The Villainous Lady Aims to Overthrow the Heroine: Third Part

“……what an ugly face you have on.”


Who is it that said such a thing to this beauty. Having been brought back due to those shocking words, Belfreya turned to glare at the person who in turn, laughed at her reaction and lightly poked her head.

“Your eyes are all red. It will be a waste for the beauty to drool with messy hair.”


“Yea, I’m the Edward-sama”

“……I’m sorry, if you are the real thing, I really want to cry.”

“Then I’ll cover my ears so you can have your way.”


Now being perfectly awake, Belfreya rushed in her covers with a bright red face. For now, I have to do something about my appearance. I rapidly tried to comb my hair and wiped my mouth. I started to question why this person is in my house, and moreover, in my room.

Losing the timing to scream, I peeked out from my covers and looked at Shulein Edward who was covering with a smiling. Though her heart was throbbing at his smile, Belfreya resisted showing it on her face.

“What happened? You’re not gonna shout?”

“……well, sorry to disappoint you, a capable young woman must always have a calm and reassuring heart. The Heroine is already a person with an armored heart and I am the rival of such a person.”

“As always, the Heroine is some super person huh. If there is really such a person, then this world will be even more difficult.”

“……there is such a person.”


The quiet murmurs from Belfreya were not heard by Shulein. Even so, he noticed something wrong. Today, her eyes seem different from usual. The mysterious rival she called the Heroine. To defeat her, he understood that she had been trying her best these past few years. He also noticed that she has been wavered by something as with the date of her entrance to school came closer.

“…….was the Heroine the reason you were crying?”

“N, no. This was because of my weakness. It’s just that the Heroine was such a strong existence, I was just a little, just a tiny bit discouraged. ……but now I’m composed. There is no fluctuation with my fighting spirit!”

“Is that so? God….Hey, why are you so set on defeating the Heroine? Though you called her your rival, what exactly are you two fighting over?

“That is…”

He then shrugged at the Belfreya who had clamped her mouth shut. At first, He questioned what in the world she was talking about, saying things like fighting against a rival. But now, seeing Belfreya who had shown determination for the past 6 years, he realized that she was protecting something as well as the fact that what she was protecting, was something very important to her.

Something important to her――to those words his heart tightened. He laughed as he already figured out the reason for this emotion.

“Hey, you want me to help you out too? That ‘Defeat the Heroine’ mission?”

“Eh…? N, no you can’t! This is a duel between the Heroine and I! Things like beauty, popularity, and status. We will be betting on everything!”

“By everything, you really mean everything?”

“Yes, everything.”

“Including me to?

Hyu-, Shulein felt a bit frustrated at Belfreya’s gasp. From her reaction, he understood that Belfreya had believed if she lost this fight, Shulein Edward will now be the Heroine’s……. He faintly smiled.

Belfreya somehow felt cold sweat on her back. In front of her was the rare smile of the person she loved…….without thinking, she felt a chill.

Who exactly is the one who is unable to accept the truth?

“……I came here because I want to greet the training idiot who I won’t be in school.”

“What do you mean by training idiot, and the reason you entered a girls room without permission is for a greeting?”

“I got permission from your parents. Also, is there a reason I need to enter my Fiancee’s room?”

Fiancee. As stated, Belfreya Alunst and Edward Shulein were engaged with one another. But to Belfreya, this title was like a fragile illusion laid upon a thin layer of ice. An unspeakable anxiety made her body stiffen up.

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