I got a Cheat Ability in a Different World, and became Extraordinary even in the Real World – Volume 1 Chapter 4 – Life Changes

Part 1

Today is finally my school entrance ceremony. In the end, during this holiday, I was just collecting drop items in the other world, so yeah, I didn’t take any part-time job interviews at all. On the contrary, since it’s possible to be self-sufficient in that other world house, I almost never leave the house in Japan.

Well, fortunately, thanks to continually cashing in the drop items, I have an amazing amount of money right now, but… it was really frightening, and I can’t take it out of the [Item Box] carelessly. And these are my current status;

[Tenjou Yuuya]

Occupation: None
Level: 233

Magic: 5880
Attack: 7880
Defense: 7880
Agility: 7880
Intelligence: 5380
Luck: 8380

BP: 0

[Item Box]
[Language Comprehension]
[True Martial Art: 6]
[Presence Detection]
[Fast Reading]
[Cooking: 5]
[Weakness Detection]

[Master of The Door]
[Master of The House]
[Person Who Visited A Different World For The First Time]

My level is up, including the skills level, and if we talk about the [True Martial Art] skill, It’ll sometimes make me laugh since I can easily do a manga-like movement now. The book’s contents I bought for this [True Martial Arts] was also usable in actual battle.

Well, but I still can’t use magic though.

By the way, as for the Goblin General’s drop items, I found out that it was an A class monster, since its [Magic Stone] was an A rank. Other than that, I didn’t get any special or unusual items. But to think that an A rank magic stone is worth 5 million yen, I was unable to stand up due to surprise because of it. I can’t go back to that time even if I think back, and on the contrary, the entrance ceremony is just around the corner now.

Sigh… It’s makes me depressed…”

However, I don’t have the option of being absent from school. Moreover, it’s an entrance ceremony. No matter how much I’m disturbed during the class, I have to pay for it, and most of all, I couldn’t see the future so I have to do my best to study.

“… Yup, let’s go.”

No matter how much I tried to inspire myself, in the end, my depression still didn’t change, and I was leaving home in a newly bought uniform with a sinking mood.

* * *

… Yeah, what now.

“Hey, hey, that guy…”

“Is he a transfer student?”

“Whoa… his long legs…”

“R-rather, isn’t it really well-shaped?”

“Is he some kind of model?”

“I don’t know, but I’ve never seen such an amazingly handsome guy…”

When I leave the home and go to the school with my depressed mood, I feel like I’m being watched, it’s not like I’m being overly self-conscious though. I don’t know why, but I don’t have a propensity of being happy to be watched like this, so it’s very uncomfortable. No wait, I used to being looked down on in the past, and what I feel from myself now is still the same, but… I’m not sure why, somehow, I feel that the kind of gaze is different now. What’s really going on?

Also, there were times when I was usually messed with on my way to school, and on a bad day there were times when I got beaten and kicked, assaulted and my money was taken, but today, such troubles didn’t occur. And without knowing why people were watching me before I’ve finally arrived at the school.

At the entrance, a class-division paper was pasted, and there was a huge crowd and I couldn’t get close to it, but surprisingly, after someone noticed me they also looked surprised, and whether that surprise was contagious or not, there were no people in front of me anymore now. Geez, I’m not Moses, you know.

But, if so many people are using it, I can’t use it either without permission, so yeah, it’s good for me if they give me the way to check it. As I checked the paper, there was Araki name in my class, the main offender of my bullying. Even though it was mostly the same as the junior high school, Still, I thought the class would change, too. Sigh… I don’t like it…

I couldn’t wipe away my dismay, so I left the entrance and headed straight to the gym. The entrance ceremony will be held in the gym, and after that we supposed to be moved to the new classroom. When I arrived at the gym, the venue for the entrance ceremony, I was still receiving strange glances from the people on the surrounding, but strangely, no one was troubling me, and I was able to come to the entrance ceremony safely.

No, it’s should be just normal.

Anyway, after the end of the entrance ceremony, we’re supposed to be be given the explanation related to this high school by the homeroom teacher until lunch break, and the schedule would be ended after that. 

As I think of today’s schedule, I get closer to the new classroom, and I just feel more and more depressed.

Sigh…. I really don’t like it.

When I entered the classroom, I was getting an uncertain gaze by the people in the class, and then I sat in an empty seat trying not to worry about it as much as possible. Then, Araki suddenly called me out as soon as I sat down in this new classroom.


“Eh!? W-what is it?”

I tried to looked at him timidly after he called me with a suspicious manner.

“Who are you? I haven’t seen your face before. Are you a transfer student?”

“Ehh? Umm… But, I’m Tenjou Yuuya, you know…”

“……. Wha-?”

Araki showed a stupid face which I had never seen before. However, it’s not only Araki, but for some reason, all of the people in the class have the same expression.

“Stop joking. No matter how I look at you, you’re not like that shitty pig bastard, you know. You’re a transfer student, aren’t you?”

“N-no, like I said, I’m that person himself…”

“… No, no, no, no, it doesn’t make sense, you know!?”Araki shouted.

Although I was surprised by his voice, but I felt that not only Araki but everyone in the class have thought the same thing, and everyone had their eyes wide open.

“Huh? Then what? You bastard… You want to say you’ve done some plastic surgery, huh?”

“I-I don’t have money for that kind of thing, you know. I just did my best to diet during the holiday.”

No, I just actually improved my level, but if I think about the battle with the monsters again, I think it’s okay to say that I have worked hard, right? Even though I tell him the truth, Araki remained with a stunned expression.

When I looked around involuntarily, everyone also remained stunned.

Then, Araki finally came back to his senses, he tried to say something, but at that moment, the teacher has came into the classroom, he returned to his seat while clicking his tongue.

