Duchess in the Attic – Chapter 02

Opal, who thought that the second year of her debut would be better, was disappointed to know that everything was the same as before.Rather than be depressed over the rumor, Opal has become a totally free-spirited woman.Several times she went out for a morning walk she encountered men who came to marry her dowry and tried to forcefully kiss her or assault her.Like the second son of the Viscount, whose pride was deeply hurt by her. The men that attacked her, after their pride was hurt, started spreading malicious rumors and aggravating the existent ones already circulating.Then Opal noticed that she was labeled as a slut, and time went by like this.(It’s better to give up marriage. I want to live freely and no marry a person I don’t like and waste my property over them.)At the end of her eighteen-year-old year, Opal gave up her dream of building a warm family.Opal inheritance consisted of a small territory and sufficient wealth from her maternal grandmother.This inheritance remains for Opal even after marriage, and that’s all thanks to her grandmother’s worry for her daughter’s future.(I had heard from my mother that grandfather was very strict and always had a whip. So she was worried for my mother because of her experience.)When Opal returned to the mansion in the capital, she was more focused on studying than playing.She asked the manager Trevor, the deacon Alton, and the housekeeper Marcia to learn from them how to manage the territory and how to manage a house.On the way home, Opal encountered Claude, her friend who just returned from university, but when he actually saw her, his mouth twitched very unhappily.“Well, Opal. What will you do after studying so much? Isn’t the territory’s management a man’s job? Rather, Opal, you don’t need to study because you’ll have to hire a manager and a butler to do the job anyways.”“Oh, so you’re thinking that for a woman it’s only necessary to keep silent and stay at home. I’m disappointed. I’m not going to get married, so when I turn 20, I’ll leave here to manage grandmother’s territory. I’m going to live in a big land, so I want to know everything for the wellbeing of the people who lives there. ““Are you not going to get married?”“Did you not hear it Claude? That cruel rumor that’s currently circulating about me.”“You’re an idiot, how can you listen to it. That I live in a man’s dormitory at the university doesn’t mean I don’t get any information about the outside world. But, because we’re friends, I know that Opal isn’t such a woman. Yes, all the people who live here know you from a young age. ”“… Thank you Claude”She was happy to hear Claude’s words, but Opal managed to suppress it.Opal does not usually cry, even when it’s because of happiness.Even when she fell from a tree and broke her arm, or when her favorite pony died.(My mother once has said to me in her last moments.)(“Don’t cry, my cute girl. Please laugh. ”)(So, I desperately endured the tears that flowed down at that time, and laughed with a messy face and a runny nose.)(Then my mother slowly lifted her cheeks that had become completely thin and laughed back.)(She shouldn’t have that much power left and her strength left a big impression on me.)So Opal decided not to cry from that day on when she was ten years old.(If you clench your teeth and laugh forward, everyone will laugh back someday.)In fact, everyone in the territory laughs back.(It doesn’t matter what people from the nobility social circles say or think.)At the end of the next season, Opal intended to move to the house that her grandmother left behind.(It is almost two years until I become twenty years old, but I can’t help it. I attended every ball of the social circles for over three seasons and couldn’t find a marriage partner.)The heritage trustee was very kind and knew about Opal rumors so he accepted the proposal.Of course, as usual, the land management would be left to the manager she chooses even if she supervises everything.Thanks to that, Opal’s heart has become light.(You can laugh even if surrounded by prodigal sons, men that see your inheritance instead of you, or men who prefer to believe vulgar rumors instead of what they see.)(I danced only once after my debut and before the incident, and I was fascinated by a duke I met at that dance, but I never really became deeply involved with him. It was just formal greetings and some cordial talks.)(However, since that incident, he has ignored me without even sparing me a greeting.)(It’s not worth mentioning.)(Although cruel his actions, the Duke is in a position that allows it.)By the end of the season in the next few days, Opal had already finished packing.“Once you return to the countryside, move to the small house left by your grandmother.”Everyone in the mansion was lonely because she told them that she would be a long time in the capital, but at the end, she had to left as soon as she came.The nobility social season is practically over and only a small concert at a certain Viscount family is left for her to attend.While choosing a dress for the concert, Opal looked at the other dresses in the closet.When this season is over, I will leave everything I don’t need behind.Some of the simple designs will still be needed in the territory, so it’s already packed.“It’s finally over.”While Opal thought so, the butler entered the room.“My lord is waiting in the study for the lady.”“Dad?”“Yes.”“……Understood”(He no longer called me after the morning of the incident.) Since she was left alone for such a long time, Opal thought that he was not really interested in her situation.“Still, I can’t escape, and of course I don’t intend to do it.” Opal stood in front of the study and knocked on the door.“Get in”Opal, who was allowed to enter, gently opened the door and stepped into the study.As usual, his father’s office desk is filled to the brim with paperwork, and his busyness is reminiscent.Despite calling her, her father didn’t raise his face from the documents while writing.“Dad, what do you want?”When Opal asked without waiting, his father looked up.He exhales and puts the pen down.“A noble maiden, shouldn’t open her mouth until the master speaks first. It’s also my fault that I couldn’t educate you properly. Opal, you seem to have become a very wild woman.”“I’m sorry, Father, but I need to return to prepare for tonight.”“Shut up.”(My father does not yell, but does not listen to other opinions.)Opal hated it very much.Opal thought that her brother didn’t come back from college because he didn’t want to meet his father.Opal apologized and stood silent awaiting his following words.As soon as he fixed his mood, he smiled.Opal was convinced that his smile was a bad omen. His smile only appeared every time someone had bad luck.“Opal, your marriage is finally decided.”“……What?”“That’s pretty good. You have waited for three whole years. If there wasn’t those rumors, we would have been able to solve this three years ago. ”“Dad, I am getting married ?…”“I have already signed a contract with the other party. I just contacted you to inform you that your ceremony will be held the day after tomorrow.”Opal was unable to object as he father had already firmed the contract for her marriage.Opal immediately realized that she was not able to escape this marriage. Am unmarried woman of 20 years old had no voice.Until now, she had been freed because he was awaiting a time, to show his superiority.For three years, Opal’s father waited until he could make use of his opponent’s weaknesses.What a terrible person is this?(I was hurt yet again, but I thought that maybe a divorce would be possible later on.)(Suddenly, I wonder why I have a bad feeling about this.)“Father, so … who is my partner?”“Are you finally interested? If you heard his name, you may be grateful to this father of yours. Your bridegroom is Hubert MacLeod, Duke McLeod.”“… MacLeod, Duke?”Opal who heard the name was dizzy and almost fell down.The Duke of Macleod was her dance partner once three years ago.He was the only person she felt attracted to but he ignored her after the incident.“Why … did the Duke accept this …?”“The Duke of MacLeod lost his parents early and succeeded the Duke at a young age. Inexperienced and too sweet. That happened three years ago. And he is now stuck with a debt, so instead of selling his ancestral land, he decided to sell himself. ”“… Did the Duke consent to marry me for his debt?”“Oh, I’ve been quite patient to await until watching him fall so deep. But this investment is important.”“investment……”“Don’t think about it, it’s a duke okay? Be happy. I’ll become a father-in-law of a duke, and you’ll become a duchess. Until now, I have left you be free. So now is your time to be useful for this house. Work on solving the problems with the Duke yourself, It will become an interesting experience for you. “(It is not certain what I responded to father’s words.)(However, after leaving the study and until I returned to my room, I was completely out of me.)

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