up, once again summoned up courage.

“Um, Edward-sama. I have a request.”

“Aah, what is it?”

“U- ummm, pl- please……”

Raising her face, Belfreya used her strength to bring out her voice.

“Please give me permission to call your name!!”

“……eh, are we still at that stage?”

“Eh, eeeeehhhhーー…. As I thought…. If I called you by your name, you will turn to absolute zero [TL Note: as in hate her].

“Like I’d do that. I won’t do the “absolute zero” thing you’re talking about. Just how high of a hurdle is my name?”

“Right next to the Heroine!”

“That high!?”

He involuntarily cried out as he heard her answer. With an astonished expression, he then looked at her amused. “You can never get bored with her around,” he murmured

“Well then, Sh- shu- shu-”

“Lein is fine. And where do you think you are running off to.”

“Eh! Is that okay?”

“Well, I’ve been calling you Bel from long ago. If my name is that high of a hurdle for you, then I’ll pardon that.”

“Ah, u-, Yes!”

Blushing till her ears turned bright red, Belfreya tried to keep herself under control. She felt like she will let out a high-pitched shriek if she can’t contain the happiness from being able to call his name. Even so, a sense of accomplishment spread across her chest.

This is a sign that the favorable meter has risen. Meaning my attractive status had also risen. If I keep this up, then one day, Lein-sama will be madly in love with me….

Now that he understood Belfreya’s train of thoughts, Shulein wanted to smack her head. Even so, he continued to hold onto the happy emotions.

“Fufufu. Okay~. Just you wait, Heroine! The rival the beautiful and intelligent Belfreya Alunst. I will definitely win against you!!”

“O~, do your bestー”

Fufufufu. This laugh was unmistakably the laugh of the villainous daughter. But, now knowing the girl inside, Shulein cheered her on in a monotone voice. At the very least, this fiancee is a genius at entertaining people. He was looking forward to the next year when she enters school.

――and so, with defeating the heroine set as a goal in her heart, she continued her training.

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