* * *

“… Eh?”It was at lunch break. I was always getting bullied, so I went to the toilet which is a quite place, I wanted to relax slowly at the toilet, but I was stunned to see myself reflected in the mirror there. It’s rare I was not entangled with Araki and his gang, and it’s really a peaceful time. Well, I’m little afraid since I don’t know how long this peaceful time will last.
No wait, rather than that, it’s about my face reflected in the mirror.

“Is this… really me…?”

In the mirror, there was a face that did not look like me before, showing a surprised expression. The face which was full of acne before is now smooth and clean. The thinning-hair in my head before is also become thick and smooth. The squared-jaw has become sharp and small, and my thin lips before have become plump. The nose like a pig has turned straight now. I touch my face that is completely different from my face before, I touch it to confirm. Yes, it’s my face now.

I was lost for words.


I shouted unintentionally.

No wait, who is this really!? Me!? Is it really me!?

The complex that has been tormenting me until now is clearly disappeared. I touch my face again in amazement. And at the same time I was convinced.

“… If it changes to this extent, everyone will obviously be surprised.”

This may also be a benefit from the level up. My face is become so good that it’s incomparable than before.

“At this rate, I wonder if people will stop looking at me in disgust.”

It’s difficult to properly evaluate your own face, after all. Above all, I had hated my face and appearance. But now that I’m at the level that can be shown to people, honestly, I’m so happy. However, for someone who knew me before, it may not change their unpleasantness even if my appearance has changed.

“… I don’t have to walk while looking down like before anymore, do I?”

Now I have a face that can be seen differently from me before. I looked in the mirror for a while without feeling any reality, but before long, I remembered that it was a lunch break time and hurried back to the class.

My steps at this time were very light compared to before.

* * *

“… I mean, it was so quick…”

This week, there wasn’t anyone who picked a fight with me, including Araki. They just watched me from distance, and they hadn’t even spoken to me. Even Araki and his gang are like that, so I thought my change was truly extraordinary. In addition to such a rare peace, there was something nice as well. As I thought, my [Languange Comprehension] skill was really activated, it made the English class become easy, I was not good at English before, after all.

And today is the long-awaited holiday, I felt like it just came so fast. I have to enjoy it. Well, since I have to do washing too, it’s also considerably wasted my time.

“But, it’s just the same clothes all the time…”

The clothes I’m wearing now was something I got in that other world, and I don’t have any other clothes that match my current body except for uniforms and gym clothes. I’m not interested in fashion anyway, and I don’t have a good sense of it in the first place, but it’s not good to just wear the same clothes all the time. Although I’m washed my former clothes, it doesn’t change the way it looks, so it’ll still looks dirty from other people’s view.

But I’ve never liked going out to town either. Because, everytime I went to town, I’ve always been exposed to looks of contempt, and if I have bad luck, I’d get entangled with the delinquents and get beaten by them. However, since I don’t have a PC to do online shopping, I have to go out to the town to buy the necessity.

“Apart from the ingredients, I’ve run out of some daily necessities.”
I reluctantly got out of the house while sighing, I wouldn’t leave if not for necessities anyway.

“I absolutely need to buy daily necessity now, apart from that, should I buy some clothes, too?”

As I heading to the city, I think about the clothes I should buy. I’ve took out 50,000 yen from the [Item Box] beforehand and put it in my wallet, so I think, it will be enough.

“Back then, I didn’t have many kinds of clothes to wear, so it was easy to choose. But now, it’s just strange to wear the same clothes all the time…”
In the end, I didn’t know where to buy clothes, so I decided to put it aside for now and go to buy daily necessities first.

Part 2

“Let’s see… it seems like this is all.”

I had finished buying more daily necessities, which was one of my original purposes going to town. There’s a big shopping mall in town, and you can find most things in there, so I’ve been going there to shop for a long time already.

… Well, because of that, I’ve also been in a lot of trouble, such as entangling with bad guy or such. And when I go to a place where there are so many people’s eyes, I don’t feel very good. But this time it’s not like the usual me. I have a different look, so I don’t have to walk looking down like I was before. Unlike usual, I’ve gained a little bit of confidence, so I walk looking at the front now.

“Ne, ne, look at that guy…”

“No way, who is that? An entertainer?”

“He’s handsome and has a good style, he’s seriously extraordinary…”

“Isn’t he too sexy!?”

“Come to think of it, I heard there’s a fashion magazine photoshoot in here today…”

“L-let’s talk to him for a moment.”

“Eh, you serious!?”

When I was walking around while thinking that there were many people whispering around me, I was suddenly called by an unfamiliar woman.

“Ne, ne, you.”


I thought the ones who called was the delinquents, so I was kinda surprised at first. Apparently, there was group of women.

“Right. If you’re free, why don’t you play with us onee-chan here?”

“Ne, is it okay?”

“Eh, ah, uhmm…”

What is this, a sales trick!?

I was panicked by the call from these unfamiliar women, but I managed to calmed down and try to refused politely. You see, in this case, I need to make an apologetic expression so as not to offend the other party! Anyway, I would pass out now if it was me from before… Probably!

“I’m sorry… I have something to do…”

I tried to show an apologetic look as much as possible, the women who were amazed for a moment, conversely started to panic this time.

“I-it’s okay, don’t worry about that!”

“Yeah yeah, I’m sorry to bother you!”

The women drew back obediently, it seems my apologetic feeling were transmitted to them. Thank goodness! I would definitely be either reported or terribly abused if this was the previous me. I was relieved from the bottom of my heart and left the place, but I still can heard whispering voices from behind.

“… Did you look his face before?”

“… It was really dangerous for my heart.”

“I thought it was cool… His apologetic expression looked like a small animal…”

“Anyway, it was dangerous.”

I somehow felt shiver from my spine. W-what is this?

