Duchess in the Attic – Chapter 04

  • Stella Northam. Also sometimes referred to as Ms. Northam. Cousin and lover of Hubert, Opal’s husband.
  • Romit, Hubert’s mansion main butler.
  • Beth, Romit’s wife and the head maid.
  • Hubert, The Duke that married Opal because of his debts.
  • Opal, the Duchess. Married against her will because of her father’s schemes.

“Is her room ready? Send her to the room.”“Oh, then someone please guide me.”When Opal finished walking up the stairs, a butler spoke to Hubert.This is nothing alike a celebration of two newly married people.In addition, the faces of the servants lined up to welcome the married couple are all uniformly cold while looking at Opal.Opal was angry about how rude the mansion’s servants were.But it won’t make a good first impression being angry.She writes down in her mind to call the head maid later and check the servants situation.Then, a man that seemed to be the butler bowed to Opal and greeted her.“Welcome, Lady of the house. My name is Romit, and I’m the general administrator of this mansion. If you need any help, please call me or Beth. Beth is my wife. She’s the head maid.At the words of Romit, the young woman moves forward one-step and bows her head in salutation.However, Opal did not miss the rebellious expression on her face.Opal impression of Hubert became the worst after seeing how the servants received her.Hubert quickly entered the mansion.“Now, I’m going to take you to your room madam. The Sir is tired today, so I’ll bring the dinner to your room.”“Is that fine?”“Please understand madam. Have consideration…”“……What?”Even the butler seems to think that I’m a mistress intruding in a perfect family house.Moreover, if that were still not enough, the first night of the married couple changed to become the first day of a nightmare.He didn’t come to have dinner with his newly married wife but instead went to eat with his cousin, while leaving her to the servants.Madam, it’s not necessary to celebrate your first night after getting married. It’s a good idea to eat in your room, that way, your life here will be happy.Opal silently followed Romit, not wanting to make a ruckus as she just arrived.The mansions of this area, regardless of size, are usually the same, so Opal went up the large staircase in front and quickly found the master bedroom that should be her room.However, Romit passed past that room.Opal was confused by his actions, but anyways, she followed Romit.When she noticed, they have reached the very end of the hallway.Romit opens the door there.Opal who entered the room after regretting not having entered the master bedroom, realized that it was an old attic.“Romit, is this my room?”“Yes madam.”“But this is an attic? Maybe the master bedroom has not been redesigned yet?”“No. This room is certainly the farthest from the stairs, but there are plenty of washrooms and closets near here, and the view from the window is amazing. You won’t have to worry about annoying noises too. ”“… Thank you so much, but I’m the duchess. My room is the master bedroom. So, please move my luggage now.”“I can’t do that.”“Why?”“First, the master bedroom is Hubert’s room and Stella is using it together with him.”“What …?”I knew that he was the worst, but hesitated to order Romit again, as I felt that I shouldn’t go there.Not only it’s impossible to use the master bedroom, but I didn’t expect to be pushed into such a room.In addition, Opal was stunned by being informed of some surprising facts.You can see the blood pulling from her face.Still, she pinched her left hand with her right hand to see if it was not a bad dream, but it was all real.She opened her mouth to say something.“Is that Stella, his cousin, my husband’s mistress?”Words that I had never thought of have popped out, but I think it would be inevitable to think so.This time, Romit was enraged.“I didn’t mean it … like that … I’m sorry for this.”Finally, Romit, who had an incredible expression, threw a severe gaze at Opal and left the room.Opal glanced at Beth who was preparing her change of clothes as if nothing had happened.She said nothing, but seemed angry at her question.Apparently there seems to be an angel in this mansion.And because the snake that could pollute the angel has entered, everyone is hostile to the snake.Opal, who gave up her dream of a marriage for love long ago, did not care about her reputation.But now that reputation has become a trap.(But I saved this house? Why should I be ridiculed by the lowest servants so far?)The more she thinks, the more angry she gets and the more she holds back that anger, the more it burns her inside.The snake in this mansion is not me.I haven’t meet her yet, and she’s the person who has been managing this house. This Ms. Northam, is not simple. Thinking that this house is broken and she’s the manager, and she sleeps with her cousin. She’s the snake.Perhaps she thinks that her position will be threatened by my arriving.“Stupid! So Stupid!”Opal grinded her teeth while changing from a wedding dress to a nightgown, but Beth, who heard her words, said nothing.…As I decided I couldn’t do anything about this, I could hear some powerful footsteps approaching.In this mansion, only Hubert is allowed to make such a noise.Hubert opened the door abruptly, without knocking.“Husband–“Opal tried to give her greetings in a respectful manner.However, she sees Hubert’s face approaching madly enraged and closed her mouth.“What a venomous woman! Saying that to my Stella !… Saying that Stella is a mistress! “He grabbed Opal’s arm so hard that she wanted to scream from the pain, but squeezed her teeth.When Hubert finally lets out his anger, he releases her arm saying that it’s dirty.“I don’t allow you to see Stella. You mustn’t get out of this room, let Beth bring in and out of this room all you need. If you step out by accident, of course, I won’t recognize you anymore as my wife and I’m going to appeal to the royal court attorney for damages. “Ignoring Opal answer, Hubert left the room.Opal turned around, while rubbing her throbbing and aching arm.Beth didn’t say anything in the meantime, just silently sat down in the corner of the room.

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