Duchess in the Attic – Chapter 03

Until three days later, Opal did not even meet the Duke. This caused a tremendous earthquake in the social world, as rumors started to circulate indicating that Opal was pregnant and that the duke is struggling with his territory so accepted her only to maintain his assets. There were various speculations going around. Even though he was a young duke, Hubert was seven years older than Opal. Opal laughed at the rumors heard and at how silly was that 26-year-old man to believe it. However, the rumor about accepting her to maintain his vast territory was no mistaken. Apparently the Duke was not hiding the debt well. A few days passed and Opal had now to attend the ceremony.She was trembling. …Why did Hubert accept this marriage? He must be grateful that the Duke’s family has been saved because of my dowry that repaid all their debts, and my father gave him a lot of cash as a wedding gift. But he doesn’t seem to worry about my reputation? Even thought he believes the rumors.Mmm.In fact, he didn’t send any flowers… nor anything as a pre-wedding gift. Still, the first night… I heard one of his maids saying that I’m not clean, so he won’t touch me. Is he a kind person enough to accept me even when believing the circulating rumors?Mmm.But… what about that. What my father told me yesterday. “McCloud seems to have mistress, surrounded in mystery. But, you’ll be his wife, so don’t care about it. One or two mistresses are no big deal.” …At first, it was a shock for Opal, but she was able to think calmly because of the ridiculous men she encountered before. If it’s a single man, it may be inevitable. But will he still keep his mistress when he gets married? Only if he is determined to put his wife in shame. Only if he thinks of his wife as inferior to his mistress. The more she thought, the more Opal became scared of this marriage.But the church music began to ring, and she couldn’t escape anymore. Opal separated from her father and went to the front. The groom waiting in front of the altar does not turn around, receiving her with his back. That appearance made her feel even more scared about this marriage, but Opal squeezed all her strength to not run away and pushed her feet forward. Finally, when she stood next to the groom, her breath was light and her fingertips were completely cold. The groom does not want to look at Opal. The participants feel strange about all that’s happening. It was a fairly simple ceremony and there are only a few relatives of each other. Neither Opal nor Hubert invited friends. The two of them expressed their vows, signed the oath, and the ceremony ended. After that, there should be a celebratory reception, but the attendees returned home without complaining. Regardless… this strange wedding will put Opel in the center of the rumors again. “About the celebratory reception…” “I don’t feel like celebrating, do you need a celebratory reception?” Opal’s words were blocked by his cold voice. And for the first time today – she heard Hubert’s voice after three years. The disappointed Opal didn’t say anything and continued walking. Then; They were put on the duke’s carriage. The baggage that was supposed to be brought to the territory left by her grandmother was already carried to the duke’s house.Opal on the carriage was gently stroking the velvet seat, which seems to have recently been replaced. But Hubert, who was sitting in front, scoffed at her, showing disdain. “Are you satisfied with knowing how your money was spent?” “My money?” “Your dowry was used to replace that seat. Some other mansions have been repaired and your room was redecorated.” “……Thank you” Opal spoke out thankfully, knowing that he arranged the room and the carriage to welcome her. However, the feeling did not seem to be communicated. Hubert just frowned. “Thanks aren’t necessary. I’m a man bought with money by your parents, so it’s natural to do what I can. But there are things I can’t do. I want you to know that now.” “–Yes” She wanted to say that she didn’t bought him, but Opal closed her mouth as he will not get it. Apparently, Hubert is quite disgusted with his circumstances. She is a dirty woman who bought him with money taking advantage of his need.Opal’s father said he had waited for three years, but during that time he must have worked hard to ruin Hubert’s financially and get to obtain his title. Hubert pinned all the fault on Opal thus resulting in an unwilling marriage. After a while, Opal decided that Hubert’s attitude would change if he realized that she was not as rumored. “Despite how much money you and your parents gave me, that house is mine. I won’t let you freely roam it.” “But we’re married, I must live in that house now… and the mistress …” “The hostess, you must mean. She’s already there.” “eh?” “My father’s cousin, Mrs. Northam. She and her husband took care of me when I lost my parents when young. Her husband died seven years ago. She took his place and continued taking care of me. So just because I got married, she and her daughter, Stella, can’t be driven out of the house. ” “That is of course.” I heard that Hubert lost his parents when he was young, but I wasn’t thinking of expelling the people who raised him. I didn’t even know that there were such people in the first place. However, since Hubert was married, it was normal for his wife, Opal, to send off the mistress. Perhaps, Mrs. Northam may tell him herself. “It’s also about Stella, she doesn’t know the world because she’s very weak and hasn’t been out. I wouldn’t want her to know someone like you, so if possible, don’t get close to Stella.” “… How old is miss Stella?” “She will be 20 years old this year” Opal was amazed at his stone faced proposal. There is nothing more insulting, that being told not to approach a woman older than herself because she would adversely affect her. Opal realized that she had been seeing ideally sweetly this marriage. …Even though it started with a money exchange, I thought that with time, he will see my true self. Still, there’s a probability he may change in the first night if reached. Next morning, I might be able to get an apology from Hubert, as I was never defiled as rumors say. If he apologizes, I’ll forgive him immediately. So, if we talk about the future carefully, this marriage should work very well. Perhaps I could get the warm home that I always dreamed of. …As she was imagining a bright future, she found out that the carriage stopped and arrived at the Duke’s house. Hubert quickly got down and Opal, helped by her servant, got out of the carriage and looked up at the large duke’s mansion. Certainly, if the mansion that should be only used for staying in the capital city is so good, the maintenance costs should be ridiculous high. So, Opal slowly climbed the stairs to the entrance.

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