“W-well, that’s good. Rather than that, I wonder where I can buy clothes…”

I muttered that while walking around the shopping mall. When I came here, I was checking the men’s fashion’s floor, but there are a variety of brands so I don’t know which one I should look at.

“I was living a life that had never thought about fashion before…and I didn’t have any money either.”

Well, my appearance is also too simple now. I just wearing a white shirt and black pants, after all. And also the luster bluish black leather shoes and the black moon necklace which is the rare drop items that I obtained by defeating the Hell Slime.

Yeah, thinking about it again, it’s just a simple outfit that is far from fashionable. Well, I don’t really get that impression because these clothes themselves are so high quality.

As I walked around the shopping mall, I suddenly heard a yell.
“Hey! How long are you going to keep me waiting!?”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

“It’s not enough with just apologies! I’ve been waiting for more than an hour in here!? You really have guts to make me wait!?”

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry…!”

“Errr… Hikari-san. I don’t really mind it.”

“Miwa-chan! You must not spoil him! It’s not good for the other party if you overslept!”

“Y-yes, but…”

“Also, if you hear his reason for oversleeping was because of a hangover, then there’s no room for apologies anymore… It’s natural for me to be angry! Compared to that, Miwa-chan is admirable. You’re serious with this even though you’ve become very famous now… I just want this bastard to follow you as example to not always fall behind schedule.”


Looking at the yell direction, a muscular man dressed in a flashy pink shirt was yelling at a man in a suit with his head down, in a diminished appearance. Behind them, there’s a woman with loose wavy brown hair, whose excellent appearance could be seen from a distance, was soothing the man with muscular figure.

… What is this chaos.

When I look closely, the muscular man was holding a camera, and something like photography equipment? There’s many things like that lined up around him. Is it somekind of photoshoot? Well, there seems to be a kind of celebrity around here, and they might do something like drama or photo shoot in here.

Actually, there are a lot of ordinary people gathered around here, and I think there will be something more amazing than just a photoshoot. Hmm, is that woman an actress? When I checked on the situation, it seems that she’s pretty famous. I don’t have a TV at home, and I practically don’t know about celebrities, that’s why I don’t know anything about that woman.

“I won’t be able to see the shop over there in this state, let’s look at the other place, then.”

With that said, I turned my back from the photo shoot area.

“But you also have another schedule, right? Therefore, it will be bad for you, so this time I’ll just do it with Miwa-chan alone.”


“There’s no problem, right? I’m a professional, so I’ll be sure to do it! It’s not like I’m saying I’ll only use one model like this from now on, you know. Well, of course I’ll never use someone who likes to be late like this guy again.”


“But I’m in trouble. As for today’s composition, I was thinking of using another male model at this time with Miwa-chan for a couple production…

Hey, on this occasion, we might use an acceptable ordinary man in this shopping mall. You have all the size of clothes, don’t you?” He asked at the staff.

“Yes, we have everything.”

“Okay, then… Ah, what about the man over there? Hey! You there!”
Even if I was thinking to see other places, they clothes just look all the same no matter where I look. Has my sense about fashion become devastating, too?

“Hey you there, the one who seems to be thinking about something!”

… Hmm? What is it, it seems like someone is calling.

When I looking around instinctively, I heard the call from behind.

“Yes, you. The one who’s looking around! Can you wait for a moment?”


I turned back spontaneously, but the muscular man in that flashy shirt looked at me stunned. Not only the muscular man but also the other staff and the beautiful girls were looking at me stunned. For a moment, I thought it wasn’t me, but I don’t know why, there was only me here for some reason, and the others are in a position to look at me from the distance… Why is it? I don’t know why they’ve staring at me like that, but it seems like they need something from me, so I headed towards them.

“Uhm, what happened?”

When I asked the most prominent here, the muscular man, I could’ve seen an image of a bolt of lightning striking in his background for some reason. Eh, what’s that. This time, it was me who’s stunned in surprise, and then I suddenly slapped my both cheeks with my hands to restore my calm.

“You! Would you like to participate in this photo shoot!?”

“………… Huh?”

I could only be dumbfounded.

Part 3

Why did it become like this?

“Yeees! It looks good! Yes yes! Ah, I want him to have more sexy feeling here! look sideways, please look sideways!”

It’s not good, I don’t understand at all. I was supposed to come to this shopping mall to buy clothes and daily necessities, but before I know… I’m in an awkward situation which is having to be a model. 

Moreover, I’m not doing the photo shoot alone, but also with a very beautiful woman.“Yuuya-kun! Your expression is too stiff! Smile smile!”

It’s not good even if you said that!

I know that my expression is getting stiffer, I was thinking about what should I do, and there’s a woman model that will do the photo shoot with me this time ─ Miwa-san smiled looking at me.

“Yuuya-san. Everyone is also nervous like that at their first time, so you don’t have to worry about it.”


I took a deep breath once, and looked at my appearance again.

Right now I’ve changed from my simple white shirt and black pants to a white drape shirt, and put on a thin black short-sleeved cardigan on top of that, and wine-red skinny pants. All of these are clothes that I’ve never worn before, and I was more nervous about this dress itself rather than the photo shoot.

I suddenly noticed that there were many people around me. I guess they’re the customer who came to this shopping mall, but now they’re looking at this photo shoot scene of me and Miwa-san from the distance. 

Some people have their smartphones pointed here, so they seems to be taking photos, too.“Amazing. It’s my first time to see Miwa-chan in person.”

“Yes that’s Miwa-chan, but who’s the boy doing the photo shoot together with her!? Doesn’t he have super good style!?

“Isn’t he a model? He’s with Miwa-chan, and above all, she’s so handsome and stylish…”

“No way!? Then, let’s find out about him when the magazine is released!”

Yup, As I thought, I’ll stand out if doing photo shoot in a big shopping mall like this.

“Well, please link your arms for a moment.”


The photographer said that when I was distracted by the surrounding gaze.

