The Villainous Lady Aims to Overthrow the Heroine: Second Part

“I wonder what I should do…”

Belfreya Alunst stood on the school that will soon become her stage. Now at 15-year-old, she always remembers to maintain her golden hair, with the orange pack which she recalled with her knowledge from her previous life. Sleep late is bad for the skin so it was rare for Berufreya to stay up at this time.

“……there is only a year left until my battle with the heroine.”

Placing the orange pack no the desk, Belfreya stared at the ceiling. The eternal rival I had always aimed to defeat. Did she really achieve the beauty to defeat her? Belfreya immediately scolded her darkened thoughts. For 6 years, she had never been lazy and had always worked seriously.

She had changed from her past self from 6 years ago. For the servants I forced to quit, I had them at least take the money they had worked for as well as reimbursement as an apology. Learning that money must be saved up for your future, I kept that in mind when handling money. I even made friends I can talk with.

Belfreya Alunst now bears no resemblance to her past self. Without a doubt, this is the effect of her efforts to change. There was even some self-confidence. Even so, there is also anxiety. As for why, every time she questioned it, his face appeared in her mind.


Starting this year, he will be admitted to this [Furan’vu~Eruge School] stage. My relationship with him was also very different from the memories of my past self. He helped me with my studies 6 years ago and even now, he is willing to stand beside me with a smile.

From my memories, my relationship with him was cold. I had been one-sidedly yearning for Shulein, while he, on the other hand, reacted indifferently. Even when Belfreya was expelled from school, his heart did not waver. Without anger or sorrow, he simply said, “Goodbye.”

And with the heroine right next to him――

“Kachiri” At the sudden sound, Belfreya pulls back to her senses. Questioning, she listened carefully. It sounded as if her teeth were chattering as she trembles.


Belfreya clenched her teeth and hugged her trembling body. The ending that she had never thought about. Little by little, tears dropped from the corner of her eyes and onto her trembling hands. Unable to stop, she wiped her face over and over again.

At first, she only looked at him as someone who will help raise her stats for 3 or 4 years. Of course, she did everything with serious effort and even thought about proceeding to the next stage but seeds of fear followed. She continued to deceive herself and continued to leave the task–Raise Shulein Edward’s favorable meter– making myself believe that her beauty is not on par…….

I know that he is different than who he was previously in the game. Even so, it made me afraid to think of how he will look at Belfreya who was not the Heroine. If he looked at me with those cold eyes, I definitely won’t be able to bear it.

Just like in the game, I fell in love with him at first sight. From our first meeting, he was cool. Different from all the others, he seemed like he sparkled. With his light brown hair and cold jade pupils, I thought that he looked like an angel from a painting.

Spending 6 years next to him, I fell for him even more. I fell for the Edward who taught me subjects I didn’t understand with a difficult expression. I fell for the Edward who tries harder than anyone else to stay as the top. I fell for the cute smiles he sometimes showed me. I fell for the gentle hand he lent me when I was tired to death from the training. I fell for the gentle words he lent me, when I came out to society, as he pushed my back.

My chest tightened.

“No, no…, Edward-sama is…… Shulein-sama is!”

In the school, Belfreya had never called him by his name. It was not that she can’t call for him, she simply didn’t call him. He had hated nothing more than for his name to be called by the Belfreya whom he had despised. That was the only time when the usually indifferent Edward showed disgust. That is why Belfreya had never called him by his name in the game.

If he showed disgust when I call his name- I’ll definitely collapse. The pathetic Belfreya still exists somewhere in me. Can I really able to defeat the Heroine? I repeated to myself, the Heroine must definitely stand up against fear, and I’m her rival, aren’t I? Even so, I couldn’t take the last step.

“There is just one more year……”

The unconsciously murmured words set pain into her heart.

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