But, what’s that link… arms? Err, do I need to stand tall while folding my arms?

As I was in a hurry by the sudden order, Miwa-san gently entwined her left arm with my right arm.


“Yuuya-san? What’s wrong?”

“Eh, no, n-nothing!”

No, no, it’s not just nothing, you know!? Is this what he meant by linking arms! I surely thought that I just need to fold my arms at that moment. I never had a chance to get close to a woman, so I became more tense than before.

N-no, I’m doing photo shoot now. I have to regain my mind like usual somehow…

This photo shoot seems to be for couples, so of course, it’s impossible for me to do that kind of movement. I can’t afford to be so panicked at this moment! To begin with, I can’t even imagine a movement like that!

Nevertheless, I’ve calmer than before. Considering this far, it’s good she’s not notice it yet. No… shit, she noticed.

“Oh my. Yuuya-kun, your expression much more stiffer than before.”

“I-i-i-is that so?! I-i-i-it’s just normal, you know!?

“Yeah. I mean, you’re a little unusual.”

Hikari-san smiled bitterly…

It can’t be helped, you know! Because… Miwa-san’s… ch… chest…!


“It’s hitting me!”


“Ah, i-it’s nothing! Yes!”

I said that unintenionally, but… Miwa-san’s chest is on my arm! It’s on my aaaarrrm!

Is Miba-san not aware of it?! I thought so and glancing at her, but she’s just make an expression like a proffesional who’s doing a photo shoot now. This is not a matter of noticing or not. Looking at Miwa-san’s serious yet natural expression, I became much more calmer. Let’s just put it aside. I have to concentrate on this photo shoot now.

After diverting my mind, Hikari-san also gave instructions for various other poses.

“Yes, then Miwa-chan, please hug on to Yuuya’s neck.”



Despite me being surprised again, Miwa-san posed her arms around my neck without hesitation. It’s not good. Unlike the previous arm, I could feel a lot of things all over my body now! Although, I have diverted my mind, eventually my expression and body become much more stiffer than a little while ago. Then I tried to calm down while doing other poses, but I was still stiff, after all, so I had to take a break.


“Thank you very much for your work.”

“Ah, you too, thank you very much.”

“Can I sit next to you?”

“Ah, yes! It’s okay!”

Miwa-san talked to me as she sat on a bench in this shopping mall and took a breather. When Miwa-san sat next to me, I uttered what I thought honestly.

“Miwa-san, that’s amazing.”


Miwa-san was surprised hearing my sudden compliment.

“I’ve never worn this kind of clothes before… and on the contrary, I lived a life that had never thought about fashion. So, when I looked at models in the magazine, I never thought anything in particular. I just experienced it in a short period of time today and I came to understand how hard it was.”

“It’s because… you’re just not used to it yet! At first, I was just a failure, and often getting scolded.”

“Even so, I think it’s difficult for me. I didn’t think it would require an expression too, not just a pose alone.”

“Ahahahaha… Hikari-san is famous because of his particular focus on facial expressions in the modeling industry.”

Hikari-san was the muscular man wearing that flashy shirt, and he was also a photographer. He doesn’t look like that at all.

“Sigh… But I don’t know how to do that.”

As when doing the photo shoot, I was reminded of my useless when I saw Miwa-san, who is not that old, was able to play an active role so far. I think it’s also changing my mental little by little, but it’s still a long way to go.

Apparently she seemed to see my uneasy expression, and she kindly told me; “Yuuya-san. I think you don’t need to rush it. Just take it slowly… at it’s own pace. Be more confident! And I also thought that I was having fun today because I was able to do a photo shoot with Yuuya-san like this… so I’d be happy if you would think so, too.”


“Of course, it’s not just about photo shoot, it’s about enjoying everything, don’t you think so?”

“… Enjoying… huh?”

Until recently, I couldn’t afford to have fun. I was so desperate to live, and it was painful and was unbearable every day. But now it’s different. After I found the door that connect to the other world, I…

“I… Can I enjoy it?”

“Yes, of course!”

When I turned to Miwa-san, she gave me a gentle smile, I noticed that it was a natural smile.


I heard a strange voice from the distance, but I have no idea what that is.

 Part 4

“Thanks! You’ve been really helpful!”

“N-no problem, I’m glad that I could help, but… uhm… was it really good?”

After the break, the photo shoot session didn’t resume for some reason. On the contrary, Hikari-san thanked us with a satisfied face.

… No, wait, if the pro in business said that it was good, it’s safe to say that there will be nothing to worry about, right? But… I wonder which photos will be used? I didn’t know since I haven’t seen it yet. When I thought of that, Hikari-san suddenly gave me a big paper bag.

“Here, take this.”

“Huh? W-what is it? This is…”

I looked at the contents, there was a lot of clothes in it.

“I really want to give you money, but since you’re an amateur, it’s a bit tough on the office for that. Therefore, I’ll give you these clothes instead as a thanks! Please be assured, it’s all fitted to your size. I’ve also carefully selected clothes that looks good on you!”

“Eeh!? T-there’s no need for this! It was a good experience for me, too…”

“It’s okay, just accept it! Basically, there will be some kind of reward for those who work. This is common sense in society, you know.”

“Y-yes… If that’s the case… uhm… thank you very much.”

When I thanked him, Hikari-san nodded with a smile. He’s a good person. As I thought so about Hikari-san, Miwa-san also talked to me.

“Yuuya-san. Thank you very much for your time today.”

“No, it is me who should say so. It was a really valuable experience for me, and above all… I think that being able to do this with a professional who worked earnestly will be a good thing for me in the future.”

I told her that with a smile, Miwa-san seemed surprised for a moment, but not long after, she’s also smiled.

“That was good then! If there’s an opportunity for us to meet again, please treat me well at the time!”

“Yes, me too, I’ll be cheering on you, Miwa-san!”

Then, when I tried to leave this place with a peaceful atmosphere.

“Sup. I’m late.”

A cool man walked toward us. A blonde hair styled in wax and stylish piercings on his ears. He was also well dressed, and his atmosphere somehow felt something like Miwa-san’s. But at the same time, I also felt something completely different from Miwa-san, but I didn’t know what it was.

I was not sure who he was, but looking at Hikari-san who had been smiling a little while ago, now has a vein bulging on his forehead.

“This damned kid…!”

His tone is really back to being a man! Making Hikari-san leaked out his manly tone, who on earth is that guy?

“Umm… Miwa-san. Who’s that guy?” I asked Miwa-san.

“Err… he’s a male model who was supposed to have a photo shoot with me today.”

I was convinced just by Miwa-san’s explanation. I thought there was an atmosphere that was somehow close to Miwa-san’s, was it because they’re in the same profession? I was convinced by that, and then the man noticed Miwa-san’s presence and approached her while grinning.

“Miwa-chaaan! You have photo a shoot with me today, right? How is it? It makes you happy, aren’t you?”


“Well, let’s finish this session quickly, and then we’ll go eat some delicious food together.”

When the man put his hand on Miwa-san’s shoulder, she was puzzled and I felt that she didn’t know what to do from her expression.

This is...

“Hey, hey, no worries.”

“Excuse me…” I tried to cut in.


When I called out, the man looked at me annoyingly.

“Who are you? Don’t talk to me. You’re annoying, get out of here!”

Thereupon, even though I only called him, I was somehow abused. Why? I was dumbfounded for a moment, but I firmly told the man again;

“No, that’s… Miwa-san seems troubled, so I think it’s better for you to step away from her a little bit.”


“… Huh?”

Miwa-san called my name in a bit of a panic, and the man shoot me a glare. He took his hand off of Miwa-san’s shoulder and approached me.

“You, who are you talking to?”


To whom… Well, I actually didn’t know this man is, but… Is he a celebrity? The man glared at me even harder, it seems he didn’t like my behaviour.

“Actually, I don’t understand even if I say it with my own mouth…”


The man suddenly attacked me, to think that it had become a somewhat dangerous atmosphere.

“That attitude irritated me…!”


I was surprised that I was suddenly attacked, but it was so slow, it was incomparable to Goblin Elite or Goblin General’s attacks. I also didn’t have the hobby to be pleased and silent when being attacked, so my body reacted on its own without me knowing.

I caught the man’s fist that flew toward my face with my right palm, twisted his arm, took it to my back, and throw him down.



I was attacked by him without me knowing, my body reacted reflexively and held him down, but… Is it okay? This wasn’t my fault, right? He’s a good-looking guy, the good-looking guy is usually innocent and I’ll be found guilty if he complains. well, I’ll just run to the different world at that time!

When I was thinking about silly things in my mind, the man who had been held to the ground shouted at me.

“Gaah, I was trained in boxing!? How can you do that so easily…!”

Err, I don’t know either.

In the first place, I don’t know if this man has practiced boxing or not just by looking at his punch. Or rather, everyone’s punch just looks the same for me, since they’re all slow compared to the Goblin General…

Well, at the Goblin General’s level, just a single blow from its brute force has an outrageous power already, it’s not a state that can be reached by ordinary people even if they learn martial arts. I can fight with those monsters that have a big physical difference was thanks to my improving skills and stats.

Come to think of it, Miwa-san was panic before maybe because of her knowing that this guy had learned boxing, I guess? However, to think that she was emphasizing that, I wonder if this man has only solved anything by force. Well, in fact, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything before I leveled up. Yep, when I was weak, I wouldn’t have been sure if I can see the man’s punch. Or rather, any attack would’ve finished me anyway.

It made me feel somewhat sad.

Hikari-san squatted down looking at the man, and he declared to him with a very big smile.

“Since you showed violent, your entertainer’s life will be over. Even if you’re not an entertainer, it’s normally a crime, you know. What a pity!”

“Wha-?! T-there’s no evidence! Actually, I’m the one who had been beaten!?”

No, you see, I think people around here were watching, but… as I though, they’ll choose to be a good-looking guy’s ally, right? Should I be prepare to cry now?

However, I didn’t have to cry. Hikari-san smiled like a devil, while flaunting the camera he was carrying to the man.

“I recorded everything from the beginning until the end, you know ♡.”


The man resisted violently on the spot, but finally gave up since my body didn’t shudder at all while holding him down, and finally he was taken by the staff.

“Geez… I didn’t think it’d be ended like this at first! But… Yuuya-kun is very strong, isn’t he? Even though that guy’s looked like that, he was actually pretty good at boxing.”

“It just happened by chance! Ahahahaha…”

I can’t say anything. I can’t say I was training in a different world, after all. Anyway, I called Miwa-san.

“Miwa-san, were you alright?”

“Eh? Ah… uh…… Thank you very much!”

Miwa-san was a little surprised when I called her, and she lowered her head, her cheeks was beet red.

“It’s just like that… don’t mind it! I was just a little confused since you didn’t say a single word before.”

“Err… I was relieved, because that person had always followed me around, so it was really helpful!”

Eh, what was that. Scary. Did he even act as a stalker, too?

“It was kind of weird, but again… Thank you very much for today. I hope we can meet again somewhere.”

“Yes, let’s meet again somewhere!”

“Yuuya-kun, thanks for today!”

As I left the place, I recalled what had happened today. I was suddenly asked to be a model, I was wondering about what to do, but it turned out to be a good experience, I was truly glad.

As for the clothes. I got clothes that were chosen directly by a professional in the field, so the result was splendid. Anyway… I don’t know what will happen to that guy but, the entertainment world is actually quite frightening, huh. I couldn’t help but to think so.

* * *

“I wonder who he is…”

After Yuuya left, Hikari let out a sigh of admiration.

“A good-looking boy with such great style… I’ve been in the entertainment world for a long time already, but I’ve never seen someone like him before. Furthermore, he’s just an amateur…”

“He was really amazing, wasn’t he? I got fascinated by him even though I’m a man.”

“Oh, you’re right! I mean… he seems to have a charm that can attract everyone.”

“Well yeah, but since it’s the first time for him to do a photo shoot, he still looks awkward.”

“But, he also brings a good atmosphere, doesn’t he? So it was amazing!”

The staff who were involved in the photo shoot talked about Yuuya, they seemed to get lured by Hikari’s words. Hikari smiled bitterly looking at them, but then seeing Miwa who was preparing to go back home, he approached her.

“Hey, Miwa-chan. Do you want to check the photos now?”

“Ah, please, is it okay?”

“Of course! Here, you can take a look as much as you want.”

All the previous photos data had been transferred to a laptop, and so, Miwa checked the photos from the laptop instead of the camera.

“… When I look at it again, Yuuya-san is really amazing. It’s inevitable that his expression is still stiff, since he isn’t a pro after all, but I feel like I can’t take my eyes off him, to the point that such a thing isn’t important anymore…”

“Right? This time we were shooting for a fashion magazine, so the main focus is about the clothes, but… surely, I was inspired when I looked at his eyes, you know.”

Yes, originally, for a fashion magazine photo shoot, the main focus must be about the clothes more than the models themselves. However, in order to increase the value of the clothes, they’ll use a famous model like Miwa, and she’s also performed her job perfectly.

But in Yuuya’s case, he was more prominent, it was like he had swallowed up the clothes itself, even though it should be the main focus.

“Moreover, look at this, I was thinking to retake the photo since Yuuya stands out to much… But, it can’t be helped, I think it’s like the charm of the clothes themselves had been raised to the utmost in order to make Yuuya shine.”

Yes, he didn’t re-take it although Yuuya was like the main focus, but the clothes themselves become more attractive than before, and as a result, they fulfilled their purpose.

Miwa smiled bitterly hearing Hikari’s trouble. And then, her eyes stopped at one photo.

“Eh? This photo…”

“Oh, did you noticed it, Miwa-chan?”

Reflected on Miwa’s eyes is a photo of her and Yuuya chatting during the break. The photo seemed to be casual just like in an everyday scene, however, it looks very natural and that makes them look like a real couple, and this was originally Hikari’s photography concept.

Miwa in the photo also had a natural and attractive smile, and Yuuya was so full of charm that it makes one seem to feel drawn into the photo without realizing it.

“I was thinking to make that photo as the main part this time. It’s really good, isn’t it?”

“Y-yeah… Yuuya-san in this photo is very… um… charming…”

Miwa herself had been fascinated by Yuuya’s extraordinary appearance from the first time she met him, but when she saw Yuuya’s photo in front of her, she felt that her cheeks were heating up naturally.

“Oh my? Oh my, oh my? Miwa-chan, your face is red, you know?”

“Eeeh!? T-that’s not true!?”

Hikari who had noticed the change on Miwa’s expression looked at her with a grin.

“Well, I’ll leave it at that for today.”

“U-uh… is my face really red?”

“It’s like an apple. But now, Miwa-chan is also very attractive, you know.”

“I-is that so?”

Miwa tilted her head looking at Hikari who’s suddenly showing a gentle eyes.

“Fufu… Miwa-chan in the photo is also full of charm, it was different from the usual Miwa-chan. From now on, I think you’ll have a lot of photo shoots, but don’t forget your expressions and feelings today, okay?”

“Ah… Yes!”

This photo shoot, which was a valuable experience for Yuuya, also gave valuable experience to everyone who had been involved in it.

Part 5

The next day after I helped work as a model. I went home and regretted that I should have bought something like home appliances other than daily necessities.

Anyhow, my TV at home can’t be used anymore. It’s not digital, but an analog TV. I don’t subscribe newspaper, so I wouldn’t know the latest news without watching TV. There are also some other home appliances that have already worn out with age.

“I’ve failed… But I need to go to school again today…”

Unfortunately, school starts again today.

“I need money for living, for that, I have to go to the different world… Sigh… It’s really easier to beat monsters in the different world rather than going to school…”

Even while complaining, I still went to school, I don’t want to be an useless person anyway. But still, it make me depressed to think that I should attend school for another week from today, but when I left home, suddenly someone called me.

“Hey, you.”


I turned toward the voice, apparently, it was my younger brother, Tenjou Youta, and his twin sister Tenjou Sora, staring at me.

… Uwaa, I’ve met someone that I don’t want to see. No, I thought we’d see each other eventually, but you don’t have to come now, you know…

Even though I was reluctant, but I ask them just in case.

“Umm… what… do you want from me?”

“What, you said? Your behaviour is really like that useless big brother of mine.”

I don’t know why he said something like that. I was really confused, and then Sora opened her mouth as if looked down on me.

“Recently, a friend of ours was talking about it. My big brother has become super handsome. Anyway, I told them it was just a rumor, but they was so persistent, thus we came here to check it.”


Rumor? Eh, are people talking about me?

“Because of that, we’ve come to check it… you, shitty big brother… What the hell did you do?”

“What I did…?”

“Stop playing dumb! You have really changed!”

Aah… yep. Surely, my appearance has changed a lot. My body has become thinner, and my face has changed greatly. But I can’t explain I had changed because I raised my level in a different world, can I? …And in the first place, I don’t want to tell these two even if they believe about a different world.

These two not only made fun of me, but also grandfather. I… don’t want to tell about grandpa’s things to them. Thinking so, I calmed myself, but they start to talk again, still looking down on me.

“Hmm. After all, you did plastic surgery, right? I can’t believe that to think you changed your face with plastic surgery. It’s just a fake change, after all. So, where did you get the money from? Or did you sell your house? Hahahaha!”

But, you see, it wasn’t plastic surgery… Nevertheless, maybe my body has completely changed from the genetic structure, somehow my instinct told me that. Youta said that plastic surgery is just a fake change, but that’s people’s effort who are trying to be a little beautiful, at least they’re trying instead of just giving up.

That Youta, he’s denying it, and making fun of it. Are there a lot of people who think like Youta? If so… that’s so sad. But, I really thought that, and I could feel that when you want to polish yourself up to get better.

We were arguing in public, so the people around us were watching with great interest. It’s embarrassing…

“Whatever. Either way, there’s a part of you, shitty brother, that can’t win against us.”

“Yeah. You’re an idiot, and even if you think about the future, you don’t have a future anyway.”

“You can’t study, you’re also bad at sport… After all, you’re an inferior being!”

They completely made fun of me, and I wasn’t able to retort because everything they said was true, I could do nothing but be silent. Thereupon, the curious students who were just silently watching at our dispute until now, suddenly became noisy.

“Hmm? What is it?”

Youta and Sora also noticed the commotion, they’re tilted their heads out of curiosity, and suddenly a limousine stopped near us.



A long limousin that is usually driven by those rich people came out of all of a sudden. The three of us were lost for words looking at it, and then, the limousine’s door opened, and then two women appeared from inside. One is a very beautiful woman dressed in butler clothes, and the other is ──.

“Tenjou Yuuya-san… right?”


I feel like I had heard her voice somewhere.

She’s dressed in a blazer-type uniform based on white, and how should I say it, a straight, glossy black hair? Stretched to her waist. She has somehow an overwhelming aura that is different from the ordinary people, she’s reminds me of words of sweet flower and a woman who displayed the feminine virtues of old Japan.

And I was… I was captivated.

She’s a very beautiful girl, and also, her beauty is different from the model, Miwa-san. As well as her appearance, I was completely captivated by her clear eyes and soft atmosphere that stared straight at me.

… Anyway, which uniform is that?

As I was absent minded unintentionally, Youta suddenly shouted gave me back my consciousness.

“O-oh, that’s the uniform of [King Star Academy]!?” (T/N: “王星学園” please let me know if someone could get a better name for it, or should I just use the Japanese name for it? “Ohoshi Academy”)


[King Star Academy]

I’ve heard that name before, it was the name of a famous high school, and after graduation, you can go on to [King Star University] without having to pass the entrance exam.

It’s a high school where you can quickly become an elite, to a world completely different from us. Let alone to study, there’s a lot of people who enrolled to that school to play an active role in every field, and the school graduates will take the position as a top-level in each field. It’s a high school that can be said will secure your future. So everyone took aim and dreamed being enrolled into that school.

… Well, since it was such a school, you will understand if you think for a moment, it’s not a school for ordinary person to enter. And so, why a student from such school to be in a place like this…? The girl in front of me laughed elegantly as if that thought were described on my expression.

“Fufu. Don’t you remember? I used to be involved with a group of man at a convenience store…”

“Eh? A… aaahhh, yeah!?”

I remembered. Sure, I’ve helped a girl from a group of men before… I mean, I was fully beaten instead. At the time, I wasn’t used talking to girls so much that I couldn’t even see her face…

“Did you just remember it?”

“Y-yes. Or rather, how did you know my name…?”

“In order to thank Yuuya-san, I’ve investigated various things while thinking that it was my impoliteness.”


Investigation… what did she investigated? Well, I don’t think there’s much information that can be investigate. The girl tilted her head as if curious about something when I was concerned about what was being investigated.

“Even so… Yuuya-san, did you lost your weight?”

“Eh? Y-yeah.”

I think that it was a change that wasn’t so obvious, but looking at the reaction of the girl in front of me, maybe, it seems my transformation is really visible. No, it seems really is.

When I was completely confused, the woman in butler’s clothes quietly inform the girl.

“Milady. Let’s put aside the introduction first and proceed to the main subject…”

“You’re right!”

With an expression that’s like remembered something, the girl opened her mouth and saying a ridiculous thing with a smile.

“Yuuya-san ── Why don’t you come to [King Star Academy]?”

Part 6

I couldn’t immediately understand what she said. I could only be dumbfounded by her words, while she continued to speak.

“I’m sorry for saying it this late, but my name is Kaori Houjou. And I’m a student council staff members at “Ousei Gakuen”.”

The girl bowed beautifully ── I was still amazed to see Houjou-san. And, when I finally returned to my sanity, I squeezed out my voice to ask her.

“U-um… what do you mean me to come to “Ousei Gakuen”?”

For some reason, the woman dressed in butler’s clothing answered my question, instead of Houjou-san.

“Tenjou-sama. Kaori-sama’s father was the board chairman of “Ousei Gakuen”, and he has already heard about the story of Tenjou-sama protecting Kaori-sama from the scoundrels before, and he told me to bring you to our school without fail.”

“That kind of thing… I was just…”

It can’t be said that I was protecting her. It was just shameful since it was me who got beaten one-sidedly. However, whether she guessed my feelings, Houjou-san said with a gentle expression;

“Yuuya-san. You were the only one who moved while other people just pretended not to look. It isn’t something that just anyone can do. You certainly protected me.”


I was struck with a genuine feeling of gratitude, and at the same time, I felt warm yet a little embarrassed. And then Houjou-san asked me again.

“Therefore, how about it? Do you want to come to our school?”

“…I’m very thankful for the talk so far, I don’t have anything I particularly excel at. My academic ability to be transferred to “Ousei Gakuen” is also…”

“Oh, that’s ─ ”


The moment Houjou-san tried to say something, Youta who had been silent until now, cut off her by calling out to her. Despite being interrupted by his words, Houjou-san responded with a gentle expression.

“What happened?”

“Will you let us enroll?”


Youta said so with a confident expression.

“We’re far better than the guy over there, and it’s definitely better to get us into that school instead!”

“That’s right! We always keep the top grades in our current school, and it’s not a mistake to say we’re playing a big role in terms of sport. We also participate a lot as an assistant in various club activities of the school!”

Sora said so in the form of taking the opportunity to guarantee Youta’s words.

“Therefore, next year we’ll definitely ─ ”

“I refuse.”

“…… Huh?”

This time Houjou-san cut off Youta’s words who tried to continue with confidence.

“Eh, no, um… what was that just now…?”

“I said, I refuse.”

Youta and Sora are dumbfounded, they never thought they would be turned down. I also didn’t expect they would be rejected so clearly. In fact, Youta and Sora are indeed better than me. Even if I was to review or prepare for the lessons every day, the result wasn’t very good, and it’s also the same with sports.

Youta and Sora who’s not convinced asked Houjou-san again.

“W-why? We’re better than that guy ── ”

“I won’t talk.”


Houjou-san who had a gentle mood and smiling until recently said that frankly to Youta and Sora in a resolute manner.

“I consider Yuuya-san as my benefactor. Why should I let those who insult Yuuya-san enroll?”


“Besides, we’ve also investigated your daily behavior.”


Youta and Sora raised their voices in surprise at Houjou-san’s words. Houjou-san gestured to the woman in butler appearance next to her, and then the woman informed them indifferently.

“When we invited Tenjou-sama to the “Ousei Gakuen”, we conducted investigations of his surroundings. Of course, human relationship as well… As a result, we found that you have committed extreme cruelty not only to Tenjou-sama but also to other students. Of course, not only you but many other students and… Also, we have found that even teachers are oppressing him as well.”


Youta and Sora were speechless at the woman butler’s words. Of course, me too. What they had investigated wasn’t only about my name but also human relationships!?

As I was bewildered, Sora immediately rebutted.

“I-is there any evidence of that?”

“How does the existence of evidence relate to it?”

“That’s because we’re trying to prove our innocence ── ”

“Is that so? Then, let me say it clearly. There is evidence. There’s evidence, but from our very best view, it doesn’t matter.”

“It doesn’t matter, you said…?”

“It doesn’t matter, does it? We just want to invite Tenjou-sama to the “Ousei Gakuen”. And from the information we’ve got, we’ve concluded that we don’t want both of you to enroll. Oh, rest assured. we won’t leak your information to the media. Well… It may remain as our private report.”

The words of the woman butler, left Sora and Youta no room to argue. Houjou-san gestured again to the butler woman, and then she bowed sophisticatedly and returned behind Houjou-san.

“As I was saying earlier, admission to and transferring to our school is not so difficult.”


“Someone can easily be transferred or transferred to the “Ousei Gakuen” if they’re doing good deeds on a regular basis. You can do whatever you like on your academic ability and other studies. Instead of that, we value humanity. So it’s impossible for both of you to enter our school.”

Youta and Sora were so desperate. Although this high school mostly consists of the same student from junior high school, of course, there are also those who want to go to another high school. These students usually choose a higher level of a school than their current one.

And looking at Youta and Sora’s reaction, they seemed to be thinking about going to another school, and maybe the high school they were aiming for was “Ousei Gakuen”. Sure, since there is such a top-level high school in this vicinity, it’s inevitable that they aim for such a school. There was no problem with Youta and Sora’s academic ability, after all.

However, since the student at the school that they were aiming for… since the board chairman’s daughter told them frankly that it was impossible for the both of them to enroll, this reaction of them would be inevitable.

Unlike when she was talking to Youta and Sora, Houjou-san turned to me with her usual gentle expression.

“I’m sorry, the talk has gone wrong… but for the reasons I mentioned earlier, there’s no problem for Yuuya-san to be transferred to “Ousei Gakuen”.”

“I-I see…”

In a sense, the policy of “Ousei Gakuen” was different. Normally, academic ability and athletic ability are involved in a lot of things, but for them to say that it doesn’t matter so clearly…

My face was twitching involuntarily, and then Houjou-san said with a smile;

“Why don’t we go to my school for now? So it won’t be a problem if you talk to father, no, board chairman, and then decide after that.”

Saying that Houjou-san invited me to the limousine. The butler woman, knowing what Houjou-san said, already opened the door and was on standby.

“Ah, Yuuya-san. I mentioned earlier that I wouldn’t disclose any information about those two, but please be assured that the teachers have already been disciplined and dismissed.”


What’s reassuring!? I feel only fear in their information-gathering power and speed of action!? No, I was certainly oppressed by the teachers! Corporal punishment is a matter of course, and they were telling the whole class to increase the cruelty.

When I was surprised again at her unexpected words, Houjou-san smiled and bowed to the dumbfounded Youta and Sora.

“Well then… farewell.”

And, we went to the “Ousei Gakuen” just like that.


The place was noisy after Yuuya and the others left.

“Those people earlier were amazing, weren’t they?”

“As expected of the elite from “Ousei Gakuen”… their aura is really different from us.”

“The girl and the butler were beautiful!”

“The boy who was talking to them was also very handsome… it was a feast for the eyes.”

“And also, the two over there… I don’t know what it was, but it seems that their admission was denied by “Ousei Gakuen”.”

“Wha-? Well, don’t mind them anyway.”

Youta and Sora, who were said to be doing whatever they please until now, their faces turned deep red.

“I-I won’t forgive this… making us look like a fool…!”

“Yes, I absolutely won’t forgive this…!”

Youta was staring daggers at the direction in which the limousine had left.

“I’ll definitely make you regret…”

That murmur was diverted by the noise around them.

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